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A while back we’ve suggested you to browse different online portfolios which use jQuery tools. Those of you who followed our advice could see how much jQuery plugins add to the website designs. Moreover, you could get inspired to use these plugins on your websites and blogs. If so, then you should be the first to know that jQuery Templates are now available at

jQuery Templates are web page designs that are enhanced with various jQuery plugins and therefore look very dynamic and attractive. Also, these designs are fast to load and come with a powerful functionality. If you decide to go with a jQuery Template you won’t have to order a custom design to have a jQuery plugin added to your website or blog. You can simple choose any design from a wide collection of jQuery Templates.

And here goes the most interesting part: starting March 29 and running through April 4th jQuery Templates are offered at a discounted price! So, you can save 15%!.

Below are just a few jQuery Templates to choose from. If you’d like to browse the entire collection of jQuery Templates, feel free to visit

jQuery-Template #1



Last week you had a chance to see how well the flags fit the websites and
web templates at Perhaps you’ve thought of adding one to your website too.
If that’s the case, then you’ll be excited to learn about a huge discount on the
Flag Video Loops Pack here. This pack includes 10 video loops in HD quality.
Each video loop displays an animated flag. In fact the flag animations that make the pack introduce different countries including USA, the United Kingdom and the European Union, Canada, China and Russia, France and Germany.


Note: the usual price of the Flag Video Loops Pack is $45, but you can get it at half price of $22! However, the special price is available to TemplateMonster’s customers only. In other words, you should purchase any product offered at to save 50% when buying the Flag Video Loops Pack.

If you’d like a waving flag added to your website or a multimedia presentation, please shop for website templates, Flash Templates, Flash Intros or other designs and take advantage of the special offer when you checkout with


To speak the truth, the idea of today’s article comes from another article entitled
Flags in Website and Template Designs that has been recently published on Note: our article features websites decorated with flag images and flag illustrations and the TemplateMonster’s article is mainly focused on web templates that come with flags. In other words, our article is just a source of inspiration while the article published on can be thought as a source of solutions.

We suggest you to read both articles to have a better understanding of how flags can be used in web design. To start with, please see how flags are displayed on different websites.



Dear readers, today is a very special day and that’s why we’d like to start this article with an Irish blessing

May your blessings outnumber the shamrocks that grow
And may trouble avoid you whenever you go
Happy St Patrick’s Day!

We promise that we won’t take much of your time. We’ll just share a few helpful links.

Below are Free St. Patrick’s Day wallpapers from Feel free to download any of them and decorate your desktop!

Free St. Patrick’s Day Wallpaper #1



Earlier this week we’ve welcomed spring with the post entitled Environmental Organizations Websites and today we’d like to feature Eco-Friendly Websites. To be more specific, we’ll list 20 websites that come with eco-friendly badges. These badges are used to inform the visitors that a website is environmentally friendly or hosted with a green hosting company.

Usually eco friendly badges are placed on the top of the page. Therefore, the badge easily fits any design, even the most original one.

And now we suggest you to check out the most popular eco-friendly badges and see how they fit different websites. Please note: each badge will be provided with a description.

1. Websites using these two badges are hosted with




Well, spring has just begun and we’d like to take a look at Environmental Organizations Websites. The case is spring isn’t just the season of renewal, it’s also a great time to learn how to take care of nature, and this is where Environmental Organizations Websites step in. At the same time we’d like to see how these websites are designed.

The first thing we’ve noticed about Environmental Organizations Websites is that most of them look quite busy and even out of date. We understand that environmental agencies have a lot of useful information to share with us, but if the information isn’t presented properly it may loose its power. The visitors can get annoyed by a messy design or even leave the website without taking a deeper look.

We are sure that important content should be presented in the best way possible. If you provide a good content without an appealing presentation and vice verse then both are useless.



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