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20% WordPress Themes Discount

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We’ve decided to start new week from short inspirational post devoted business cards. Of course you’ve faced with the problem of creating truly original and interesting design for business card and you should know that there are thousands of beautiful solutions that might use. This small collection contains distinct examples of original design works. As usual we believe that you’ll find some inspiration today and this post will bring you good mood and will be that muse that inspires you. Take care and hope to see you soon.






Ever wonder what is grid in web design? Today we‘ll find out what does it mean as well as speak about 4 Types of Grids.
Let’s start from the small definition. In graphic design the grid system means a way of organizing content on a page. How to do it? Of course, using combination of margins, guides, rows and columns. A grid organizes content by holding up the elements. In a finished product, the grid is invisible, but following it helps in creating successful web layouts.
You can easily understand how it works – just imagine a newspaper or magazine layout with columns of text and images. You can use one grid, or a collection of grids across an entire project to achieve a consistent look and feel.

4 Types of Grids

There are a great deal of grids variations, nevertheless web designers should use some consistent grid systems that have stable principles of proportion and balance. So let’s find out what the main 4 Types of Grids are:
Manuscript Grid
Column Grid
Modular Grid
Hierarchical Grid
As far as you have already known it will be the best to see once than to speak about it 100 times. So we present you a great collection that devoted to 4 Types of Grids examples. Browse it absolutely for free. We recommend you to try all these 4 Types of Grids and to find out which one will be the best for your project.


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Facebook Templates Discount

It is no secret that Facebook became not only a number one social network but also a great tool for promoting your business online. Many of the world famous companies have Facebook presence. Among them are: Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Nutella, Porsche, Starbucks, Red Bull, BMW, Nike, Adidas, McDonald’s, Motorola, Oreo, Lacoste and many other.

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Cinema 4D is well-known software for creating models, animations rendered objects. This software has pretty simple and efficient interface, huge list of powerful tools and of course great performance. These Cinema 4D Tutorials cover various topics including creating different animations, models and other stuff. We hope that you’ll use these Cinema 4D Tutorials in your future projects and following examples will help you to produce more fresh and creative ideas that you can implement using Cinema 4D software.

1. Metaball Tutorial in Cinema 4D



2. Working with Procedurals to Make a Screw



Hey fellows! If you are looking for stylish web site template for you business website – you are in the right place at the right time! Our great friend Template Monster gladden us with new professional made freebies. This time we glad to present you this high quality Free Website Template with jQuery Slider. As far as you can see the home page has jQuery Slider that helps you to attract more attention of your visitors and potential customers to the main points of your business.

Now lets speak about the process of getting this free web theme. As far as you have already known you can download this freebie in to ways: with or without PSD source files. If you want to download this free theme with PSD files visit the Free Website Template with jQuery Slider download page at TemplateMonster. You should type your email address in the gap and don’t forget to uncheck the newsletter subscription checkbox in case you’re already subscribed, otherwise you may not be able to download the zip file.
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Hi guys! Today we want to enrich your collection of useful tutorials. It is no secret that the Internet is a huge resourse of various information. You can find everything you want but keep in mind such point as time. Sometimes a process of searching of necessary info demands a great deal of time. So we present you the unique chance to save your valuable time. We dig deeper and collect only the best stuff! And now you are welcome to use these amazing 20 Poster Design Tutorials to improve your business.

Poster Design Tutorials

Now let’s speak about posters. If you’ve decided to create a poster you need to follow the main rule: any poster is a powerful communicative tool between advertisers and clients. Also bear in mind that typography is essential for any poster because it helps to deliver the message in the best way.
So make your best to create an eye catching and effective poster that will attract great deal of people. Hope this 20 Poster Design Tutorials collection will be useful for you! Just browse it to get an enormous supply of inspiration. And don’t forget to come back to us more often as we prepare for you a lot of interesting stuff!


Hi fellows! It is no secret that everyone wants to find out as much as possible new information that will be helpful in improving online projects as well as their search engine rankings. As far as you may know WordPress became the most popular tool for publishing content on the web. It was created as a blogging platform and now turn into the flexible and user-friendly CMS. Nowadays with a help of WordPress you can easily develop different sites from e-commerce websites to blogs.

10 SEO Plugins for WordPress

Today we want to speak about one more benefit of WP. WordPress community created a great deal of plugins that become a real helpers for WP users. So we are going to look through the most effective WordPress SEO Plugins that can help you to increase the search engine traffic of your web sites. WordPress SEO Plugins are aimed to solve any kind of problems in the process of optimization of your site. Hope these hand picked selection of the most useful 10 WordPress SEO Plugins will help you with your online projects. Good luck!


The great news for all fans of Drupal! As far as you have already known the last version of this free and open source content management system (CMS) is Drupal 7. It was released on 5 January 2011. Since that time Drupal 7.0 has increased its popularity due to the great functionality that helps this CMS run nearly any kind of website. With a help of Drupal you can easily build blogs and micro-sites as well as collaborative social communities.
Drupal 7.0 Template
Among the most vivid benefits of Drupal 7 are:
-simple installation process;
-improved user interface;
-better organized admin menus;
-higher speed and scalability;
-flexible content and custom fields;
-more optimized code;
Of course the greatest plus of this CMS is that it is absolutely free! It means that you can download Drupal 7.0, adapt and use without any limitations and restrictions.
If you want to get the latest version of this CMS – simply visit Drupal official website. Also we want to help you to up-grate your current Drupal website from previous versions. For this reason our good friend TemplateMonster presents you the wide range of professional Drupal 7 themes. The collection of Drupal 7 Templates includes a great number of categories. So we are sure you will find a proper Drupal 7 Template for your website and also get a great deal of pleasure working with high quality Drupal 7 themes!


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