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If you want to push in the new profitable and prospective online project then inevitably you need to have a fixed point to start from. And a professionally done website template is the best solution to reach your aim relatively quickly and effectively. And today we are pleased to tell you about the new marvelous freebie from our old good friends TemplateMonster Blog team – the Free Maintenance and Cleaning HTML5 Website Template.

Free HTML5 Website Template

This is a perfect chance to let the whole world discover your company in the most prospective way. And don’t fool yourself into believing that a free product can’t be of high quality and functional. This free HTML5 theme was carefully created by experienced and professional web developers and web designers to make your online being more convenient and reliable. reminds you that they don’t provide support services on their free products. But we want to assure you that all freebies are produced rather accessible so you’ll have minimum troubles with the theme’s installing and managing process.

If you are a constant TemplateMonster’s visitor then you may know that all their free HTML5 website templates are available for download in two variants: with PSD source files included and without them. So you may choose any variant you like and get it in few minutes at any time.

We wish you good luck with the new Free Maintenance and Cleaning HTML5 Website Template.


When we are browsing through the web in a search for something definite and specific we don’t pay much attention to small ordinary things such as website buttons. They always look the same and there can be nothing uncommon. But if you stop for a while you’ll see the variety of extraordinary buttons at the Menu bar. Some of these simple elements can be absolutely amazing and joyful for true designers. So you shouldn’t miss such a marvelous inspirational chance.

The Internet is boundless and the number of its residents grows exponentially every day. So let our today’s little round-up be the start of your future pleasant discoveries. In the comments section right here we’d be glad to know you thoughts about the use of such creative buttons (how do you find this web design solutions, whether you like them or not and so on).

Extraordinary Munu Buttons

* * *

Extraordinary Munu Buttons

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On this holy joyful day we’d like to thank all our visitors who spend their precious time on reading our blog posts. We are pleased with the fact that you find us interesting and useful and so we convey our thankfulness to all of you.

By the way, we would like to tell you the fantastic news that our good friends – TemplateMonster team – have prepared a nice present for us all. Thanksgiving Discount promo is being held during the whole day today by these cool guys. Here’s what it’s all about! Today starting at 7 AM EST until 6 PM EST will be giving out fantastic and unbelievable 50% discount codes on their social network accounts (so you need to make sure that you’re following TemplateMonster on Facebook and on their Twitter account as well if you want to get that discount). Till the end of the promo there will be at least 10 discounts on Facebook and 10 discounts on Twitter. All these promo codes will be one-time usable. It means that only the first person who uses it will reach the aim – get the much-appreciated discount. So you have to keep an eye on TemplateMonster’s Tweeter and Facebook feeds in order not to miss the next Thanksgiving promo code.

And don’t be sad if you lose one of chances to get the discount, be attentive and try again. Have a nice Thanksgiving Day!


Not so long ago has started producing the new marvelous product line based on the revolutionary SWISHMax4 software. And now we are glad to offer you a short review on these magnificent new SWISH Wizard Templates. The technology is really fantastic as it allows speeding up the process of launching your website. And moreover you are given a chance to simplify the content management process that will open new spaces to your online beings.

All the SWISH Wizard Templates can be easily customized to edit the page layout and the site content. The template’s functionality impresses greatly because everything has been done considerably and anxiously. So there is nothing strange about the fact that this type of web themes inevitably comes to being more and more popular on the web. And it is worth saying that the new interface is more convenient to the customers than the previous one so you’ll have no problems with it.

SWISH Wizard templates are ready-made designs for your web project enhanced with SWISH-animated header. But the best part about them is that you can edit the SWiSH content of these templates with the awesome feature of SWiSHMax software – the SWiSHMax Wizard. Now hurry up to browse our great selection of SWiSH Wizard Templates. You are also welcome to learn more about SWiSH Wizard templates on our blog.

SWiSH Wizard Templates

SWISH Wizard Templates are ready-made designs and there are no reasons to worry about the lack of some plugins for the website template. So hurry up to browse through the collection of SWISH Wizard themes! The collection is being updated permanently so undoubtedly you’ll find something suitable items sooner or later. Have luck!


Are you dreaming about having wings to fly up and to be carried away by wind rushing in a clear blue sky? It is one of the oldest people’s dreams originating from the beginning of times. And since the Internet becomes widely spread this wish has come closer to a reality. You may visit any world’s corner in few minutes without leaving your warm home. And what about real flying you will ask! And we’ll answer you “No problems”. With the Free HTML5 Website Template for Airlines Company which was carefully made by our good friends from TemplateMonster Blog team you’ll be satisfied greatly.

Free HTML5 Website Template

The white airplane in the template’s header guarantees you comfort and safety. So you should not worry! Everything will be alright and your online business will burst with profits. This HTML5 website theme looks very naturally and it will help your visitors trust your company and spend some money with the help of your website.

We want to remind you that this product is absolutely free and can be used for your personal or educational or commercial needs, but you are not allowed to resell the template. Use the free HTML5 website template for your own business and don’t try to speculate with the freebie.

As always you are welcome to get the template in two ways: with PSD source files included and without them. Think twice and download the perfect theme which can make your online presence pleasant and profitable.


Would you like to use original fonts for your website even though they’re not one of those official web fonts recognized by our browsers? It would bring you new opportunities in the communication process with the audience. And the new CSS3 facilities are right on the button in such case.

The @font-face rule gives you a brilliant opportunity in web design to use different kinds of fonts even if they were not installed on website visitors’ systems. You can easily decorate your website with new creative and fanciful lettering and save some hosting space and bandwidth at the same time.

@font-face rule

Are you bored to death by converting titles into the image format and pasting them on your web pages? We guess you are, because this process is too awkward in our hi-tech and dynamic life. We need something new and convenient. And therefore TemplateMonster Blog team is glad to demonstrate you the list of 25 Free Fonts to Use with @font-face. They will make your life easier and your website will look as if it came out of a bandbox.

You can easily embed these free fonts with the help of the @font-face CSS3 rule. And we’ll be pleased to know if our review has helped you a little (or maybe it has opened new vistas for you).

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Online Video Editors

Do you like watching different kinds of video clips? And would you like to make something like these by yourself? In fact cool video creating is a process not as difficult as you may think it is. You just need good and easy in use means that will guide you through a changeable digital world of human memories and wishes.

Now we are glad to tell you about the post recently published by our good friends – TemplateMonster. Their Blog team offers you to check out the list of 15 Online Video Editors which will save your time and make your life easier. With the help of these online wizards you’ll be able to cut, add or swap different movie scenes at your will. In a word you’ll be able to tinker with your videos and present them in the most proper outlook!

Online Video Editors

If you have some hesitations about the necessity if these tools visit your favorite YouTube page and review some amateur clips. There is no need to say that most of them were created with the help of some online video editors. Millions of people all over the world can modify videos without extra efforts. So why not become one of them? Just try some of these charming online video editing tools and you’ll never leave them!


Facebook is a world’s famous social utility where you can communicate with friends, colleagues and relatives, find new interesting outstanding people and track down their lives and social activity. The growth rate of the audience of Facebook comes to 1 million users per 5 months and last summer this community contained 500 million followers.

It is natural that in conditions of such a rapid and constant popularity most worlds’ well-known companies are bent on conquering Facebook’s users in ranks of their fans (Facebook is rather young. It was founded in the year 2004). So nowadays thousands of web designers work towards the creation of new cool and stunning Facebook Brand Pages which would attract the attention of new and new followers.

And today we have decided not to stand aside from this process and collected 23 eye-catchy Facebook Brand Pages for you pleasure amusement. If some of them inspire you to create the next cool facebook masterpiece we’ll be pleased greatly. And now have a good time with our collection!


Cool Facebook Brand Page

* * *

Red Bull

Cool Facebook Brand Page

* * *


Do you want to see your online business project successful and flourishing? If you dream about having the well developing business then you should take care about all its aspects. Choose a nice-looking suitable website template, customize it and support its functioning by a competent online management and marketing policy. But all your efforts are in vain if your basis is of poor quality (we are talking about your web theme which is always a foundation of everything).

Choose high quality products and they will serve you time and time. And today we are glad to tell you about the freebie from TemplateMonster which will meet all your web needs and wishes. Greet the Free HTML5 Business Website Template which is at the doorstep!

This theme is a right solution for your business thanks to its mild blue-gray color scheme, user-friendly layout and convenient menu bar. Moreover you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the simplicity of the template’s structure. So there will be no troubles in management process even if you lack online activity experience.

Free HTML5  Website Template

As always you are welcome to choose how to download the free HTML5 website theme: with PSD source files included or without them. You may get the template package with HTML files only from the post page at directly by clicking on the theme screenshot. If you want to have PSD sources too then than you should visit the TemplateMonster free HTML5 website template download page and type your email address there. Don’t forget to uncheck the newsletter subscription checkbox in case you are already subscribed. After these easy manipulations your freebie will be delivered to you email.

The Free HTML5 Website Template is really good so don’t think too long and remember that time is money!


Adobe Photoshop goes around the world with long strides and conquers web audience with great performance. Mostly everybody paints over alight red eyes on photos with the help of this awesome soft. But there are some people who can create wonders of different simple images and photos. And for such people Photoshop is a real God’s gift. It is the defensible true leader of the design industry!

And of course there is a great quantity of different Photoshop tutorials and guidance on the web for those who want to impress people around them with creative “hand-made” image designs.

Fresh Photoshop Tutorials

We realize that it’s hard to stop your choice on some particular tutorials in conditions of such a variety. You always want to try more and more new techniques but it’s hard to say whether it is good one or not before you start using it. That’s why from time to time our friends from present us different round-ups of high quality Photoshop tutorials which will suit all your refined user demands. And today we are glad to inform you about a new list of 30 Fresh and New Photoshop Tutorials launched by TemplateMonster Blog team for your pleasure.

Don’t forget to check out Vexel Art Tutorials that will inspire you for creating your own great illustrations.


Featured Templates