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We believe there are a number of compelling reasons which make our – the blog of your choice. Among the reasons there is one important for us – we make our best to select only the most useful topics that are aimed to help you to improve your professional skills and promote your online business.

Photoshop Tutorials

This time we are glad to offer you a great collection of Photoshop tutorials for 2011. Without doubt it is hard to find a person that deals with webdesign and doesn’t know a such amazing graphics editing program as Photoshop. It is never late to learn and we want to help you to enrich your Photoshop skills. From this awesome selection you will get all about visual effects, 3D modelling, mask usage and photo manipulations.

Hope you will find this Photoshop tutorials collection useful and with a help of it improve your knowledge of Photoshop. Don’t forget to drop us a line – it is very necessary for us to get comments from our dear readers! If you are interested in other topics – notify us!


Hi guys! Are you ready to get a new portion of useful info? Today we are going to discuss such a topic as Typography. But before we jump into the details, let us say something. It doesn’t matter who are you: an experienced web designer or a newbie you definitely would like to find out some more ways that help to improve your website. So we do our best to collect only the most essential information and facts that are aimed to help you to promote your business online.
Let us ask you one question: have you ever thought that typography is a great tool for improving usability? If you think it’s nothing, think again.
Typography affects the comfort and speed of reading. Also it is used to emphasize the proper ideas. If you want to hold the attention of the visitors of your site – you should select the proper type for typography rhythm, style, mood and legibility which are being set by font type, size, spacing, kerning, orientation etc. Don’t forget about such a factor as the flow of the eye movement through the body text.


Hope center is a Free Website Template with Typography and jQuery Slider that will be a perfect solution for any charity project. As far as you remember we’ve notified you about integrating a new feature in all web themes that are produced during a month by web designers. As you can see this Free Website Template includes jQuery Slider as well as visually arresting typography.

Free Website Template with Typography and jQuery Slider

Charity is a great thing. If you have any charity related project we are absolutely sure this Free Website Template with Typography and jQuery Slider will be handy for you. Expressive typography are aimed to point out the most important parts of the content that without doubt will help you to catch the attention of your readers.

There are two possible ways to get this freebie: with PSD source files included or without them. In order to download this theme with PSD source files, visit the Free Website Template for Charity Project with jQuery Slider and Visually Arresting Typography download page at TemplateMonster and don’t forget to type your valid email address that you want the free template package to be delivered to. Remember you are absolutely free to use this professionally made web template for your projects but you are not allowed to resell it.


Video editing is challenging task that requires a great deal of perfect skills as well as necessary knowlege. We want to simplify the process of video editing for you and for this reason have selected 20 Adobe Premiere Tutorials. As far as you may known Adobe Premiere is world famous software nowadays. It is part of the Adobe Creative Suite, a suite of graphic design, video editing, and web development applications developed by Adobe Systems. Without a doubt Adobe Creative Suite package Adobe Premiere Pro was created to help all those who involved in video editing industry.

Native DSLR Editing Demo


Now you have a unique chance to browse these 20 Adobe Premiere Tutorials that will be definitely useful. It doesn’t matter what level of skills do you have. We are absolutely sure that this collection of 20 Adobe Premiere Tutorials will be beneficial for both: skilled video editors and for those who are not. So don’t waste your time! Look through this awesome selection and simplify such complex task as video editing. Good luck!


Hi guys! As far as you have already known HTML5 has become a popular trend nowadays. A great deal of people fond of using it due to the HTML5 great functions and utilities. This post we’ve decided to dedicate to the most amazing Free HTML5 Website Templates.

15 Free HTML5 Website Templates

Without doubt you can find tons of HTML5 Website Templates on the net but it is a difficult task to select only professional made and cost free. We want to save your time as well as money! Today we are happy to present you this awesome and hand picked selection of 15 Free HTML5 Website Templates that are absolutely free! We made our best and collected only the most vivid website themes of the highest quality.
All these 15 Free HTML5 Website Templates can be simple modify according your business needs. You have a great chance to redesign your existing project or create an absolutely new one. HTML5 enables you to add videos, audio, graphics, etc much more easily.
So don’t waste your valuable time! Browse this collection of the best 15 Free HTML5 Website Templates and improve your business today!

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15 Logo Design Tutorials

Hi fellows! This post we are happy to dedicate to 15 Logo Design Tutorials. What is the most memorable point about your company? Without doubt it is a logo. For example you are going to start a new online business and have already chosen an eye catching website template. The next step will be customization according to the needs of your business. Be aware of the huge mistake – don’t use a sample logo! Your business must have a unique logo that suits the main idea of your project. So today we are glad to present you 15 Logo Design Tutorials of 2011. They are aimed to help you to create vivid and at the same time professionally made logo.

These 15 Logo Design Tutorials have a great deal of tips and ideas that will be definitely beneficial for your logo. So use your chance and browse this great selection of 15 Logo Design Tutorials. All that you will find here are only the fresh examples of modern logo trends. Hope this post will be useful for you – don’t forget to drop us a line. We are always glad to read feed-backs from you!


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