Download Free Twitter Backgrounds and Spread the Olympic Spirit

These days, people from all over the world are excited by the Winter Olympic Games that take place in Vancouver, Canada. If you are a sports fan, a sports reporter or just a person who wants to spread the Olympic spirit, feel free to download the Twitter Backgrounds shown below.

The Free Twitter Backgrounds are designed with the Olympics in mind and come with the official Olympics symbols and sports icons.

To download the Free Olympics Twitter Backgrounds, please visit Blog.TemplateMonster.com or simply click the link in this sentence.

Free Twitter Background #1


Free Twitter Background #2


Free Twitter Background #3


Free Twitter Background #4


Free Twitter Background #5


Note: it’s easy to update your Twitter page. All you should do is to follow simple guidelines:

1. Log in to your Twitter account
2. Select “Settings” option from the top navigation menu
3. Choose the “Design”
4. Click “Change background image” and show a path to the Free Olympics Twitter Background you’ve downloaded from Blog.TemplateMonster.com
5. Then choose “Change design colors” and replace the default color codes with the ones you find in the article entitled Free Twitter Backgrounds – Vancouver 2010 Olympics Collection. Make sure you add the color codes that correspond to the Free Twitter Background you’ve downloaded.
6. Select “Save changes” and enjoy the new appearance of your Twitter page

You see, it’s incredibly easy to redesign your Twitter account and make it look up to date! Don’t loose your chance to spread the Olympic values!

If you are looking for more Free Twitter Templates, please click the link in this sentence or search Blog.TemplateMonster.com.


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