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Wedding is the most precious, long-awaiting, and important day of your life. So, you should pay attention to each and every detail to make it memorable and exciting. Alongside with choosing breathtaking wedding dress and cake, pick outstanding wedding invitations that your guests will keep as a memory about your festivity.

Many couples underestimate the value of wedding invitations. In fact, these are one of the most important parts of your wedding planning since invitations set the tone of your event; this is the first hint at the theme and style of your special day. Trying to stand out of the crowd, people make wedding invitations in extraordinary styles and shapes that would match the level of formality of the event, its color scheme, etc.

If you lack time or inspiration, consider these amazing free PSD wedding invitations. Available in different styles and color themes, you will definitely find something that would fit your wedding theme.


Beautiful wedding

Beautiful wedding


Denim is always in trend. It is the most popular fabric to wear on a daily basis and no doubt one of the most extravagant ways to dress up your site. Adding some cool denim textures to your web resource you will make it more catchy, stylish and up-to-date. Do you want to treat your viewers with some high-res denim textures? You’ve come up with the right post. Today we’ll share a rich collection of toll free jeans textures with you.

What is Denim

This is a very tough and durable fabric that was initially worn by workers and farmers. It is a rugged cotton twill textile, in which weft passes under two or more warp threads. The colors for the wrap and weft are different, with one of these being predominant on the fabric surface. This makes it rather strong and different from other textures on the market.

A Bit of History

Denim is a versatile fabric and an indispensable component in the world of fashion. When so many trends come and go, denim clothes hit the catwalk each and every season. The name originates from the title of a sturdy fabric called serge made in Nîmes, France. Originally, denim was called serge de Nîmes but with time it was shortened to just Demin.

I believe all of you are familiar with the popular Levi Strauss brand. Back in the 1800 American gold miners wanted clothes made of fabric that would not tear easily. Back then Leob Strauss joined forces with a Nevada tailor and came up with the idea of putting rivets on stress points on the workers’ waist high overalls, better known as jeans. The outfit was tough and durable, and perfectly fit miners’ demand. Since then the business of Leob Strauss and the Nevada tailor became extremely recognizable. Leob changed his name to Levi and called their company Levi Strauss, which is still familiar to the modern buyers.

In the beginning of the 20th century jeans became very popular among cowboys. Movies are a strong visual evidence of that. The trend of wearing jeans further lead to a huge increase in people wanting to buy this piece of garment and wear on a daily basis. With the flow of time manufacturers started developing different variations of jeans to match the current fashion.

Compilation of Free Denim Textures for Your Website

Below we offer you a rich compilation of jeans textures and resources for you to check out. You can add it to any part of your web resource like illustration, background, icons, banners, and more. Pick the ones to your liking and apply high-res textures to your web projects.


Jean Textures by daintyish



Cleanliness is next to godliness. We need to keep offices, homes as well as the things we wear neat to live healthy and happy. And what if one doesn’t have enough time for cleaning around? Whether you are too busy or lazy to clean windows in your bedroom or office, dry clean a carpet or simply tidy up your home, a cleaning company will help you manage it all.

The modern era of Internet allows finding and ordering whatever you wish without leaving your PC. So, if you are running a cleaning company and still haven’t brought your business online, it’s high time to do this. In order not to waste time and money on a custom-made web design, we offer you to consider this freshly released free HTML5 theme for a cleaning company. It features intuitive admin panel and can be easily customized by non-tech specialists. Alongside with user-friendly interface, the template boasts a number of other outstanding features that will help you promote your business with ease and widen client base in no time. Keep reading to find out what makes it so special.

  • This clean and clear design is no doubt the perfect choice for communicating your business ideas online. Cleverly organized content blocks and easy-to-follow navigation help finding the information one needs without spending much time and effort, whereas the easy to reach ‘Our Prices’ section will introduce them to your pricing policy.
  • Impressive visuals in the top image Slippry Slider and a rich photo gallery at the bottom of the home page will definitely captivate your viewers’ attention and make them stay on your page for longer. This will also help better introduce your business to new clients and arouse a desire to cooperate with you.
  • Attention grabbing photos are not the only trigger for the audience. Neat social icons will welcome users to subscribe to your news feed and keep track of your company news and updates in social media.

Overall, such a clean but catchy design will hardly leave anyone indifferent. Cleverly using much whitespace and letting viewers focus attention on the content, this freebie will motivate your visitors to make their home as clean and tide as your site.

Demo | Download here



Wonder how to draw more visitors to your site and make them stay for longer? Of course, there are plenty of various SEO techniques that would help you improve your site’s Google Ranking, but once people reach you, there should be something to make them stay. This is when GIF animation will come in handy.

Over the last few years, animation has become one of the biggest trends in web design. This allows making your resource more intriguing and lively. Rather than packing sites with still images, GIFs are more grabbing and work to engage more viewers in. First, GIFs were a matter of hot disputes since these were associated with cheap, annoying advertising. With the flow of time, web designers pushed the limits of the image format’s boundaries and started using animated images in icon design, posters, advertising, and more. You can also apply some creative GIFs to your site and watch visitors’ reaction. What we may say for sure, this will make your web project more visually appealing.

Below we offer our collection of 20 microblogs with the best Tumblr GIFs. Let these stunning and funny Tumblr animated images stir you toward creating your own catchy GIFs!


I Want To Beat My Place



Cloud storage has become an indispensable part of our hectic lives. More and more often we browse the web from our handheld devices and having 24/7 access to the data from our desktops or other Internet-connected devices is a must. This is when online backup services come in handy. Allowing to store unlimited amounts of data in the cloud, such services let us access all valuable content anywhere, anytime.

If you still don’t have a service for storing your data, it’s high time to choose one and we are here to help you in decision-making. With so many various backup solutions available on the web, you need to choose a server that would safely store your data and provide you with constant access to it. The best cloud storage providers offer more than just storage. Selecting such solutions as Dropbox and Google Drive you’ll be able to enjoy multi-platform support, security, app integration, and much more. Consider our chart of the top 10 cloud storage providers and choose the one to your liking.

1. Dropbox

Dropbox is an amazing cross-platform solution, compatible with so many apps. In addition, this is one of the mosts popular cloud storage solution preferred by millions of users worldwide. This is a cloud-based, automatic service that comes with support for any OS you’re using, both desktop and mobile. Though you’ll get only 2GB free to start, this can be further expanded for extra fee. If you’re going to back up some documents, 2GB will be more than enough, though if you’re planning to store any kind of media, then you may upgrade to the 100GB plan for around £6 a month.



Are you surfing the web in search of cool vector flags of the world that you can apply to your own projects? Look no further. Today we have decided to treat you with a fine collection of quality country flags icons of different shapes, size, and styles. These will serve any of your purposes – either to indicate the language choice on your site or to customize the theme the way you wish. Whatever your purpose is, these free vector flags will make your design more visually appealing and easy to navigate.

20 sets of free vector flags we offer below come in various formats (.jpg, .ico, .icns) to perfectly meet your requirements and the operating system you’re running. One of the greatest benefits of vector format is that these world flags are not restricted in shape and size, meaning that you may enlarge, compress or widen any of them.  Mind that these free vector flags are explicit for non-commercial use. If you want to apply these files to your commercial projects, feel free to contact their creators and ask for permission.

Pick anything that meets your requirements, download them, and be inspired to create your own vector country flag after you look through our list of fabulous icons.


1. Dirty Flag Folders by Hemingway81




We all want to stamp the most precious moments of our life in memory and photography is no doubt the best way to do this. Whether you are getting married, celebrating a birthday or any other special occasion – a professional photographer will help you stick this day in your memory and cheer your soul with breathtaking shots. To share their works with the audience and find new clients, artists start their own online portfolios revealing the beauty of the world in its best shades.

This Free HTML5 Theme for Photo Site will help you show off your works in their best. Your visitors won’t resist temptation to hire you to shoot their special day once they reach your site. Building your web project on this freebie you’ll be able to introduce viewers to your work, let them read stories behind each photo shoot as well as find out more about your photo studio. In short, your site will feature everything your clients may want to discover.

  • Its visually appealing portfolio introduces visitors to your works and allows browsing through your recent projects with ease.
  • Camera Slider, Owl Carousel, TouchTouch gallery combined with responsive nature of this theme allow for outstanding visual presentation of your artworks.
  • Its integrated blog section will allow people keep track of your updates and share archives online. This will help not only get closer to your fans but also widen your customer base online.

Enjoy the beauty of the front page of this freebie on the image below or click the demo button to see how your site will look like.

Demo | Download here



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