All You Want to Know about Skeuomorphic Design in Interactive Infographic

Does art imitate life or does life imitate art? There is no strict answer for this question, but one thing is for sure – skeuomorphism imitates life in all the details. It’s a design trend that shows objects close to their real life analogues. In such a way it makes them familiar to the viewers that can act with them as they do in the real life. When the user sees the button in skeuomorphic design, he pushes it, when a switcher – turns on/of, etc. Elements look like objects from real life, and that’s why are inviting for the audience. For example, Apple widely uses this principle in its iOS devices, and all of them are immensely popular for the crowd.

All of you are familiar with audio and visual skeuomorph in design. The first one are most audio effects that accompany your operation with some elements of design (camera, calculator, buttons, etc). The latter are all that textures that are used to make objects close to life.

If you think that skeuomorphism is only a web product, you’re mistaken. There are imitations in the real life too. The fake leather, the hubcaps of wheels in cars (resemble earlier wheel construction), electric chandeliers that look like real candles, etc.

Of course, as each trend, this one has its pros and cons.

Users feel comfortable with it, it is quite engaging, really sells, it is appealing to the viewers and acts as a good communicator.

It overlooks functionality, it can confuse, good only for certain sites.

And that’s not all. More about this creative design trend you can learn here. If you still have question about:

• History of Skeuomorphism
• Types in Web Design
• Pros and Cons
• List of Free Skeuomorphic Textures
• Examples of First Skeuomorphic UI’s
• Real life examples of Skeuomorphism

feel free to check it out. Being interactive, this infographic will show you everything in creative manner. Revealing the hidden of information will be a captivating journey that you can start just now. Click the objects placed on the shelves, and see what happens. Her you’ll see thefull version.

Interactive Infographic about Skeuomorphic Design

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