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Do you like sitting by the computer staring on slow web pages which crawl like flies in front of you? We guess you don’t like this boring and annoying process. And that’s why we are glad to demonstrate you the 10 Practices to Speed Up Your Website which were carefully prepared by TemplateMonster Blog team.

How to Improve Website Performance

Website speed optimization is an extremely useful thing not only from visitors’ point of view. Search engines and metrics companies take this parameter into consideration when they reconsider your website’s rankings. Every website owner dreams to see his/her website link on the first page of Google search. But wishes are all in vain if your loading speed will be too slow. Nobody wants to wait. And that’s why the question “How to improve website performance?” sounds more and more often.

Now look through this useful list of tips and tricks about how to speed up your website:

  • Parallelize downloads across hostnames
  • Use URL paths instead of hostnames
  • Optimize images
  • Browser and proxy caching
  • Put CSS in the Head
  • Enable compression
  • Diminish content of CSS, HTML and JavaScript file
  • Serve scaled images
  • Take care about requests
  • Correct order of styles and scripts

You’ll find more detailed information about each of these practices at the TemplateMonster post page. And we hope that you’ll listen to these suggestions and our web space will be more dynamic and fast.


When the Halloween night comes everybody will dress up their costumes and leave their homes in search of sweets and adventures. Cheerful crowds of children and youngsters will hang around from house to house and scare everyone they meet. And nobody will think about the dearly beloved Internet at that dark scaring night.

But until the celebration time comes let’s dive into the unreal atmosphere of preholiday virtual world. Let’s decorate your websites and greeting cards with skulls, bones, pumpkins, vampire fangs and bloody inscription.

Not so long ago we presented to you the 20 Fresh Free Twitter Backgrounds for Halloween 2010. And now we offer you to review some scary tips which will make your crazy Halloween more impressive and colorful. Use these Free Halloween Icons, Fonts, Brushes and Textures to startle people around.

Free Halloween Icons

Lovely Halloween

Free Halloween Icon

* * *

Social Media Halloween Icons

Free Halloween Icon


Happy and scary Halloween is almost here and you still have some time to build your website before the holyday comes. But it may happen that you don’t want to decorate your website with toothless pumpkins, black cats, shapeless ghosts and bony skeletons. In such case you will look for something endlessly dark. And TemplateMonster is glad to make you an offer that you cannot refuse. From now and till October 31st 2010 Black Templates from TempleteMonster are sold with 25% discount! The time is running out so you should hurry up to have time to buy a product.

Black Template - 25% Discount

Black website themes from TemplateMonster always look very stylishly and exquisitely. It has some unique charm and people tend to trust such projects. It creates some sort of the illusion that you are the premium society member. All these things are especially true on the eve of Halloween. Black sites are constantly popular from day to day and the category will not go out of fashion at an early date. So it can be the great solution for you.

And now more than 500 black themes are waiting for you at! Don’t make them wait in vain!


Most people perceive the world around through the eyes. And very often it is the only way to estimate the information you are being presented on the Internet. So if you are going to start your online business then you should take this human feature into account. When visitors come to see your website they don’t want to waste their time on endless browsing through web pages. People are always in a hurry so place the information blocks and images on your website in the most convenient way. And the freebie of the week will help you greatly in it.

Now, look on the Free Business Website Template from

Free Busines Website Template

It is not so easy to build a nice looking website which will be simple in managing and in use at the same time. And today TemplateMonster Blog team is glad to help you to implement your ideas on the web with the help of stunning Free Business Website Template. This one is created in mild grey and blue colors that make the theme very pleasant for eyes. Good layout with perfect color scheme is a winning solution for any business website.

So if you like the free theme of the week then you may click on the template image on the post page at directly. HTML source files will be saved on your computer. If you need PSD sources too then you should visit the Free Website Template for Business Project download page at TemplateMonster and type your email address there. After all wait a little for your download link and enjoy yourself!

The Free Business Website Template is waiting for you! Hurry up!


We don’t mean to scare you, but Halloween is just around the corner. So it’s the right time to decorate your websites and spread the holiday cheer.

If you are short of time, but still looking for spooky Halloween designs, then we’re here to help. Below listed are Halloween Website Templates, Halloween WordPress Themes and Halloween Joomla Templates. The best thing about these designs is that all of them are available free of charge.

Whether you want to update a business website or a personal blog, you will easily find a design that’s just for you because the list includes free templates for html websites as well as those websites that are powered by WordPress or Joomla.

Please scroll down to download Free Halloween Website Templates, Free Halloween WordPress Themes and Free Halloween Joomla Templates.

Free Halloween Website Templates

Halloween Festival

Website Template Halloween Festival


Scary and mysterious Halloween night is coming and millions of people from all over the world prepare to celebrate the holiday. They will dress up in costumes of devils and ghosts, paint their faces and try to frighten each other. But these things concern the real life and what about our online being?

Many Internet resources will be changed and customized too! Toothy pumpkins, faceless ghosts, black cats and witches on brooms will decorate many web pages. And why not to diversify you twitter account with funny creepy free twitter background?! It does not take much time but it will please your followers greatly.

And now we offer you to review some free Halloween twitter backgrounds and to choose the right one for your account.

Free Twitter Background

[ Download this free Twitter background ]

* * *

Free Twitter Background


If you are going to start the development of your own hosting business you should have a respectable website. And TemplateMonster Blog is ready to offer you something you can not refuse. From now on you are given a chance to download a Free HTML5 Template for Hosting Website.

There are a lot of participants on the market of hosting services. And you should transcend yourself to stand out of the online crowd. By all means should your website demonstrate an ability to provide quality, reliability and stability for everyone who is seaching for a good hosting provider. So the free HTML5 website template from is a great decision. The theme is so nice and cool thank to its stylish and easy layout, and professional execution. It’s realy worth being downloaded and used.

Free Website Template

As always you may click on the template image on the TemplateMonster blog post page directly and get all HTML source files immediately. Or you may follow the other way. Visit the TemplateMonster Free HTML5 Template for Hosting Website download page and type your email address there. And make sure that you have unchecked the newsletter subscription checkbox in case you’re already subscribed. After this you’ll get the download link on your email.

Now you are welcome to use your template for your business, but you are not allowed to resell it!


In the far 1995 the earliest CSS draft was created and presented for general conversation. From that time the history of Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) technology began. And from that time this pretty nice trick constantly entered Internet everyday life.

CSS infographic

So today we are glad to inform you that released a nice and very cognitive infographic about CSS history. This one will be good for CSS beginners, it will help them to learn more about main basics of this technology. Even if you are an advanced user you still can find interesting facts for yourself there. Undoubtedly you know much about CSS technology but mostly it concerns practical things, such as working tools and techniques of CSS. You know very well about how to make your website look great and beautiful but you can hardly say what the beginning of Cascading Style Sheets was. And today TemplateMonster demonstrates you all milestones of CSS history.

The infographic is really interesting so take your time to review a piece of information attentively.


It can hardly be a new info for someone that HTML5 markup languages conquer more and more fans and followers all over the world. So it is natural that there are many HTML5 themes all over the web. But at a closer look we find that there is a lack of well-done and high-quality ones. If you want to create an attractive website you need a highly professional theme with user-friendly layout. Moreover it’s desirable that it would be easy in use, without any unnecessary extra complications. So taking into consideration these tips (and many others as well) makes you a fantastic offer! Starting October 5th till October 15th 2010 200+ HTML5 templates are sold at a 20% discount!

All of the themes are very easy to customize and to work with so it doesn’t matter whether you are an advanced and experienced user or a rookie. Every template is coded in a very clear and simple way. The website building process will please you greatly so don’t hesitate and start running through the variety of awesome HTML5 website templates. And now we are glad to demonstrate you one of TemplateMonster discounted products:

HTML5 Website Template 20% OFF!!!

If you are interested in new products we want you to remember that during the promo TemplateMonster will continue releasing new nice and usable HTML5 website themes.

These promo templates will meet your tastes and wishes and we promise you that you’ll not be disappointed!


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