10 Most Influential UX Design Blogs

While working on the user experience – the way a person feels while interfacing with a system, you should have some great resources for get information from. How many trustworthy blogs on user experience do you know? And which of them are really worth reading?

To highlight the most influential of them, I decided to compile the following post. The blogs were chosen on basis of diversity of information, its usefulness and frequency of posting. All of them offer you useful data concerning user experience, and deserve great attention. Good tips, the best practices, critical analysis of issues, the articles that can tell a lot, tools and techniques – this and much more is waiting for you in the following blogs. Reading these 10 Most Influential UX Design Blogs will help you become a better user experience designer.




All of you who make websites will find this blog extremely useful. Here you’ll read all about the design, development, and meaning of web content. This magazine features a special focus on web standards and best practices.




Don’t forget to visit this blog by Harry Brignull, user experience designer & consultant. Here you’re lucky to find the information concerning experience design, user research, and rules of usability.




All you want to know about user experience you’ll find in the following blog with fresh weekly insights into better UX practices.




When you start designing some socially-focused stuff, don’t forget to visit this blog by Joshua Porter for everything you need to do it perfectly.




This cool blog by Michael Angeles contains a lot of tips, tools and techniques that can help a lot each of you who want to be a better user experience designer.




If you are the one who is interested in making a web a better place, have a look at the following blog by and for user experience community. It’s great for beginning and intermediate user experience designers.




The well-known resource with a section about user experience. It offers you high quality articles on usability, user experience design and information architecture. You can also find here practical articles and case studies by experts in this field.




Browse this one-stop online blog providing only fresh and credible information about UX.




Here is the brainchild of Zoltán Gócza. Along with Zoltán Kollin he shares useful facts, quotes and articles published by web experts in order to unmask the most widespread web design misconception.




Catriona Cornett is so glad to share great articles regarding the user experience in her blog. In the focus of her attention is the influence of user experience on people and business in general.

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