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After being impressed by an exciting round up Globe Imagery in 75 Seriously Big Designs, we’ve decided to learn if globe graphics are popular in modern web design.

While the round up has been featuring web templates that come with globe illustrations, globe images or globe 3D models, we’ll focus on websites that are decorated with globe imagery.

Frankly speaking we’ve expected to complete a longer list of globe inspired websites, but we believe you’ll enjoy 20 websites listed below.

Please take your time to browse websites that are designed with globe images and illustrations. It seems each of them is the best proof that these days the globe image has a positive impact on web design.



Would you like to learn more about the battle between Flash and HTML5? Would you like to know what makes HTML5 so special? Would you like to understand why this battle has started?

If so, feel free to read the last article published on TemplateMonster blog. The article is entitled The Battle for Developers: Flash vs HTML5. Not only it provides answers to the questions mentioned above, but also features a few websites that have been built with HTML5. In other words, you can see how HTML5 technology looks in action.

And of course the article welcomes your opinion on using Flash or HTML5 when creating impressive websites.

It seems the battle between Flash and HTML5 has started and no one can stay indifferent to it.


These days, people from all over the world are excited by the Winter Olympic Games that take place in Vancouver, Canada. If you are a sports fan, a sports reporter or just a person who wants to spread the Olympic spirit, feel free to download the Twitter Backgrounds shown below.

The Free Twitter Backgrounds are designed with the Olympics in mind and come with the official Olympics symbols and sports icons.

To download the Free Olympics Twitter Backgrounds, please visit or simply click the link in this sentence.

Free Twitter Background #1



If you follow the Winter Olympics on Twitter you’ve already noticed a few custom designs that stand out from others. We mean the creative Twitter Backgrounds that have been inspired by the Winter Olympics and that are actually used to promote the event.

As you’ll see below, the main colors used in this kind of Twitter Backgrounds are white, blue and green. Although, each Twitter Background is unique, still all of them come with the Olympics logo and the Olympics symbols.

We believe this article will be useful for those who are keen on web design as well as those who are keen on sports, in particular winter sports. Not only can you enjoy Twitter Backgrounds but also find the Twitter pages sharing the latest Olympics news.



This weekend love will sparkle everywhere – in your heart, home and life. Of course websites are not exceptions, some of them have been already decorated with Valentine’s Day banners, illustrations and other graphics. One would say these websites are ready for Valentine’s Day celebration. Although different companies may find it just useful to redesign their websites for Valentine’s Day, there are some businesses that simply can’t do without it. Think of online flower shops, online jewelry stores, online candy shops, online lingerie stores, etc. After all, no Valentine’s Day can be imagined without flowers, sweets and beautiful clothes.

Before you take care of your Valentine’s Day redesign, please scroll the websites listed below. Hopefully they’ll be inspiring to you.



Professional looking VirtueMart Templates are now available at Each of them is designed to be used with VirtueMart, multi-featured shopping cart software. Before you browse VirtueMart Templates from, please take a moment to read about VirtueMart and why it has become so popular with webmasters and especially online merchants. First of all, you should know that VirtueMart has been created to be a powerful online-shop solution for Joomla! CMS. It has already been downloaded more than 2.5 million times. Not only VirtueMart comes with all the features necessary to launch a successful online shop but also it is free to download, use and even edit.

VirtueMart team explains, “With it’s a fully-featured eCommerce Engine VirtueMart is perfect to sell your Goods online and drive your Business to new Heights. Despite being Open Source Software it powers large Online Shops providing the Performance, Usability and Security you expect from professional Software”.

Now, when you know what VirtueMart is and why you may need it, it’s time to check out the VirtueMart Templates from As we’ve mentioned above, these are web page designs to be used with VirtueMart. If you like a certain template, feel free to click on its image and learn more about it.

VirtueMart Template #1



Valentine’s Day is coming and you have a chance to spread a little love around. What do you think about a holiday redesign? It could be a special greeting to your visitors.
If you run a website or a blog you can refresh it with a Free Website Template. Moreover, you can use the template that is designed with Valentine’s Day in mind.

How to Get a Free Website Template?

1. Visit and get registered with this website. Please remember the registration will take you just a few minutes and it’s free of charge.
2. Log into your account with
3. Go to the page with Free Web Templates
4. Choose Valentine’s Day Template and click the Download button. In a few seconds the download link will be generated.
5. Click the Download icon and enjoy the free website template!

Here is how the Free Website Template looks like.


Note: You are free to use this website template for personal purposes. However, you are not allowed to share it, claim it as your own or sell it.


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