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Today, in the age of intelligent apps, the design undergoes certain changes. It becomes more light, intuitive, interactive. A good design seamlessly guides its viewers through all the points, makes everything explicit without reading all that heavy instructions. Clean, clear, simple, focused on content, user-oriented – it is all about the modern design.

User interface elements, as a part of design keep up with the latest trends. UI Design Trends show the pulse of the modern web. The web strives for simplicity, and UI design goes in the same direction.

What Are The Latest UI Design Trends?

Try not to oversee them, and keep pace with times.


Less Skeuomorphism

UI Design Trends

Purity is a king – this is the main idea of the following paragraph. Skeuomorphism has been really popular not long ago, but flat trend has gained its forth, and now more and more developers agree with the power of the latter.


Simple Shape and Structure

UI Design Trends

UI designs show the emphasis on words and colors instead of cluttering the page with animations or things of that kind. The content is in the focus of attention, the colors help to make it more readable and easy-to-perceive. Bold colors and shapes are also widely used, still they are not glossy and look quite clean.


Only cool and only fresh! This compilation of freebies offers you most attractive and nicely styled Free Social Media Icons that were created in 2013. Minimal, clean, grunge, colorful, with fade color scheme – all of them are waiting for you to see them. They are designed with one important thing in mind – be attention grabbing and look inviting for the viewers. This is the main goal for each set of social media icons. When they are carefully done, they work as triggers and welcome the users to click them and visit social profiles. You just need to choose the sets that correspond to the style of your project’s design.

Instead of surfing for hours all around the web, check out this post, and choose free social media icons that correspond to the look of your site. Following the links, you’ll find .png and .psd of the items you are interested in.


Free Long Shadow Simple Social Media Icons


Free Social Media Icons


Long Shadow Flat Free Social Media Icons


Free Social Media Icons


Are personal, web design agency, photographer’s portfolio at a point of your interest? Then consider this clean attractive freebie that is specifically tailored for showcasing the works online. Try Free HTML5 Theme from TemplateMonster to get the portfolio site running and share your creativity with the world. It will take you no time to customize it according to the needs of the site you need (portfolio or the other one).

• This design is aimed at strong impact on the viewers via the effective visual presentation of information.

Large Camera slider with an accurate logo implemented close to it brings attention to the gallery images.

Gallery page goes with jQuery script for cool browsing of all works.

Circle hover effect and item blur effect on the featured blocks make the process of perceiving content captivating.

• This clean theme with vibrant red accents allows to surf around it easily due to thought-out navigation (drop down menu and back-to-top button).

To predict visitors’ feedback, check out free template live demo and see the site in action.



Free HTML5 Theme for Portfolio


Being Flat. What it is?

Don’t make the world around too complicated. The most serious things are simple at their core. Today’s web proves this fact and pushes simplicity in terms of flat design for prime position. It’s a product of time and designers strive for it. It’s not a Bible for all, but it’s really easy on the eye and it works.

Simplicity, clarity, usability – these are 3 main stones flat design stands on. Simple interface with a focus on color and typography makes sites pleasant to view. Removing everything that is extra, this style reaches crisp and clean look.

When it comes to designing a site in a certain style, the attention should be paid to its least elements especially UI ones. This nice compilation of Free PSD Login Forms in flat design will come in handy for all of you who are going to try a flat style in designing a site.

Free PSD Login Forms in Flat Design

Login form – this is what the designer should focus his/hers attention on. This form is a way you communicate with the visitors, asking them to act. Their feedback (they become registered users and thus potential clients) depends on the way you ask. This form should communicate clearly what are you waiting from the visitors. It can be performed with such design elements:

Labels – explain what to write in a marked field.
Rows – 2 or 3 (sometimes even one), they should be clean, with enough space for the comfort of typing in.
Submit button – it should be nice enough to push the visitor to click it.

All these elements have one goal – they should guide a person seamlessly through the login process. It is achieved due to well-done design as Free PSD Login Forms in flat design feature.

Browse the whole collection of skillfully made 10 login forms and

feel free to download .zip file to get them.

Free PSD Login Form in  Flat Design 8
Free PSD Login Form in  Flat Design 9


Email marketing is one of the ways you can reach your customers. It is not cost-effective, but you should spend enough time and use all your knowledge to make it work. The key question is how to start it in the right way not be look like spammers. There are several tips that will help you in this. Send only:

informative information
• the latest information
• topics interesting for the viewers

Keeping this in mind, you can be sure that a number of your subscribers will not decrease.

When it goes about starting the email campaign, you should think about how to invite people in. Do it with attractive design of a form that offers them to subscribe for newsletters. As soon as they become your subscribers, you should think over each step not to loose them. Studying email marketing tips, you can find out a lot of tricks that work for good.

Email marketing tips are shown in the list below. Hope, you’ll make use of these best practices and engage more customers with a wise email campaign.

Email Marketing Tips


Can a premium quality product be free? Yes! The examples you can find among freebies from skillful TemplateMonster guys. Here is the one – Free jQuery Theme for Travel Site. It goes with a set of features that turn it into a good basis for travel sites. Though, you can easily turn it into any other you need using minor coding skills.

This design drives more clients in with effective presentation of all company’s info. TouchTouch Gallery, HTML & JS animation and blocks with hover effects – this is how it focuses attention on visuals and make them interesting for the viewers. Large jQuery slider with transition effects is placed at the top for the better perception. Wise navigation (presented by means of “SuperFish” drop down menu, tabbed navigation of blocks, JQuery back-to-top button) seamlessly guides you through the site, accentuating attention on its key points. Light color palette creates pleasant tone and invites the viewers to the site. Feel free to download this theme, add minor changes and start a site that will stand apart from its competitors.

live demo

download theme here


Home page



How to show notifications on the page without being annoying? It’s better to draw off obtrusive and ugly constructed alarm boxes that just plague with their presence. You can inform the visitors about their certain steps in elegant and easy on the eye way with the help of jQuery plugins. jQuery Notification Bar Options that speak about the status of an action, its finish or failure contribute to the user experience and result in the success of a site. Whether a visitor signs up for a newsletter or makes a purchase, such notifications will help him/her to be aware of the process stages.

A variety of styles and functions of jQuery notification plugins is just huge, and you don’t need to be a skillful programmer to create the one. Using wise plugins you can create whatever message you want just by several lines of code.

• alert
• error
• warning
• information
• confirmation
• messages success
– plugins for these and much more notifications are gathered in the following post. You can style them as sticky, non-sticky, auto-close notifications and use in your sites.



This notification appears at the top of the page for informing the site visitors about the latest events or sharing some important info. The plugin is good for displaying notifications, showing various announcements, showcasing product specials, giveaways and much more.

jQuery Notification Bar Options



If style is above everything for you, make use of the following notification plugin. What’s inside? Growl, Bar, Alert jQuery plugins are to be found in this package. Functionality and nice visual realization – this is what you get with this plugin.

jQuery Notification Bar Options


Today’s web strives for minimalism and simplicity and it is clearly seen in the latest trend that has gained a huge popularity – flat design. It has turned out to be a rich ground for a number of novelties, and one of them we’re going to focus on.

For sure, you’ve heard about it and even seen its examples – “Long shadow”. Reflecting an object at a 45-degree angle, long shadows add an emphasis to the object, thus putting it in the focus of attention.

• simple shapes
• clean lines
• bright color palette

These are the characteristic features peculiar to long shadows.

This trend comes from photography where you can notice long shadows of objects creating a high-drama effect. It’s also to be found in the real life when the sun is near the horizon.
It’s interesting to learn about fresh trends, but is better to make use of them in your designs. TemplateMonster designers offer you a pack of 5 Free Facebook Covers in Long Shadow design trend. Feel free to replace your old Facebook cover with the following ones:

• eCommerce Store
• UX Portfolio
• Freelance Job Portal
• Stock Photo Bank
• Travel Adviser

These trendy covers will indicate the sphere of business, communicating it clearly to the visitors. Click the items to review their full size. Scroll to the end of the post to find .zip archive with .PSD files of the covers.


Free Facebook Cover eCommerce Store

Free Facebook Cover eCommerce Store
Click to see full size

The object remains flat, though long shadows create a three-dimensional effect. It’s an interesting fact about this trend, and it is nicely illustrated in the following example.


Free Facebook Cover Freelance Job Portal

Free Facebook Covers
Click to see full size

Notebook with a vibrant pink display looks cool due to the gray shadow that falls to the lower right corner of the cover. The image is chosen to fit the idea of a job portal.


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