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We’d like to share with you the great news! The Drupal-land meets a new inhabitant – Drupal Commerce! It presents a new type of online stores based on the Drupal 7 core, but providing more simplified structure. Previously Drupal offered very complex functionalities for regular users, so that’s why many of them use other solutions for their websites.

Being driven by the idea to create simple and user-friendly online store powered by Drupal, Commerce Guys tried to include all necessary features that help to build easy-manageable Drupal online store.

But what makes such online stores special?

Drupal Commerce store is made by configuring modules and interfaces that’s why the logic and layout of your website is ready to change right along with the growth of your business.

Built for Growth
With Drupal Commerce store you will forget how hard it can be to accommodate a website for processing tens of thousands of transactions a day.

Drupal 7 Based
This core gives you an opportunity to build and expand functionality of your site with thousands of other contributed Drupal modules.


Such great device as iPad doesn’t need any special introduction, it burst into the digital space with great opportunities for users and new possibilities for designers. This modern gadget won its multimillion audience and now it’s deservedly popular all around the world. With the help of iPad applications we can easily create or customize various designs that is making our web presence more exciting and interesting.

In this showcase we offer you to look through creative interface designs that become a good spoon of inspiration. Get it and enjoy!

Awesome Note HD

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Designing attractive and functional menu is rather complex process that requires enough knowledge and skills. But creating a navigation menu can be intricate and complicated, that is where CSS comes in. CSS technology allows to make various modification changes with the web document, separating its content from the presentation. CSS gives great style to the web pages and helps present any web project in the most expressive way.

Menu and navigation are very important elements of the website’s interface, so that’s why they are cannot be underestimated. Selected in this post tutorials contain interesting materials about how to create CSS3 dropdown, accordion, lavalamp, interactive menus as well as responsive content navigator, horizontal navigation menu, dropdown list and more.

We hope that this fresh selection of CSS3 Menu and Navigation Tutorials for 2012 will help you learn more about CSS3 technology and implement your knowledge into your web projects.

How to Create CSS3 Dropdown Menu

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How to Create Accordion Menu in Pure CSS3 Tutorial

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Today is the special Monday as we’ve collected for you all goodies that were delivered during this fall. TemplateMonster’s team of designers and developers made a great job, presenting these amazing Free Website Templates for our use.

In this compilation you’ll notice various designs, starting from dark and effective themes and ending by vivid and sappy layouts. Each of the templates has its own original style, depending from the business field it was made for. Here you’ll find great solutions for fashion sites, business-oriented themes for law companies and business projects, stylish executions for interior décor websites and much more. This captivating collection includes a number of themes driven by powerful Joomla functionality and one more Bootstrap Responsive Template. All these themes go with demo versions, so you can see them in action to make the right choice.

Start to browse and find your favorite Free Theme!

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Free Bootstrap Responsive Template for Photography Site

Click the image to go to download page

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Free Joomla Agriculture Template

Click the image to go to download page

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Nothing is more honorable than a grateful heart.

Today we are celebrating the great holiday – Thanksgiving Day! The ancient roots of this holiday go deep into the history, but we are celebrating this Day with the same love and joy as our ancestors did. Thanksgiving began as a tradition of celebrating the harvest of the year and still it is quite popular holiday in USA, Canada and other countries. Thanksgiving has the special warm atmosphere when the whole family is gathering around the table having traditional dinner with roasted turkey, pumpkin pie and other tasty stuff. To fill you with this great Thanksgiving spirit, we would like to quote really wonderful poem by Old Rhyme:

The year has turned its circle,
The seasons come and go.
The harvest all is gathered in
And chilly north winds blow.
Orchards have shared their treasures,
The fields, their yellow grain,
So open wide the doorway —
Thanksgiving comes again!

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

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Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day! It’s really great family holiday, so if you’d like to create some special design project or just greetings for your relatives or friends – our multifaceted compilation of free web design stuff will be right for you!

Fall brings to us seasonal chill, rainy days, leaf fall and of course such wonderful traditional holidays as Harvest Festivals, Halloween and Thanksgiving. Taking advantage of nature’s best designs, we tried to include all necessary attributes in this collection. You’ll find here turkeys, pumpkins, colorful leaves, cornucopias as well as autumn backgrounds.

So have a look at this holiday set of free icons, PSD files, vectors and textures that have Thanksgiving seasonal topic in their origin. Browse and enjoy!

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Thanksgiving Day PSD

November Seasonal Icon Pack

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Thanksgiving Icons RSS

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Let’s dive in the beautiful underwater world exploring the secrets of its depths and find the unique portion of inspiration that is quite important for any creative work.

An underwater theme has its original style and ocean look that’s why it’s impossible to confuse it with any other topic. Underwater design is distinguished by the blue color scheme, deep ocean effect, active usage of various sea elements, waves, water splashes, diving animations, sound effects of rote etc. Looking through our collection of presented websites, you can notice that underwater theme can be displayed in different ways, from the funny cartoon demonstration to the professional graphic presentation. The active usage of underwater design in the related web projects can be explained by the unusual topic that makes visitors interested in the website from one side and effectively introduce your business field from another side.

In this website showcase you’ll find great examples of underwater design that will impress you by their different styles and ways of execution. And if you plan to create a high-grade web project with the similar topic we prepared for you five premium website templates that possess underwater design in all its beauty, deep power and greatness.

Underwater Website Designs

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As usually on Mondays we glad to present you our new freebie that will nourish your creativity and help to build a professional website. So get your project done faster with impressive Bootstrap Responsive Template for Photography Site!

The main advantage of this responsive theme is using Twitter Bootstrap as a framework. It means that with this theme you get Bootstrap functionality and unique add-ones in one package. Recently TemplateMonster team has announced the new launch of Bootstrap templates and now you have a great opportunity to take one for free. This theme includes the set of original pages plus 404 page, several layouts for different screen resolutions (desktop, tablet, smartphone landscape, portrait).

Regarding the design of this template, we should highlight its stylish execution, astounding jQuery slider, cool hover effect of the menu buttons, grid-based layout of the gallery. This appealing theme for photography website doesn’t leave you indifferent because of its effective layout and modern look. See this high-grade template in all its beauty and browse free template live demo to reject all hesitations.

Free Bootstrap Responsive Template for Photography Site:

You are welcome to get the whole package of this free website template. Please visit the Free Bootstrap Responsive Template for Photography Site download page at TemplateMonster and type an email address that you want the free template package to be delivered to (don’t forget to uncheck the newsletter subscription checkbox in case you’re already subscribed, otherwise you may not be able to download the zip file). Please, feel free to use this template for your business, but you are not entitled to resell it to third parties as a template.

Download Free Bootstrap Responsive Template for Photography Site with PSD files here

NB: Kindly note that TemplateMonster’s support services don’t cover neither this template no any other free template. We provide support services exclusively for the products, which are being purchased from our website. All of our free templates correspond to the latest web standards, we applied our best efforts to make the process of customization as easy and stress free, as possible; if you have at least initial web development experience, there shouldn’t be any trouble during modification process. In case you lack the required experience, we suggest you to apply theme tutorials or community forums to know more about the software on the bases of which the template was developed, or to turn to the professional to make all necessary updates.


Let’s jump in the multifarious world of geometry where we can find a great random of different figures and forms. It’s difficult to mention all of them, but the most frequently used geometrical shapes in web design are square, circle, triangle, rhombus and hexagon.

According to the geometric definition of a hexagon, it is a polygon with six edges and six vertices. Probably because of its original shape and unusual form the hexagon design becomes really popular trend that stands out from the rest. Surfing the net, you can notice that hexagon figures are used as the web elements, shapes for sliders, menu categories, buttons, etc. Usually hexagons are displayed with sharp angles, but sometimes they can be a little rounded.

Designer workflow is about creativity, so that’s why the hexagon shape brings its new trend in our web presence. No doubt, shape is essential in web design, so move from this point and the successful final result doesn’t make you wait. To provide the whole visual presentation of this style we introduce you some vivid Hexagon Website Designs and Hexagon Website Templates to give you good spoon of inspiration!

Hexagon Website Designs

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The ultimate success of your web project starts with its impressive design. But usually the visitors see only the final result of the whole creative process, but we know how many energy and time it cost you. To help you to compose appealing and captivating projects, we bring you such necessary design elements as free textures which help you to make remarkable and attractive digital pieces of art. Having original structure and soft layout, paper textures can be widely used in various blogs, online projects, forums and web presentations.

So we are delivering you the great set of Free Paper Textures that can be a good background for decoration your web projects and spice up your designs.

Free Paper Textures

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Free Paper Textures

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