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Typography makes the layout sleek, that’s why most good designs rely on its effectiveness. It can emphasize, bring in the focus of attention, underline, separate the parts of the content. The mix of design and carefully chosen typography can give great results. Typography itself is an art, it has its own rules, trends, novelties. Learning more about it, you’ll get an idea about how to implement it correctly.

As art, typography requires creative attitude. It’s not enough to find well-done types, you have to understand how to mix them with each other correctly, how to place for the better visual perception – all these points matter.

When it comes to creativity, it’s wise to start from something inspirational that can throw out a hint at great ideas. Where to get this spoon of inspiration? You’ve hit the right place. Here is a collection of handpicked types. These typographic works will show you the variety of ways you can play with fonts. Some of them are quite unusual, but still impressive.

Here it is – fresh typography inspiration. Taste it!


Absa Bank

Typography Inspiration


Nature Woman

Typography Inspiration


Ready for the fresh goodie that is completely free? Meet Wine & Winery Free HTML5 Theme – the off the peg design for a site that presents wine specials. If you want to customize it to meet the needs of another web presence, feel free to do it easily, ‘cause the theme is skillfully done by TemplateMonster designers.

What’s inside this theme?

Visually intensive design. Rich color scheme where red plays the key role is a good choice for the site presenting wines. This color is associated with the mentioned above products and also catches viewers’ attention.

Interactivity. The theme is JS animated and it makes transition effects really captivating.

Full Screen Slider. The home page features full screen slider with the changeable backgrounds and content parts presented in tabs. Wise arrangement of information and effective visuals make the content easy to perceive.

Logo. The elegant logo from this theme is custom made. You can use it with this template or for other personal projects. It’s customization will not take you much time.


Want to see the theme in action? Click the link below.

demo | download here

Home Page

Wine & Winery Free HTML5 Theme


Whatever serious yogis do in their active life, they remain yogis. They practice, attend usual meetings with like-minded, go for seminars and try to keep calm in everyday life. Their days look like the days of average people, with the difference that they are always eager to practice some asanas wherever they are. That’s a joke, but be sure they can do it with great pleasure.

Sometimes it’s really cute to observe how they perform all that strange poses that are called asanas. It seems that they bend all around and above, can keep balance on a toe and even sit for hours without a movement (while they meditate). If you ever try to do it yourself, you would certainly find out that it is also engaging.

The inspiring yoga-oriented art can be of a great value both for the devotees and amateurs. Various illustrations, wallpapers, sayings – the push your desire to act forward. It’s a source of inspiration, and I offer it to you in the following post of Free Yoga Wallpapers to Keep Desktop Calm & Spirited.

If you are just a passerby, you’re welcome to enjoy the aesthetics of what you see. If you’ve been practicing for some time, you can find a lot of familiar to you and judge the accuracy of execution.

Free Yoga Wallpapers
Free Yoga Wallpapers


It’s flat! Completely flat from A-Z. It’s all about the fresh freebie from TemplateMonster.comFree Single Page Theme for Business Website. Any business you’d like to bring on the web will gain maximum attention of potential customers due to this visually attractive design.

What makes this theme flat? It’s simple design concept, clean graphics and soft color palette.

What Gives Power to This Theme?



Dare get it? They’re waiting for you – 10 premium templates for free from the best known templates provider. What is the reason for such a high-interest offer? Starting from today and utill Sept. 22, 2013 TemplateMonster holds the Big Giveaway. 10 of the participants (randomly chosen) will become the winners of the great prizes.

Winners Get 100% Promocodes for:

  • Any website template from TemplateMonster collection.
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How to Enter and Win?

Find the Rafflecopter widget at the end of the post, and follow several steps to take part in this giveaway and become one of 10 lucky winners.

  • Push the “Login with Facebook” / “Login with email” button.
  • Then “Okay” in the pop-up window.
  • Now you’re a member of the giveaway.
  • Choose some of the steps below. It’s optional!
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Start Here!

Here is the widget itself. Just follow the instruction above and enter the chance to win!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck!


Autumn has come with the first sunny days, great mood, and all that opportunities that will certainly happen to you. New creative ideas, fresh goodies – you’ll certainly get all this. But before let’s review the templates that were published during summer time on the site of our friends 6 Free HTML5 Themes – we’ve packed all them in 1 archive, so you can download them in one click (to get only some of them, follow the links below images).

What Are The Template’s Categories?

• Business
• Traveling
• Agriculture
• Animals
• Wedding
• Photography / Web Design

Each theme from the pack fits one of these categories. You can use the one to set up a site of the similar sphere, or bring minor changes into the theme to fit the needed business field.

Features of These HTML5 Themes:

Free HTML5 Themes

If effective promotion of a site is a matter of your interest, these sleek designs will come in handy for this purpose. Their visually-attractive layouts will drive more visitors in and make the site stand apart from a number of others. Have a look at all of them and feel free to download the ones you like best.


Agriculture Website Template. Freebie

Free HTML5 Themes

view demo   download


Free Website Template for Pet Site

Free HTML5 Themes

view demo   download


See it and get it! The new hot promo from well-known-all-around-web-templates-provider TemplateMonster. What’s that? Joomla week promo that means that for a week, starting form today, you can purchase any Joomla template you like with 50% OFF discount. Being created on this free open source CMS, they go with a bunch of powerful built in features. Besides, you can always enhance your Joomla site with whatever plugins you need, a variety of them are offered by Joomla community for free.

During one week, September 3 – September 9, all Joomla themes are 50% OFF.

Joomla Week Promo TemplateMonster

Whether a blog, or a store with attractive design you’re looking for, all of them are to be found among Joomla templates at Being skillfully done, they will not require extra coding skills from you to be customized. You can bring the desired changes into them quite easily.

Terms of Joomla Week Promo:

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    September 9 is quite close to us, so hurry up to get a professional Joomla template you want, and make use of this awesome promo.


    Featured Templates