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Not long ago a team of TemplateMonster Blog presented you some information about a new version of well known markup language for the web – HTML5. Their reviews informed about HTML5 Games, 25 HTML5 Tutorials and Techniques, HTML5-based graphic apps and so on. And now these guys offer you to download a free HTML5 template for design company website.

In order not to throw words to the wind we ask you to look through the following features of the free HTML5 template for design company websites:

  • It is HTML5 and CSS3 valid;
  • The gallery in the header is done using jQuery script “RoundAbout Shapes”;
  • The slider from the “Gallery” page is created using the “loopedSlider”;
  • Custom fonts;
  • Browser Compatibility: FF 3.6 +, Opera 10.5 +, Safari 4+, Chrome 4+, IE6+.

It is impossible not to be intrigued, is it?

Free HTML5 Template for Design Company Website

If you are interested in the proposition of the free HTML5 template than you are welcome to download source files in two ways: with PSD source files included and without them. Just click on the image of the free HTML5 template for design company websites on TemplateMonster Blog and get HTML source files on your computer. If you want the template with PSD source files then go to the Free HTML5 Website Template download page at TemplateMonster (this link is also available from ) and type the e-mail address you want the HTML5 theme to be delivered to.

But there is one condition: you shouldn’t resell the theme as it was not made by you. Take a chance to use it for your own business.


Although, no one knows who will win this year’s FIFA World Cup, most of us follow the news coming from South Africa. No doubt, we can start making predictions, but let’s start with visiting the official websites of the top FIFA players. It seems to be the right way to feel the spirit of the soccer championship and understand what the players think of when the final battle is near. Only the strongest will win, but it should be an exciting experience to see what’s happening on the websites that belong to Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Robinhoo and others.

First of all, it’s interesting to read what the FIFA players think of the upcoming matches as well as those matches they have already played in South Africa. At the same time you, as designers, will definitely notice the common design elements used in the players’ websites listed below. We mean Flash Intros, Flash headers, and animated images, etc.

We appreciate if you comment this article with your impressions of the websites introducing top soccer players from different countries.
Cristiano Ronaldo

cristiano ronaldo official website


WordPress 3.0 is the 13th version of WordPress and it is the result of work of more then 200 developers that lasted during 6 months. This release is long-awaited and now it is available to download and to use it in your blog-project.

Do you know that all previous versions of the world’s favorite bogging software were named in honor of famous jazz musicians? You may listen to their charming music and try to understand all WordPress 3.0 tips by yourself or you can use the fresh WordPress 3.0 tutorials which were diligently arranged by TemplateMonster blog team with a view to save your time. If you are an inexperienced blogger than these tutorials are exactly what you need. But even if you are an advanced WordPress developer you’ll also find some important remarks about how to deal with WordPress 3.0.

Fresh WordPress 3.0 Tutorials

These WordPress 3.0 tutorials will help you to know more about the 13th release of the software which is in use all over the world. Millions of bloggers find it the most user-friendly platform but still there can be some problems with a blog arranging process. That’s why WordPress 3.0 tutorials are essential for users with different level of skills. It is never too late to learn! And remember that the Internet is always there to help you with tons and tons of tutorials on every topic!


Today we are happy to tell you about the news from TemplateMonster activity – a free PrestaShop Theme launch. They have started producing PrestaShop themes recently and this first one is now available, in the next few weeks other themes will be launched to the public. But before that the company wants you to taste their new product and to form your own opinion about their PrestaShop themes.

For this reason offers you to express your thoughts about the free PrestaShop theme and they will provide you with a discount in return (as their way to thank you for your time). The company will reward you as every kind of your reaction will be appreciated!

Free PrestaShop Theme for Online Shop

By the way, you’ll be given a one-time 50% discount in case you write a review about the free PrestaShop theme on your website or blog if you have one (obviously if the review will not be unfair). You’ll have a PrestaShop theme from the future launch for the price that nobody else will (maybe some other guys will write a review too and only then you’ll not be the only lucky person). It will not take you much time but it will save your money which means it’s totally worth it.

If you decide to take a chance to download the free PrestaShop theme then don’t forget to type your e-mail address that you want the template to be delivered to. And as always with the free templates from TemplateMonster – you’re free to use this theme for your website but cannot resell it.

Good luck and see you soon!

UPDATE: Premium quality PrestaShop Themes are now available at Feel free to check them out!


Do you like HTML5? I think you do, because millions of people all over the world adore it and there is a good chance that you are one of them. And exactly for such fans (here you should read “particularly for you”) TemplateMonster Blog has arranged a list of 25 essential HTML5 Tutorials and Techniques. It is really incredible and awesome!

25 Essential HTML5 Tutorials and Techniques

You know that HTML5 markup language has appeared not so long ago and by this time it has turned into a main competitor of well-known Adobe Flash. Since Adobe exists much longer it is natural that it has more applications and tutorials than the HTML5. HTML5 tutorials are a new niche of learning now, more and more info keeps emerging on the Internet revealing endless possibilities of this new technology. And there are thousands of people that are engaged in HTML5 tutorials and techniques development. You can see it yourself while looking through the list of HTML5 Tutorials – there are plenty of useful tips for easy execution of your HTML5 projects.

As creators of the list of 25 essential HTML5 tutorials and techniques say, their post was made as a guide for better orientation in a world of HTML5. It seems that TemplateMonster blog really likes the HTML5 topic (this month there has been a post on the related topic – the HTML5 games) and these guys try to make you more informed on this issue. And it looks really good! It is always good to try something new in case you’re new to HTML or to improve something you know if you’re already an HTML coding professional. Good luck!


There is no secret that HTML 5 is the fifth version of one of the main mark-up languages. The development of the previous one was stopped in 1999 but from that time the world wide web has changed very dramatically and the process goes on every day. HTML 4 is not being able to catch up with the progress. That’s why HTML 5 was created.

HTML 5 is called to optimize a functional capability of HTML with demands of a great quantity of web content which increases from day to day. Also, there are so many different browsers which work by their own rules.

And after the language has appeared the old favorite games were given the second life! Everything you liked in your childhood or teenage years returns in new colors with a wind of change. These games seem to be ridiculously simple but tempt you attention. This technology is in competition with Adobe Flash and nobody knows what the end of the fight will be.

The list of HTML5 Games

So today we are eager to tell you about a list of HTML5 games arranged by TemplateMonster Blog. This list fills in very quickly and if you are familiar with HTML5 games you are welcome to revive your favorite game.

So now follow the link and you’ll find 20 awesome HTML5 games to spend your time excitedly nostalgically.


Every time I start searching for any information concerning Flash technology and Flash websites, I only read: “Flash sites can’t be updated by owner, they need a flash designer for updates”, or “Flash pages can be slow to load”, or even “Flash websites are not indexed by the search engines and are not SEO-friendly at all”.

Full nonsense! People, you are living in the 21st century when technology develops by leaps and bounds. And all these points mentioned above are left in the past. Now you can create completely SEO and user-friendly Flash websites and provide your visitors with amazing pleasant interactive experience. Moreover, due to the content management systems built especially for Flash pages, you can manage your web sites without any difficulties and programming skills.

Nowadays, one of the most powerful and convenient solutions for Flash websites is FlashMoto Flash content management system. Flashmoto is an advanced Flash CMS that allows users to update text, images and SWFs directly on a live Flash website. Recently I had a chance to try FlashMoto, and would like to share my experience with you.

Well, once I logged into the system, I noticed that everything was clearly labeled. If you have ever worked with Photoshop or MS Word (I bet you have!), then working with FlashMoto CMS won’t cause any difficulty. Here is how the admin panel looks like:

flashmoto flash content management system


Although, we still enjoy the benefits of online shopping it’s time to try another approach. What about mobile shopping?

These days online retailers do their best to reach customers in every way possible and this is where mobile shopping steps in. Perhaps you’ve noticed how many mobile websites and mobile applications have been launched recently. As for customers, mobile shopping enables them to purchase various products whenever and wherever they need them. Basically, mobile shopping helps online retailers as well as customers. This is just another way to make shopping fast and easy.

And now we’d like you to see mobile shopping in action. In other words feel free to browse 15 mobile websites. As you may guess, each of these mobile websites introduces a certain online shop. So you can use it for inspiration or your shopping needs.

MAC Cosmetics


A while back we’ve listed the websites that share the most essential AfterEffects tutorials, but we believe the more tutorials to choose from the better. So here is a list of video tutorials that teach how to use Adobe After Effects software.

All After Effects tutorials are free to watch and share with friends and other developers. Each tutorial is extremely detailed and well explained. Just decide whether you’d like to learn how to achieve an invisible effect or slow motion effect, or maybe you’d like to know what it takes to create a floating fire effect.

There are more than twenty After Effects tutorials in total. So feel free to watch them and expand your knowledge of Adobe After Effects software.

Fire Text Reveal: After Effects Tutorial by RevolutionsTV


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