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When holidays get closer to us there is always a feeling that we need that one more day to be perfectly prepared for the celebration. And it doesn’t matter how long you prepare for the memorable day, there is always a lack of time for some important trifles. And now in a couple days before Christmas we offer you not to waste your time on the web looking for more and more interesting festive things. You’d better look through the round up of Free Christmas Twitter Backgrounds. Here you will absolutely find few amazing Twitter themes for the best preholiday arranging of your twitter page.
We are sure that our small collection will catch your fancy and bring joy and happiness into your interactive life. We wish you a Mary Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Merry X-mas Christmas Twitter Theme

Free Christmas twitter Themes

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Free Twitter Background #27

Free Christmas twitter Themes

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Politics is always considered very subtle sphere of life (it would be batter to say that it is an art, in a way). And there are no limits in means that can be used by its participants. We are living in the digital times when our every single action depends on computers. So why not use this technology for getting profits?

If you are an ambitious politician who tries to conquer new votes of online community members then naturally you need to build functional website with user-friendly interface. And now we are glad to inform you that you may get such an awesome product absolutely for free. TemplateMonster Blog team has launched their new freebie – Free HTML5 Politics Website Template. And you are welcome to have a good look at the free HTML5 website theme right here:

Free HTML5 Website Template

As usually you are welcome to download the free HTML5 politics website template in two ways: with PSD source files and without them. If you need HTML source files only than you can have them from the post page directly. If you want to have extra PSD source files than you should type your email address on a free HTML5 politics website template download page. Then the package with the freebie will be delivered to this email. And after all feel free to use the template to satisfy your personal or educational needs. But don’t use the template in commercial purposes since it was not made with a view to resale.


When it is cold outside and the sky is covered with heavy gray clouds we often feel sad and frustrated. So inevitably there appears a wish to cheer up ourselves and people we care of with some sweet chocolate treats. It is proved that chocolate is plentiful with different feromones that make it the perfect antidepressant. In general, chocolate is a good helper in millions of life situations and today we are glad to demonstrate you a tempting selection of sweetest websites which have been ever made. We hope that minutes which you’ll spend on our round up reviewing (or maybe hours, who knows?) will not be in vain and it will inspire you.

Moreover, scientists think that one bar of chocolate per week and a cup of hot chocolate drink can extend our life term nearly at a year and at the same time it can rejuvenate human organism. So what are you waiting for? Get your hidden sweets and start learning the world famous tasty food over the list of 20 Sweetest Websites of 2010.

Chocolate Websites

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Chocolate Websites

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Are you going to congratulate your online customers with colourful and bright Christmas cards on the Christmas Eve? At the festive X-mas season conquering the audience’s right attitude is the very suitable and profitable thing. And today we are glad to present you a marvelous bundle pack of Christmas Video Ecards from This impressive and picturesque greetings set contains 6 Video eCards made with a strong After Effects technology. This pre-holiday present is provided with all source files included. And what is more important is that you may buy it at a discount that’s even greater than 50%. The regular price of the product is $210 but you are welcome to spend as little as $99 for the purchase. So you may easily please your customers this Christmas and save your money at the same time.

Now it’s time to have a look at the Christmas Video Ecards Pack:

Video ecard

There are no doubts that you’ll find these video ecards extremely delightful. Their Christmas related motifs will dip you (and of course your customers) into the atmosphere of joy and pre-holiday excitement. Sparkling animation will enliven people’s grey everyday being and Christmas colours will fill them up with pleasant expectations. So use these After Effect video ecard templates to establish and maintain warm relations with your clients.


Dou you want to be Santa Claus? If you are thinking about such a vista then we can help you solve this small problem (not exactly we, but TemplateMonster Blog). On the X-mas eve these guys present us their new amazing Free HTML5 Website Template for Christmas 2010. This awesome theme can be downloaded by everybody at any time of day or night. And when we saw the template we couldn’t take our eyes off it and couldn’t resist sharing this news with you.

This easy in use and nice looking free HTML5 website template will infuse hope and pre-holiday spirit into every visitor. And many days after the Christmas you’ll see gratefulness of the audience as an award for your efforts.

Free HTML5 Website Theme

As always you are welcome to choose how to download the free HTML5 website template: with PSD source files included or without them. You may get the template package with HTML files only from the post page at directly by clicking on the theme screenshot. If you want to have PSD sources too then you should visit the TemplateMonster free HTML5 website template for Christmas 2010 download page and type your email address there. Don’t forget to uncheck the newsletter subscription checkbox in case you are already subscribed. After these easy manipulations your freebie will be delivered to you email inbox.

Christmas time is coming so don’t hesitate and start creating your Holiday dreams!


Hello, guys, do you know what Moto CMS is? It is a rather young but successful Flash content management system that allows its users to create interactive and SEO-friendly flash websites with no limits in design and animation. It allows you to edit content blocks without external help and what is more important it doesn’t take much time. This beautiful and smart Moto content management system doest require complex programming knowledge and skills and this is the main feature of the Flash CMS which have won the hearts of many web developers and designers.

And today we are glad to share a precious piece of information with you. There is a secret promocode which gives you an opportunity to purchase the standalone version of Moto CMS with 20% OFF at

And here is the cherished promocode for Moto CMS purchasing: lgm1h8mbovjlgrfmgan1o33zr.

These amazing letters and numbers would be typed on the checkout page at (you’d better copy this promocode and paste it at the valid field in case not to lose any of the symbols). After all you are welcome to buy the Flash CMS template from the Motocms online store and start creating you personal interactive flash website. There are 14 theme categories on so there you’ll easily find something special.

Discount on Standalone Version of Moto CMS

If you are not sure whether you need it or not (or, maybe, it would be better to ask about your liking) then the company offers 30-days free trial version. During this period you can try to create flash website based on the Moto CMS and make your own impression on this product. But don’t hesitate because nobody knows how long this promocode will be working. Quickly try the trial version and start your flash story creation!


Photoshop is a rather studied graphic editor and we know very well what should be done for the best image presentation. But sometimes our creative ideas run away from us and we can not express our thoughts well (it even would be right to say that our head is empty). But the work will not wait till we deign to start thinking. Web designers and developers would always be ready to amaze surroundings with new exciting ideas. And today to help you not to lose your face at the wrong moment we offer you fresh ideas how to enliven your creativity.

From the earliest times people held in high respect 4 classic nature elements – Earth, Water, Fire and Air. So why not use this good old idea for inspiration?! Today we offer you excellent examples of Photoshop Text Effect Tutorials which are feature-packed for 4 Classic elements. With these effects you may burn you design elements, drown them, disperse and bury in the ground. Do whatever you want and feel like you’re a the master of your personal digital world.


Ancient Typography with Dry Soil Texture and Floral Brushset in Photoshop

Photoshop Text Effects

* * *

3D Text Scene

Photoshop Text Effects

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This autumn days presents us the brand new freebie – the Free HTML5 Website Template for Communications-Related Businesses. But it can be easily customized for any other business. So if this theme is not the very thing you need but you like it, you are welcome to get this free HTML5 website template and remake it for your deal.

But you should take into consideration that this deep-colored theme is not intended for reselling, and you may use it only in your personal or business purposes. On the upside we’ll tell you about TemplateMonster’s novelties so keep up with our news and download new awesome free HTML5 website templates.

Free HTML5 Website Template

If you are interested in the proposition of the free HTML5 website template for communications-related businesses than you are welcome to download template files in two ways: with PSD sources included and without them. Just click on the image of the free HTML5 website template on TemplateMonster Blog page and get HTML source files on your computer. But if you want the template with PSD source files then go to the free communications HTML5 website template download page at (this link is also available from TemplateMonster Blog) and type the e-mail address you want the HTML5 theme to be delivered to.

But there is one limitation: you shouldn’t resell the theme as it was not made by you. Take a chance to use it for your own business and good luck!


There is no need to say that Facebook is the most visited social network and that’s why a lot of designers are now offering Facebook templates. Unfortunately, most Facebook templates are not very cheap. Still, there are some websites like that allow you to download Facebook templates for free! Moreover, all templates are provided with the source files to customize them easily. Simply choose the design that speaks for you and let your profile page be unique and creative.

As you scroll down you’ll see that free templates can be beautiful and stylish. Additionally, free Facebook templates are easy to install and edit.

Below you’ll find just a few of many templates that make so valuable to Facebook users.

No matter if you use Facebook for business or to keep up with friends and family, it’s better to have a user’s profile page that is really personal, don’t you agree?

Free Facebook Template #1

free Facebook template - vanila


Virtuemart is the world’s most beloved Joomla shopping cart extension. This software was created to open the world of material goods and services on the web for you. From the day this simple and effective eCommerce element has appeared you may buy and sell on the web without any extraordinary efforts. But if this one is the most popular it doesn’t mean that this is the only variant for online purchases.

There are different Joomla Shopping Cart Extensions existing. And what is more important, these Virtuemart Alternatives may be more effective and suitable in certain cases. So now we are glad to tell you that few days ago our good friends (and we are glad to declare it again and again) TemplateMonster Blog team presented 5 Joomla Shopping Cart Extensions – Alternatives to Virtuemart. These tools are new and mostly unknown but it’s not an obstacle for them to be really good. So all of them are worth being used (or being reviewed at least) in online shop creation.

< Virtuemart Alternatives

This time TemplateMonster Blog tells us about such Joomla Shopping Cart Extensions:

  • HikaShop;
  • SimpleCaddy;
  • redSHOP Light;
  • Tienda;
  • JoomShopping.

Just like the TemplateMonster Blog team we’ll also be glad to know what you think about these shopping cart extensions. So don’t be shy to write you comments right here!


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