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Laws of economy are precise and have no exceptions. It doesn’t matter whether you work at a real or online market – you should follow the rules or you fail. It means that you should know your target audience very well and put your best foot forward to win their trust, minds and eventually money. All this relates to eCommerce shops too. To get the highest profits your website should be optimized to audience’s appreciations. Otherwise your potential clients will go away and after some time you’ll have to withdraw from the market.

And now we are pleased to say some words about targeting eCommerce website designs by different social and gender aspects. On Friday, August 27th TemplateMonster blog published a very detailed descriptions of main 4 target groups which do shopping online. The list of customer groups consists of such categories:

  • The male-female eCommerce aspects;
  • Stores for kids and teenage shoppers;
  • eCommerce models for older people;
  • eCommerce stuff for rich and poor customers.

eCommerce Targeted by Audience

We’ll not list all the features of every audience here in this post. This information is well arranged by TemplateMonster blog. We just suggest you to visit that blog instead and spend a little time reading the wisdom. The post is not long but it bursts at the seams with extremely useful information for every online shop owner and shop builder. Of course all this knowledge will come to you with an experience but don’t make your life more complicated than it is! Go to TemplateMonster and get to know everything right there and right now!


Hey guys, this time we have good news for you: TemplateMonster starts an unbelievable promo – 20% discount for all eCommerce templates (there are more than 2000 themes and you may get any of them at a discount)! Oh, it’s such a pretty chance!

Why are these guys so generous, you will ask? And we will tell you the reason. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are coming. It’s a blessed time for eCommerce online market because during the autumn holiday season millions of people will shop for holiday gifts. Every year at this period a huge amount of money is being spent and your store should not stand aside!

eCommerce templates 20% OFF

But let’s go back to the promo! 20% discount for eCommerce templates is very-very good. But it would not be TemplateMonster if they have not offered you other bonuses. Purchasing a theme you’ll get:

  • One year of free hosting;
  • 50% discount on eCommerce manuals;
  • 500 free verification calls;
  • $230 discount on WebCEO Software.

What do you think about such offer? Note that we listed only main bonuses. If you visit you’ll know more information about eCommerce templates promo. The motion is really tempted and you are free to decide whether it suits you. But think – where else can you find such crazy discounts?

You have a chance to get a king’s ransom so don’t hesitate and do purchase an eCommerce template for your profitable online project! We wish you successful autumn holidays!


Do you know what amount of money people spend on the Internet? In 2009 Americans spent $155.2 billion dollars in on-line transactions – that’s a hell lot of money. We bet that you have never heard about it before. There are many such facts about which people never think but still they’re interesting for them. And now offers you to know some amazing facts about eCommerce industry. An awesome eCommerce infographic was exclusively created for TemplateMonster blog by their friends.

eCommerce infographic

There is no secret that eCommerce gains more and more fans every month and probably it’ll be better to say every day. We guess nobody will argue that it has a great influence even on global economy. Naturally the participants of online market seek new ways to differ from their competitors. And not so long ago (something about 1 year) merchants actively started to demonstrate the information they want you to see with the help of two means: text and graphics. A combination of such common things caused a storm of delight on the Internet community. It was called infographic. And now you can see a nice eCommerce Infografic from TemplateMonster blog.

You are welcome to learn some interesting facts about the thing you like! It is absolutely unique so don’t pass by and pay a little attention to the awesome eCommerce infographic.


A new academic year approaches and millions of students prepare to get new knowledge. If you have an idea about how to make a learning process more fascinating then the proposition of the week from TemplateMonster is exactly for you. Now you are offered a nice free education website template which can be downloaded at any time with PSD source files.

Now it is the very time to implement the school or university project that you’ve been thinking of. Now you have a good chance to make something useful not only for yourself but for many people around. It can be some commercial project or something free for the community. You are welcome to create any website you wish. But you should be honest and not to resell the free education website template. It is a pleasant gift for everyone who wants to make something for educational community. Don’t worry about how it will look! With such an awesome theme your web project will be second to none.

Free Education Website Template

So if you want to have the theme you should type your email address at free education website template download page at And very soon you’ll find the template package download link delivered to your email. And don’t forget to uncheck the newsletter subscription checkbox in case you’re already subscribed, otherwise you may not be able to download the zip file.

So don’t miss a chance to make a contribution to the global education process and download the free website template!


We never stop looking for Free Website Templates or places to find them and today we are proud to introduce We bet you will enjoy this new website because it offers a lot of Free Website Templates to choose from.

As long as is easy to navigate, it won’t take you a lot of time to find a Free Website Template for your personal or business website. In fact, the site provides various search options. First of all, it’s an intuitive navigation menu and secondly, it’s a user friendly search box that allows you to search by an author, category or keyword.

Please check out the Free Website Templates that you can download from

Free Website Template #1


Do you like cars? Most of people (it concerns the young audience especially) go creasy about these metal works of art. And on Monday, 16th is ready to give you pleasure for a while! This time you are welcome to download an awesome Free Cars Website Template!

This theme is very tempted thank to a color spectrum. A combination of shining blue with black colors looks extremely elegant and chic! Moreover the theme can easily be customized to be suitable to aims of your Internet project. You’ll be surprised for how easy it is to work with the template from TemplateMonster.

Free Cars Website Template

As usually you are welcome to download the free cars website template in to ways: with PSD source files and without them. You may get HTML source files directly from the post page. For this you should just click on the image and choose a directory the template package has to be saved to. To download this theme with PSD source files, visit the Free Cars Website Template download page at TemplateMonster and type an email address that you want the free template package to be delivered to.

The product was not made for reselling so use the template for your own or educational purposes. So now you may start your online project with Free Cars Website Template from TemplateMonster!


A while back we’ve reviewed really impressive PrestaShop Themes that you can use when you build various online shops. No doubt each and every theme we’ve reviewed is quite affordable and works perfectly with PrestaShop eCommerce software. Still, neither of them is available for free. So, we’ve decided to make a list of Free PrestaShop Themes, especially those, that are as good as premium ones.

Prestashop Themes

Please scroll down and you’ll find 15 Free PrestaShop Themes. Each of them is designed in its own color and style. At the same, whatever Free PrestaShop Theme you choose it will easily match a PrestaShop powered online store.

It should be also mentioned that the following PrestaShop Templates come from different template providers. So you can choose which company is the best to meet your needs.

Free PrestaShop Theme by Template Monster

Free PrestaShop Theme by template monster


Hey fellows, I’m glad to announce that has a nice event today. It’s a day when the 30,000th template from the TemplateMonster has come to life. It’s hard to imagine so many themes which were carefully created for your pleasure. But it is true and now we are pleased to present you an awesome Flash CMS Template which is a FlashMoto-powered product. The other feature of the theme is that it is made with Papervision3D engine. And as a result your website will be alive and particular elements will shake under your mouse pointer: they will live their own lives.

30,000th template from templatemonster

In honor of the 30,000th template launch TemplateMonster declares a limited-time promo. You may get a freebie in case you purchase one of TemplateMonster themes. You can choose any template you like and the price doesn’t matter. In addition you are welcome to get one of 3,000 corporate design product types. There are PowerPoint Templates, Logo Templates, Corporate Identity Templates, Logosets and Iconsets at your choice.

The promo time is short so don’t miss a chance! You may get the additional freebie only today and tomorrow (it’s 10th and 11th of August). Note that tomorrow after 12 pm you will not be able to have such a discount. So hurry up and catch the moment!


After a digital photography has become widely spread all over the world millions of photographers started advertizing their works on the Internet. It simplifies the process of communication with potential customers. And it appears to be that portfolio websites suit this requirement the best way!

So today TemplateMonster company prepared a gift for those who have something to share with a web community. It is a perfect Free HTML5 Website Template for your online project using a photo gallery. The theme is HTML5 validated. The other interesting feature of the freebie is that it is done using “tabs.js” and “jquery.faded.js” scripts that ensure the maximum effect for your portfolio. And it is compatible with different browsers such as FF 3.6 +, Opera 10.5 +, Safari 4+, Chrome 4+, IE6+.

Free HTML5 Website Template

You can download the free HTML5 website template at any time you like. But you should remember that the theme was made as a present for everybody and no one can resell it. It was made to make your life easier but not to fill your wallet. offers you to download the free HTML5 website template with all PSD source files that you may possibly need. To get template package with PSD source files you should type your email address on a free HTML5 website template download page. Then the package with the freebie will be delivered to this email. And after this feel free to use the template to satisfy your personal or educational needs!


It is proved long ago that the water is the beginning of the life on Earth. And every creature is based on the water. By the way it is said that the Internet gets to be more and more similar to a living creature. So it is possible to suggest that there are a lot of underwater elements inside the web. Of course this sort of a wet stream will not get you wet once you enter the Internet. But upon a closer look you’ll find many awesome water tones in designs of websites of different subjects. It is especially seasonable since the summer fries us on city streets.

Today we offer you to overlook a selection of 40 water web design ideas which are embodied in different spheres. We’ll be proud if some of the element of our selection helps you or maybe makes you smile. So relax and enjoy yourself!

Water Elements in Resort Website

water web design


water web design


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