Mad Lib Style Websites or How to Make the Design Gamesome

All of us have read the celebrity mad libs. It’s a kind of short interview aimed at finding out some interesting facts about people. These sheets are usually posted in some magazines, attracting a number of visitors to view the point of a talk.

What is actually a mad lib? It’s a word game that was invented in 1958. It looks like a phrasal template where you need to fill the gaps with certain words and get the original story.

Is it only a game? No, some time ago this term was used in web design when Jeremy Keith made such a form for his site Huffduffer. His idea was to create the “human-friendly” sign up form, staying apart from the usual ones. Some time later this site showed the increase in conversion by 25-40%.

Do others use it? Yes, and one more time yes. The practice of using this form in sites gave the increasing number of unique visitors. Implementing this kind of form instead of the usual one, the site owners made people interested in this unusual design.

Made lib designs presume not only contact forms. Today’s designs show a number of examples of another cases of its usage. Of course, among them are original pages with the Mad Lib game, sign up forms, sometimes log-in forms, and even search forms. Isn’t it cool?

What does Mad Lib give to website designs?

At first, it’s originality. What else can engage the visitors, but not the unusual way of presenting a content? And what’s more important, it does make you to read the text.

Any drawbacks?

As each design trend, it has some cons. In this case these are the limitation of usage: it’s not always easy to create them and it requires the understanding of the language.

In any case, these is much positive feedback from using Mad Lib elements in website design. The only thing you have to remember is that the use of native language really matters.


Work Food Out

Good example of human-centric design. You ask the visitor to log in using a polite address. It’s rather pleasant to accept this request.



The example of a contact form that is really interesting to use for the search. This site offers to find the desired items in the style of a mad lib game.



It’s really more pleasant to sign up via this form, than using the trivial one.


Rustin Jessen

Here is nice amusing element of the design that invites the visitors to drop a line.


It’s a Mad Libs World

Yeah, that’s a captivating world for little children who can play this game with interest.


Use it or not, it’s up to you. But the increase of the conversion rate is a good argument in its favor. Isn’t it?


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