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If you are asking this question, then more than likely you are a web designer, webmaster or somehow involved in creating or managing websites. Here is our
advice – find your answer to this question and share it with people from all over
the world. In other words we suggest you to cast your vote for the most promising web design trends here.

To vote for the best Web Design Trends for 2010 you should follow simple guidelines. First of all visit and read an article introducing the latest web design trends (to name a few of them: huge images, large headers and footers, typography, a lot of white space, multi column layouts, slideshows, minimalism, speaking navigation, etc). As the article comes with self explaining samples it’ll be quite easy for you to decide what trends you’d like to follow this year. Once you make your decision you can share it with others. To do so, simply comment the post entitled
Help Us Choose the Best Web Design Trends for 2010 – Everyone’s an Expert here.

It only takes a few minutes to vote, but your point of view can influence which web design trends will be on the top in 2010.


Black, white and red are the most popular colors in web design. In most cases one of these colors dominates over the others but sometimes we can see them all together in one website.

Take a look at the websites listed below – all of them look simply amazing thanks to a black- white-red color scheme! No doubt this color choice has been rather successful so far and there are high chances it’ll continue to be so.

Still, we appreciate your opinion on this topic. Do you like when the website colors contrast strongly with each other? What do you think about websites which enjoy the mixture of black, white and red?



As jQuery becomes a new tend in web design we suggest you to browse websites enhanced with jQuery tools here. This way not only will you see successful examples of using jQuery tools but also understand if your website would benefit from adding these tools or not.

No doubt an article introducing Awesome jQuery Solutions for Online Portfolios on TemplateMonster Blog is must read but to make the final decision you should also know what jQuery is all about.

According to jQuery team, “jQuery is a new kind of JavaScript Library. It is a fast and concise JavaScript Library that simplifies HTML document traversing, event handling, animating, and Ajax interactions for rapid web development. jQuery is designed to change the way that you write JavaScript”.

It seems jQuery provides outstanding user-interface components which might help you improve your website. Imagine – your website loads fast and looks like a Flash website but it has nothing to do with Flash! In other words jQuery allows you to add amazing animations to your website and Flash knowledge isn’t required! Everything can be done easily, fast and free of charge.

Please remember jQuery is free to download, however you can donate any amount you wish. Thus you’ll take an opportunity to thank the development team for a great solution they provide.


Who knows who was the first to use tags in web design but these days a lot of websites are decorated with tags. Not only these are price tags but different kinds of tags which help webmasters mark important information including but not limited to website names, slogans, contacts, etc.

This article is a round up of 18 websites using tags. If you compare these websites you’ll notice they have a few features in common. For instance most websites are online portfolios which come with rich textures. We believe web designers who add tags to their websites hope the tags will grab visitors’ attention as well as price tags do. Still, you are to decide if tags are really that helpful when it comes to attracting visitors.



These days a growing number of webmasters choose Flash CMS solutions when building Flash websites or updating them. Those who have tried easy content management once will never get involved with time consuming programming. If you don’t agree with above said, then answer a few questions

1. Would you spend your time on something that can be easily done with a content management tool?

2. Why would you learn programming if Flash CMSs and Flash CMS Templates enable you to create, manage and publish Flash websites easily? Moreover, most of these tools don’t require special skills to use them.

If you still have doubts whether a Flash CMS is a way to go, then we encourage you to browse websites which are powered by Flash Content Management Systems and
Flash CMS Templates. This is how you can see content management solutions in action. Also, it’s your chance to learn what companies provide the most trustworthy Flash CMSs and Flash CMS Templates. We don’t think any webmaster would use the software he/she doesn’t trust. That’s why we believe the Flash CMSs used to empower a lot of websites might be considered as people’s choice Flash CMSs.


We’ve asked ourselves, “What are the websites and blogs which use cute Twitter Icons?” In order to answer this question we’ve turned to web design galleries and showcase websites and here are the results of our search.

These are 13 websites which feature unusual Twitter Icons. Not only are these Twitter Icons original but cute as well. Again, we make sure that creativity and humor are the keys to good websites. At the same time these are perfect solutions if you want to amuse your site visitors and make them remember your website or blog.



There is a perfect solution if you want your site visitors to contact you – find a creative way to display your contact information! Not only will it attract attention but will motivate your visitors to contact such a creative person!

Here is a list of websites which already use this feature. Please browse these websites and get inspired by how unusual the contacts can be shown at the website.




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