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The world famous game StarCraft II is now finally launched and a new Free WordPress 3.0 Theme from TemplateMonster was created to celebrate the event. The template shows the spirit of the game and it makes the theme more realistic

Free WordPress 3.0 Template

You’ll be surprised to know that the header of the template can be changed when it is necessary. For this reason there are three skins that feature the most bright and vivid characters of the game.

The template is based on Twenty Ten theme made by WordPress team. The freebie is available with two plugins: Cufon which shows titles and menu with StarCraft fonts and NextGEN, gallery plugin for screenshots page.

As usually you are welcome to download the free WordPress 3.0 Theme for StarCraft II fans – you should type your email address on a Free WordPress 3.0 Theme for StarCraft II download page at TemplateMonster website. Then the package with the freebie will be delivered to this email. And after this feel free to use the template to satisfy your personal and educational needs. But don’t use the template in commercial purposes since it was not made with a view to resale.


PrestaShop Themes have recently entered the template world and continue to grow in number and quality. Each PrestaShop theme is a web design to be used with PrestaShop. If you are new to PrestaShop, the most important you should know about it is that this is free e-Commerce shopping cart software. Thousands shops worldwide already use PrestaShop and enjoy its features. Still, thousands online retailers are creating new PrestaShop sites and this inspires web designers to provide custom solutions for PrestaShop as well as trendy PrestaShop Themes.

This article aims to list the most beautiful PrestaShop Templates from different template providers, including,, and,,, and As a result you’ll get a chance to understand what company is the best when it comes to top quality PrestaShop Themes. Also, it’s possible that you’ll find a perfect design for your online store here.

No more words; it’s time to enjoy the best PrestaShop Themes we could find online.

PrestaShop Themes available at

Prestashop Theme #1

shoes store prestashop theme

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16 Useful jQuery Plugins

Recently the whole Internet community went crazy about jQuery as a rival of Flash. It can even be said that jQuery is a somewhat simplified Flash. It gives you an opportunity to use animated elements in building your site without huge expenses for complicated software or a high-wage Flash expert. This technology gives you amazing possibilities in web project creating.

For more impressive outlook of your website we propose you to pay attention to the list of 16 useful jQuery Plugins which was carefully arranged by the team of TemplateMonster. These tips, we hope, will present you joy and you’ll be able to bring any of your crazy ideas to life (even those which seemed to be unreal and fantastic not so long ago). Obviously in a boundless Internet ocean there is a great number of different tools for jQuery and it is hard to find the very thing you need. For this reason the list of jQuery plugins have to be looked through by every conscious web user.

jQuery Plugins

For those who are interested in the topic we are glad to inform that TemateMonster also has a collection of jQuery Templates. You are always welcome to come round the gallery of themes and to choose something special. Look through the original post and you will find links not only to jQuery plugins but to other materials from TemplateMonster Blog on this topic.

And now it’s enough of talking! It’s time to choose your jQuery plugin!


In spite of the fact that horizontal navigation has become one of the latest web design trends, still there are not too many horizontal scrolling websites online. However, the horizontal websites we have included into this review will take your creativity and imagination to a new level.

Would you like to know our opinion on horizontal scrolling websites? We believe these designs really stand out from the rest and that’s why easily stick to our memory. Also, it’s an unusual experience to browse a website with a horizontal navigation and most visitors will gladly revisit such site in order to try it again.

And now we suggest you to visit the following horizontal scrolling websites. Each horizontal site is a new and one of a kind design that will impress you with its navigation options.


All businessmen who think about a growth of their company and about a conversion of their business into Internet sphere may breathe freely because on Monday 19th guys from TemplateMonster Blog released a Free Website Template for Business Company. All their products are permanently of high quality and this time the template is not an exception.

Being successful is easier than you think! You just need a good starting point and then clients will rock your company hoping to make a business with you. Show the main idea of the project to every single visitor with the help of the free website template for business company. And then enjoy a partnership.

So, let’s have a look at the free website template.

Free Website Template for Business Company

If you are interested in the proposition of TemplateMonster than you are welcome to download the freebie either with PSD source files or without them. If you need HTML sources only than you can download the free website template for business company from the post page of TemplateMonster Blog directly. But if you want to have a template package with PSD source files than you should type the email address on the free website template download page. And the template package will be delivered to your email.

So take a chance and use the free website template for business company from TemplateMonster!


The summer is at its top! Summer nights are bright and sparkle with millions of colors and music notes. Millions of people spend their hot free time in nightclubs dancing to the music. And this time TemplateMonster Blog released a perfect Free HTML5 Website Template for those who are crazy about night life. And we are happy to show you the image of the template.

Free HTML5 Website Template

As usually TemplateMonster company gives you a chance to download the template in two ways. At one hand you are welcome to download the Free HTML5 Website Template for Music Fans with complete PSD sources. For this at the download page you will need to type the email address you want the template package will be delivered to. On the other hand you can have HTML source files only by downloading the free template package from the blog post directly.

Obviously TemplateMonster takes the latest HTML5 new stuff very seriously. The Free HTML5 Website Template for Music Fans that is being released now is the second free theme which was made according to this trendy standard. We want to believe that this tendency will be continued by the company and we’ll be presented with new awesome free Html5 templates.


Today we have prepared another collection of unique and inspiring designs, but before you check them out, let us explain what Multi Level Websites are.

By Multi Level Websites we mean the websites that are divided into different stages. For instance, you enter the website and find yourself in the sky. Then you scroll down and see as content fits the illustration of the earth, water or even underground.

Web designers follow this trend when they create online portfolios and personal websites. In this way designers impress their visitors and take us to the places we have never been before.

Most websites you’ll find below are single page designs. Also, we could notice that the common elements for multi level websites are colorful illustrations and large backgrounds. Once you enter the website you will take an exiting trip from the sky to the ground or even underground.

Please enjoy the most creative multi level websites and we hope you won’t get tired of scrolling because most sites are long page designs.


Direct communication with a website administrator is always more preferable than a correspondence with a help of a mediatory software. That’s why more and more site developers create a contact form at their sites. The service saves time for both sides and makes a process of problem solving more inspired.

Free Contact Services

And recently TemplateMonster team has arranged a useful selection of 15 free contact form services for you. Undoubtedly they will help you if you are not good in PHP programming. These guys are extremely cool and their list of free contact form services is indubitably impressive too. And this is the first reason to use these online form generators. The other reason is that the list of contact form services is aimed at different customer needs. Free contact forms give you different opportunities: to customize options of your contact form – such as colors, controls and text style, – to make your mediatory more safety, to send a notification on your email address each time site visitors use your contact form. So you can feel free to use any of the services.

However some of free contact form services have extra options which are available only for regular monthly fee. It is on your own accord and if there are enough basic options for your needs than you are lucky to save some money for yourself.


Nowadays on-line shopping becomes a common case for more and more people all over the world. Everybody can buy goods and services directly over the Internet in real time. It saves people’s time which is extremely valuable and gives a colossal supply of different tangible and intangible goods. For some time eCommerce is a part of everyday lives and makes them more comfortable and pleasant.

And as far as on-line shops present a great variety of capital, there are different kinds of software for eCommerce providing. For example PrestaShop is a rather popular eCommerce solution (not to mention it is free and open source). It is officially available since August 2007 for small and medium-sized businesses.

Not so long ago TemplateMonster got seriously involved in this topic and released a free PrestaShop theme for cell phone stores as a free product. Obviously the template was very successful and nowadays TemplateMonster company presents a collection of new awesome PrestaShop Themes (their quantity increases by leaps and bounds). But to use these templates you should pay a regular template purchase price (the first PrestaShop theme from TemplateMonster is still available to download for free).

PrestaShop Theme

All new PrestaShop themes are highly professional and good looking. You can actually sense their novelty, joy and ease of use from them. When you are looking at any of the PrestaShop themes it seems you are bursting with positive energy and you can fly high in the sky.

Moreover a great advantage of templates is that they are supported by all major browsers. So if you use it you will never fluff.


Are you a cinemaddict and want to create exclusive cinema website? Than free cinema website template from TemplateMonster is exactly for you! This week TemplateMonster company presents you an awesome freebie which is intended to solve all on-line problems with your Internet project.

Free Cinema Website Template from TemplateMonster

The free cinema website template is fashionable and will attract the attention of every Internet user who will see it. The template is in evidence and it will turn your visitors into your customers. You will be surprised with effectiveness of color and design solution of the template.

As usually you are welcome to download the free cinema website template at in two ways: with PSD source files and without them. If you need HTML source files only than you can have them from the post page directly. If you want to have extra PSD source files than you should type your email address on a free cinema website template download page. Then the package with the freebie will be delivered to this email. And after this feel free to use the template to satisfy your personal or educational needs. But don’t use the template in commercial purposes since it was not made with a view to resale.

So don’t miss a chance to get the excellent free cinema website template!


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