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Hello folks, it is Monday today and we are glad to welcome you with superb collection of free handwritten fonts that we’ve gathered for you. There is no doubt that all design freebies are great though we think that free fonts are those delicious parts of design pie that everybody loves to have. Though you should know that handwritten-styled fonts are very exquisite and you should be careful with their usage because there are not so many designs that would win with implementing such kind of fonts. We know that sometimes users might be confused with these fonts because they are hard to read. So, it is vitally important to be sure that your handwritten font will spice up design and will be really user-friendly. Anyways, we are here just to give you another good piece of free stuff and it is your choice what to do with that. Have fun and happy Monday to you!

1. Whiteboard Modern

* * *

2. Love is Verb



Well, people looks like we have got superb news for you! I’m sure that you all have your Facebook accounts and we are happy to inform you that from now on you can create your own business page on Facebook and this Free Facebook template from TemplateMonster is a great opportunity to all of you. There is no doubt that this excellent design would perfectly fit your needs and will enliven your Facebook page with dynamics and elegant details.

This Free Facebook template has the download package that contains SWF and XML files as well as images including splash page. You can easily customize this template with your own content, images etc – XML file would help you to do that. Of course it is obvious that this free Facebook template will be a great source of inspiration for you and you may create your own unique design for your brand page.

We all know that Facebook is one of the most popular websites in the web and it is conquering with Google for being #1 and we as simple users must use any opportunity to maximize our online presence on Facebook. So, this wonderful free design is a great chance and why don’t you take it? We already did that and are extremely satisfied with the results.



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