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We’ve received a lot of comments on last week’s article “25 Websites Inspired by Trees” and these comments have motivated us to write a new article but this time we’ll focus on Web Templates inspired by trees.

It was nice to find so many templates that come with the illustrations and images of trees. As you’ll see below trees are mostly popular in Flash templates, Flash 8 templates, CSS static templates, etc. Each Web Template is an original artwork and the only thing they all have in common is that they have been designed with a tree in mind.

While the previous article was only a source of inspiration this article offers various examples of how your future website can look like. Thus, not only you can enjoy the quality of web templates but also find a design solution to suit your needs. In other words this article may be a good find for those who want their sites to be decorated with trees.

Web Template #1



From now on After Effects Intros are available at Before you learn what these products are all about, let’s immediately read what Wikipedia says about the Adobe After Effects.

Adobe After Effects is a digital motion graphics and compositing software published by Adobe Systems. Its main purpose is for film and video post-production. Adobe After Effects is commonly used for creating visual effects and motion graphics.

Armed with this information, let’s have a closer look at After Effects Intros and why you may need them. First of all let’s focus on the main features of these products

Created with Adobe After Effects software
Meet HD quality standards (1920×1080)
Essential as video templates
Perfect for all media purposes

And what is the advantage of using After Effects Intros? By using these products you can create special video effects and video ads as well as edit them.

Please visit if you want to learn more about After Effects Intros.


Creativity and new ideas are the key points in web design. So, different trends and styles continuously change one another.

Web designers do their best to keep up on the latest web design trends. That helps them to create amazing websites that receive recognition from the public. It takes a lot of time to visit thousands of websites in order to learn what the top trends are. That’s why there are so many articles covering the latest web design trends.

Yesterday TemplateMonster Team has completed a new list of the newest
web design trends. According to this list modern web design is formed by
a number of trends, including

1. Social Icons
2. Hand-Drawn elements
3. Large Images
4. Magazine layout
5. White Space
6. Functional Tilling
7. Typography
8. Rich Textures
9. Original play with perspective
10. Retro
11. 80-s
12. Grunge
13. Interactive design
14. Oversized Footer
15. Lightboxes
16. Minimal
17. Icons in design
18. Scattered Navigation

Keep in mind each web design trend that makes the list is illustrated by an example. If you want to read the full article, please visit TemplateMonster Blog.

We agree that the above mentioned web design trends are very popular in modern web design. However, we would like to add some more trends like using circles, adding customized testimonial components and creating many personalized websites that come with author’s picture, author’s illustration and collage.


Throughout human history, trees have been powerful symbols. So what is the meaning of a tree? A tree has always been a symbol of life and hope, joy and peace, stability and strength as well as renewal. We shouldn’t forget about the importance of the Christmas tree, Family tree, the Tree of Life, the Tree of Knowledge, etc.

Trees are often used to represent nature or the environment itself. They can protect us against the sun and storm, they give us the material for building houses and the trees can also give us food. As you’ll see below trees are also powerful sources of inspiration. To prove this statement we have collected a lot of websites that use the pictures of trees, tree vectors, illustrations of trees, etc. Some sites show lonely trees, others show groups of trees or even a shadow of a tree.

Imagine that all websites you’ll find below make a beautiful garden and when you walk through this “garden” please remember the words of Minnie Aumonier, “There’s always music amongst the trees in the garden, but our hearts must be very quiet to hear it”.



A while back there were a lot of sites that use floral elements. Currently their number has reduced. Still, many web designers keep up with this trend. This article aims to show you the sites that are still decorated with floral elements and also find out if flower illustrations, floral brushes, floral vectors and icons are still popular in web design.

Some people believe floral elements look outdated and boring. See what Jacqueline of says about it, “These embellishments are often created to emphasize an artsy site, and can be done very well, especially if the designer is particularly gifted in graphic art. The problem is that this look has been seen in an obscene amount of sites, and is no longer fresh or unexpected. The flowers are dying.”

To my mind floral elements still look up to date because each of them is a true piece of art that can never be reproduced. We are sure the more unique designs the better.

Today we hope to hear your opinion. Look through 13 websites that use floral elements and answer a simple question, “Do you think designers should avoid floral elements in their works or not?” Please explain your point of view in comments.



A while back we’ve written about inspiring web design portfolios. Mainly we focused on the portfolios that introduce artists in one way or another. For instance those websites that come with a designer’s photo, collage or illustration.

That article has received a lot of positive comments and we’ve decided to make another post showing personalized web design portfolios.

As you look through these web design portfolios you’ll see web designers, at least you’ll have a basic idea of how they look like. Also, you’ll have a chance to see different approaches to portfolio development.



When you purchase web templates from top ranked web design firms like TemplateMonster you already feel rewarded as you get a good value for your money. Still, there can’t be too many rewards.

Maybe that’s the idea that has inspired TemplateMonster Team to start a Thanksgiving Promo that includes huge discounts.

Note every customer who purchases web templates between November 1, 2009 and November 25, 2009 will get a personal discount. The discount rate will depend on the number of templates you purchase. Those who purchase 1 web template will be granted 10% discount. Those who purchase 3 web templates will be rewarded with 30% discount and so on.

The more products you buy at, the better discount you get. It’s not necessary to purchase web templates; you can order Flash Templates, Magento Themes, WordPress Themes, Joomla Templates, osCommerce Templates, or other products.

Please remember, the discounts will be delivered on November 26, 2009.
So you have some weeks to earn the discount for your future purchases.


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