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Beer is a favorite drink for millions of people from all over the world. And in late September – early October the greatest beer festival – Oktoberfest – takes place in Munich, Germany. However the title of the fest is translated as “October holiday” and it has nothing in common with a heady drink.

This year the festival celebrates the 200th anniversary of the first Oktoberfest and TemplateMonster Blog team launched bright and sparkling Free Beer Website Template which is dedicated to this event. The color scheme and design solutions are perfectly arranged in the 6-page template and you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the impression which the free template makes. So you may be sure that your audience of beer fans will like your website and visit it with a great pleasure.

And now it’s time to see the nice free beer website template with your own eyes.

Free Website Theme

So how do you like it? If you feel it’s the one for you than visit the and get your theme package with all PSD source files included. If you need HTML source files only then you can download it from the post page directly. But if you want to get the template package with PSD files included then go to free beer website template download page and type your email address there. It will ensure the quick and safe delivery of the theme package. We think you remember that you should uncheck the newsletter subscription checkbox in case you’re already subscribed. After these easy manipulations you are welcome to use your free beer website template as you want.

Now go ahead, you are now welcome to enjoy your foaming freebie!


If you decide to show your head to the people, this is a great time for it. A lot of web designers show their heads to their visitors and therefore make their websites more personal. Also, adding a head image is a good way to build an emotional connection with  site visitors.

As we are trying to be your guide to the latest web design trends, we believe it’s important to feature the websites that follow the head trend; especially, when there are so many of them now. As you’ll see it, most websites that come with head images, head illustrations and head collages are web designers’ portfolios. Still, many other sites use head graphics as the main design element.

We can only guess why head images are so widely used by designers from all over the world, but we can’t ignore it. That’s why we encourage you to visit 20 head inspired websites that are listed below. Each website offers a unique experience and serves as an online monument to the power of personality.



There is a wide choice of different fonts all over the Internet that you are welcome to download them at any time. So designers can make a correct font choice for any kind of web, print or media project. But there is a little problem there. The variety is too huge to determine out of hand what type of fonts you need exactly. And you have to spend a lot of time upon the look of something special. However most of the fonts are not free, so finding a decent free one can be a major pain in you-know-where. To help you to solve the problem of finding and choosing the right one TemplateMonster Blog team has arranged a selection of 50 Free Fonts which will make your project more individual, bright and stylish. Moreover these fonts are fresh enough and you may enrich your design collection with the new ones.

Frash Free Fonts

As you understand, using new design elements is what makes a designer look much better in the eyes of the audience. All designer’s websites, brochures, or even advertisements are being perceived as something cheering up and remaining cheerful.

But you have to know the right goal for each font. Some of these free fonts are designed for headings and may be hard to read if used in a common text. But just imagine how cool and eye-catchy it will look on some T-shirt with a facetious image; or on a bag for example. Think about how often we buy things just because we like their cute slogans. So don’t write off the way of displaying the text!

And if you’re at least a little bit interested now please make sure you visit TemplateMonster blog and make a wise free font choice!


Recently there have been frequent discount offers of different kinds from And this week we have an unbelievable chance to buy a Flash Photo Gallery Template with a huge discount of 40%!!! It is an awesome chance for those who are going to assert themselves in Internet community of photographers and designers. If you consider yourself a creator of something superb and magnificent or maybe you have something to show to the world than go to the TemplateMonster Blog and use the 40% discount to purchase the flash template you like.

Discount on flash photo galleries

As you understand flash photo galleries are oriented at designers and artists, at those people who want to demonstrate amazing portfolios or just attractive images. If you don’t exactly understand what this product is about than you are welcome to see a video presentation of dynamic flash photo gallery in action at TemplateMonster presentation page. These spectacular themes bring you unlimited opportunities in online gallery managing. You are free to create your own one-domain universe to show what’s inside of you to the whole world!

Starting September 20th 2010 all Flash Photo Gallery Templates from TemplateMonster are 40% OFF until September 30th 2010! So you shouldn’t hesitate too long as 10-day promo is running out.


Do you believe that all Prestashop Themes can be found in one place? We are here to tell you that it is so! This special place is a new website called All Prestashop Themes.

  • Who will benefit from This site will be useful for web designers and those of you who would like to start an ecommerce website.
  • What can you find at The website provides a comprehensive list of Prestashop Theme providers and therefore showcases the websites to get Free Prestashop Themes as well as Premium Prestashop Themes.
  • Why may you need Prestashop Themes? Each Prestashop Theme is a web page design to be used with Prestashop.
  • What is Prestashop? Prestashop is a handy e-commerce solution that comes for FREE. It enables you to build different kinds of online stores.
  • What makes so special? The website content includes information not previously available. Actually, this is the first website to introduce all companies that offer Prestashop Themes. In other words, there is no need to spend time on searching the web for all Prestashop Themes released so far. The team behind has already done it for you.

prestashop themes providers

For more articles about Prestashop Themes, please see


It has become a good tradition to get free website themes from TemplsteMonster every Monday. And this week the company pleases us with their new catchy and professionally done freebie – Free Business Website Template from TemplateMonster.

It has been created with soft and smooth yellow color that looks very notable and makes visitors trust you. The navigation system is rather simple and comfy to use. So, you are welcome to create a masterpiece with this bright free business website template.

Free Website Theme

As you know any business can’t prosper without human favor. And an outlook of your project website is an important forming component to the success of the whole deal. So, before you start a web fight with your online market competitors to get your peace of bread with a thick layer of chocolate take a good look at the web design theme and answer two questions “Do you like it?” and “Would you follow it if you met it in the Internet open spaces?” If the answer is undoubtedly “Yes” than continue your activity. But if you are not sure then download the Free Business Website Template from TemplateMonster and do your best!

The theme is available in two variants: with PSD source files included and without them. The template package may be downloaded from the TemplateMonster Blog post page directly. If you want to get the theme with PSD sources than you should follow the tips on the free business website template download page.

We’re sure that this nice theme will bring you joy and money. So keep your eyes open and don’t waste your time!


Don’t you agree that each and every website needs a great error page? A funny 404 page is a way to say to your site visitors, “Hey, cheer up! Try other pages if this one didn’t work for you”.

Unfortunately most error pages look boring and therefore become an extra trouble for the visitors. Not only visitors fail to find the information they’ve been looking for, but they have to see the same design they’ve seen at least thousand of times.

Would you like your website be totally inviting? Why not create a custom 404 error page and make a pleasant surprise for your website visitors?

Here are a few samples of great error pages:


Nowadays almost everybody likes and successfully uses the advantages of online shopping. And if you say that you know nothing about eCommerce you’ll be looked at as an alien! But scarcely have you known about how eCommerce appeared to the light of day. And today TemplateMonster has shared what’s been created exclusively for them – the eCommerce timeline infographic which reflects all uncomplicated, impetuous and striking history of online selling industry for you. The timeline embraces 50 years only but you’ll be shocked with the scale of online market development.

The whole history of this amazing phenomenon is built on the technology improvement but at the same time eCommerce spread has largely stimulated sustained update of these very technologies. Suchwise online marketing conquered the hearts of Internet users. And for today the process of its integration into people’s everyday life continues. More and more people prefer to buy goods and services over the Internet (this also applies to big business) instead of exhausting shopping tours under conditions of lack of time.

The History of eCommerce - Infographic

eCommerce turns to be prospective and dynamic industry. It is said that very soon we’ll observe the situation when the information posted into the web will be the main boost to purchase. And all buy-sell transactions in the world will 30% consist of eCommerce. Time flies so let’s read a little about the origins of eCommerce while online shopping boom is covering us!


If you are going to start your own design or architecture project you should find the solution as creative as nobody else can imagine. It would help you to earn good money without extra efforts. So if you want to come off with flying colors than download and use the freebie of the week – the Free Architecture Website Template from

Of course you know that good eye-catching design is a half of success of any project. And if you want to sell your design services your website should be magnificent. The theme of the week from is the very thing you need! Bright juicy colors look vividly and really spectacular, wide header brings a sense of space and light and the whole theme seems to be very fresh and innovative. Don’t hesitate about the free architecture website template! It is worth your attention!

Free Website Theme

And in the end we’d like to remind you that the freebie is available to download in two ways: with PSD source files included and without them. If you need HTML files only then you can get them from the post page directly. But if you need the theme package with PSD files included than go to the TemplateMonster download page and there you’ll find all necessary instructions. But don’t worry it will not take much of your time.

So take the free architecture website template and do your best for the success!


Very often it happens that you can’t wake up in the morning and a cup of a good coffee is the only thing that can wake you back to life. The same goes for blogs. If you are going to start your own blog you should create something outstanding, something that will distinguish you from your competitors. That’s why you need a creatively designed website which will conquer visitors at first sight. And today we are pleased to present you exactly this kind of website template – Free WordPress Theme for Coffee Blog from TemplateMonster. From now your coffee blog will be unsurpassed!

Free WordPress Theme

You can get the Free WordPress Theme for Coffee Blog in two ways. If you want to download only the theme files, just click on the image above and you’ll find the non-PSD zip archive on the post page at TemplateMonster blog. If you need PSD source files as well, visit the Free WordPress Theme for Coffee Blog download page at TemplateMonster and type an email address that you want the free template package to be delivered to. Feel free to use this template for your business, but you cannot resell it as a template. It was not made for this kind of destribution. Don’t hurt the authors of such an extraordinary and optimistic Free WordPress Theme for Coffee Blog!


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