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Hey people, provides a new freebie to its blog audience. They made an awesome free Interior Art web template. It’s a new and long-anticipated design solution – without a doubt you will be satisfied with it.

If you have an idea of your own Internet project about Interior Art then it is the very thing you need. Calm and convinient colours of this free Interior Art Template from TemplateMonster please the eye of every user. Frankly speaking the colour solution is extremely popular this summer.

Free Interior Art Website Template from TemplateMonster

You have a chance to build any fantastic world at every separate web page! Or maybe it will be some classic, even conservative Interior Design. Who knows what ideas are waiting in your head?

And at the end I want to say about a new option from There are two variants of how you can download this free Interior Art web template. The first one is: just click on the template image in the blog post to have the HTML source files only. If you want more… I mean, if you need HTML sources and the graphic PSD sources, then go to the free template download page at and type there an email address that you want the template package to be delivered to. Go to your mail box and wait for your precious template – it will be delivered to you at a short time.

And the last note: don’t resell this free Interior Art template! It was made for your personal use. Don’t miss a chance.


Summer is coming. The nature puts on its fresh green dress and enjoys sun kisses, people on the contrary take off some of their clothes towards warmth and sea tenderness. And so do the prices! This time presents you a hot supply of FlashMoto templates.

Flash CMS templates discount

Starting May 27th till June 4th you are offered to buy flash CMS templates at an unbelievable discount of 40%. Just think about such a chance. You’ll be able to sit somewhere on the sunny beach with icy cocktail and from there will be able to administrate your personal Flash CMS based website with minimum efforts thank to this amazing technology. With the FlashMoto templates flash site management becomes as easy as walking along the seaside. God bless the man who invented this miracle of web design!

But there’s more! has the second surprise for you. If you don’t find a suitable template among the offered ones you can look through the rest of the Flash CMS templates which are available at a 5% discount. Of course after the shocking discount of 40% it seems broken money, but you should think twice. It’s a lucky chance to save some money. You never know if you will ever have a second chance like this, so good luck to catch a tail!


Do you care how your site looks on mobile phones? If so, then more than likely you’ve already launched the mobile version of your website. If not, we suggest you to read the following advices as well as see the most attractive mobile websites.

Mobile Web Templates

6 things to remember when creating a mobile website design:

1. Please remember, you have just a few lines of text to capture you visitors’ attention and these few lines should introduce your site in the best possible way
2. The most important information should be presented on the top of the page
3. Avoid using small font size if you want people to read your page without efforts
4. Make sure your site is easy to navigate because most people who browse mobile sites are short of time
5. Don’t add too many images and text or your site will look busy and complicated
6. Use icons or simple lists to organize the information you’d like to share

To summarize, keep your mobile site clean, easy to browse and of course beautiful. If you need more advices, then read an article on how to create mobile websites here.

And now, enjoy really captivating mobile websites and decide which trends to follow.

Travis Berry



Do you know that the name “AfterEffects” comes from the effect known as “durability of visual sense”? In fact this mechanism is being taught to students at biology lessons: a human eye can remember visual information for a shot period of time. And this feature helps us to enjoy groundbreaking motion graphics and visual effects.

It doesn’t matter who you are: you can work at movie industry or work online, you can be an advanced user. And for every client AfterEffects provides nearly unlimited opportunities in creating impressively natural visual effects for more realism and a feeling that you are a part of the video fragment.

So if you are interested in the field of motion graphic design you’ll surely find something new and useful for you at the selection of 30 video tutorials for AfterEffects, arranged by All these tutorials are easy to embrace and to follow. The quality of video and audio clips is perfect that gives an opportunity to take maximum information from video tutorials for AfterEffects.

Selection of video tutorials for AfterEffects

Feel free to try something new and to enjoy the results of you work. Or maybe it will be just a joke, a way to have a good time playing with the software…at the beginning. You will never be indifferent to AfterEffects if you try it with good tutors and these 30 video tutorials that are perfect for this purpose.



If you know how powerful Adobe After Effects software is, then you’ll be happy to find a huge list of sites which offer various After Effects Tutorials. However, if you are new to this software and would like to know what it is all about, you’d better start with visiting the official Adobe website and Wikipedia.

If you are short of time here is a short explanation of Adobe After Effects software and why you may need it.

Adobe After Effects software enables you to create awesome motion graphics and fascinating visual effects. It is a way to go in case you are involved in broadcast and film production or you are busy creating interactive sites or other animated projects. With Adobe After Effects you can easily put your ideas in motion and make sure the videos you create will look great in HD. Basically, Adobe After Effects software is perfect if you want to add some animation and interactivity to your project. Also, it is recommended for video editing.

If you think that Adobe After Effects software is exactly what you need, then you’ll be pleased to find the most helpful After Effects Tutorials. With this in mind we have put together the top resources for After Effects Tutorials. Make sure you visit all sites listed below because each of them provides a lot of guides to help you make the most of the Adobe After Effects software.

1. Learn After Effects CS4 “Learn how to use After Effects CS4 with tutorials selected by experts at Adobe. There’s everything from Getting Started for beginners, to New Features, Workflows, and Overviews.”

2. provides a good choice of After Effects Tutorials. Feel free to visit this site and check out the tutorials on Adobe After Effects, Adobe After Effects basics, and Adobe After Effects Expressions

3. Free After Effects Tutorials by

4. aims to showcase the best After Effects tutorials around.

5. Free Adobe After Effects Tutorials which can be found at

6. Free After Effects Video Tutorials by

7. After Effects Tutorials by Forging Fire Studio

8. After Effects How-to Videos and Articles featured at

9. Adobe After Effects Tutorials listed at

10. Archive for After Effects Tutorials at


This week has prepared a nice surprise for those who are looking for free web templates. You have a chance to download a new free high technologies website template. It really costs nothing and please remember that all free web templates which you are welcome to download from are made in a very professional way. You’ll be satisfied!

If you are interested in high technology then the template is exactly for you. But remember that this one has not been made for commercial purposes – just for your personal needs. You may not resell it.
This free web template can be changed into whatever you wish thanks to the source files which are available (including the PSD graphic sources). But before you download this one you should register an account at But don’t warry, the registration is completly free and it will not take much time.

It should be said that the free web template is presented in 6 pages: Home Page, About us, Services, Support, Contact us and Site Map. The resolution of the template is 1024×768 and it makes it well-optimized for different types of monitors. And what is more important is that this template is XHTML 1.0 Strict Validated. So, be sure that your site will be cool and highly professional.
It seems it’s time to have a look at this free web template and to decide whether it is just good for your project or it’s truly perfect.

new free web template


Last week you could enjoy Great Tutorials on How to Create Flash Sites and today we’d like to continue with Flash ?tutorials. Basically, we’ll feature 10 video tutorials which explain what it takes to create a Flash website. Each tutorial comes with step-by-step guidelines and is easy to follow. Feel free to watch the following video tutorials and learn how to build animated Flash sites. The first thing you should know is that it’s not as difficult as you could think! So, why don’t you try to create a Flash site?

How To Create an Adobe Flash Web Site



10 Free Android Apps for Web Designers and Developers
There were times when laptops became real presents for those who had to work outside of the office. But now laptops start to become too huge and uncomfortable to satisfy such a need. New generation of mobile phones comes to help you do your job and the whole life more dynamic and easy.

From the time Android mobile OS has appeared it became one of the most popular platforms and thousands of different software applications were created for it – for every kind of business. And today TemplateMonster blog has prepared a list of 10 useful android apps for web designers and developers. In that list you can find apps to work with HTML, FTP, colors, texts and typography, Flash, Flex and images. There’s even a mobile version of Photoshop there. Of course these free Android apps can’t substitute the real computer software to you but they surely can help you do some work when you are out of the office and need a little work done urgently.

As you see there are plenty of opportunities which Android OS can give you. So try it and make a choice for your taste. 10 free Android apps will show you the world of the marvelous Android OS if you don’t know what it is. And if you already know it you have a chance to try something new. Good luck!


We won’t tell you how beautiful and impressive Flash websites are; instead, we’ll help you learn what it takes to build an animated Flash site.

When creating a Flash website you have a few options: either to build it yourself or hire a professional web developer. If you’d like to test your skills or your budget is limited, then you should choose the first option. And this is where Flash Website Tutorials may come in handy.

Below we feature the most comprehensive Flash tutorials that teach how to create Flash sites. Note: each image shows the final result and is linked to the original Flash tutorial. Also, some tutorials come with demo links and authors’ descriptions.

Tutorial #1

Creating a Simple Flash Website


“This tutorial will teach you how to create a simple flash website that has three sections. We are not going to use any advanced ActionScript and will rely only on the GotoAndPlay method to control our movie clip”.

Tutorial #2

Create a Flash Website on the Basis of a Pre-made Design: Part 1


“This tutorial will teach you how to create a Flash web site on the basis of a pre-made design. Step by step you will learn how to create animated buttons and links, animation of content changing, Flash menu, how to convert any design element into a Movie Clip and how to convert any layer into mask”.


Featured Templates