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Would you like to download a Free Website Template? Does the one shown below look good enough for you? If so, then read on and learn where you can get it completely free of charge.

The Free Website Template is named Green Planet. As the main color of this design is green it is just perfect for an ecological site. However, it can also be used for a personal blog, health care blog, agricultural site, charity site, or any other kind of site.

You may enjoy this Free Website Template whether you are building a personal site or a business one.


There are two ways to download this web template. The first one is to click the download link on the blog. However, in this case you won’t get .psd files. And the second way is to register a free account with If you choose this way the Free Website Template will be delivered not only with .html and .css files but also with .psd files.

It seems you’ll be pleased with Green Planet Website Template as it is very clean, tidy and fresh. Exactly what you may need to give your project a professional web presence.


There are hundreds of web design galleries on the Web and each one claims to be unique.
We all know that CSS Galleries are great for improving your website’s traffic and page rank. Also, these sites are wonderful sources of inspiration. The only drawback is that it takes a lot of time to find regularly updated CSS Galleries that really work. Hope our post will make this task easier for you.

However, the main aim of this post is not to list all existing showcase sites but answer a simple question, “What background is the best for a CSS gallery?” We believe a good way to find the right answer is to compare the most popular backgrounds; black and white to be exact.

Please take a few minutes to see 6 CSS Galleries listed below. Three of them come with black backgrounds and three of them come with white backgrounds. After you see them all, leave a little comment what background works best.

Best Joomla Design .com

joomla showcase site


If you are developing Flash web sites, then you’ll be happy to read this post. It’s all about a Flash CMS blog that writes about Flash Content Management Systems.

In case you don’t know a Flash CMS is a Flash Content Management System. It’s a powerful tool that allows you to easily create and update Flash sites. No special skills or tools are requited to work with the Flash CMS.

Most Flash designers would enjoy Flash CMSs but here comes a question, “How to find Flash Content Management Systems?” Instead of answering this question I suggest you to visit a new Flash CMS Blog. Not only it provides information on Flash Content Management Systems but also highlights their main features.

To be short the Flash CMS Blog is your way to Flash CMSs, Flash CMS tips and Flash CMS news.

In spite of the fact the blog is quite new; it’s extremely useful for Flash designers. Why? It’s because it’s the only blog that reviews all existing Flash CMSs.

Since Flash CMS Blog has been launched each web designer has a choice – either to search the web or to find all Flash CMSs in one place.


Last week we’ve reviewed Flash Templates that may be used for any purpose. Today we’ll focus on Flash Templates with huge illustrations. According to Smashing Magazine not only huge illustrations are often used in modern web design but have become one of the latest trends. Sometimes you see huge illustrations as backgrounds; sometimes you see them communicating the main message of the site whether it is a business or personal project.

Below you’ll find 10 Flash Templates from TemplateMonster. These Flash Templates definitely fall into the category of “check this out” so make sure you just do that!

If you have a closer look at any template you’ll easily notice that its homepage design is limited to a photo or an illustration. So here comes a question, Is one image enough to impress site visitors and make them enter the site or not? If you have an answer to this question, please comment this post with it.

Flash Template #1


Flash Template #2



Today we’d like you to see a variety of businesses that can benefit from Flash Templates. It’s not only design studios and photographers, but a number of others.

To prove this we’ve collected 20 Flash Templates. Each of them is designed with a certain business in mind, including hotel business, restaurant business, real estate business, hosting business, night club business, etc. The list seems to be endless because Flash Templates are just perfect for building an impressive online presence whether you need a cute wedding page or a web design studio portfolio.

I would say below is a showcase of the best Flash Templates from that can inspire you in a way that no other design has before.

Flash Template #1


Flash Template #2


Flash Template #3



If you need to have a Flash website built and you need it fast, then you should go for a Flash Website Template. For instance the one described below.

In brief, Zeroix Premium Flash Template is now available at It’s a brand new Flash Template and it differs a lot from other Flash Templates.

Let’s take a closer look at Zeroix Premium Flash Template and learn why it is so special. In terms of animation it’s awesome. Every little detail is well thought out and so well designed. Also, this Flash Template is a great combination of custom 3D models, custom textures, sounds, etc.

It took a great amount of time and efforts to create Zeroix Premium Flash Template. In fact this template was built by TemplateMonster friends from Zeroix web design studio and not by TemplateMonster Team.


Are you impressed with what you’ve seen?

If so, you understand why TemplateMonster has added Zeroix Premium Flash Template to its collection.


Not long ago we’ve introduced several Twitter backgrounds that are available for free. If you need more of them, check out the links below.

We’ve just learn that provides Free Twitter Backgrounds and here we are to share this info with you. Just in case you want to refresh your Twitter page or make it original, you can browse these Twitter Backgrounds. Not only are these designs free but professional as well.


The Team has promised to add a new background per day. No doubt all Twitter Themes will be offered free of charge. However, there is one requirement to download Free Twitter Backgrounds – you should have an account with

Keep in mind creating an account is free and easy. After you create an account you’ll be able to download not only Free Twitter Themes but many other freebies, including free website templates, free wallpapers, free illustrations, etc. All this stuff is given for free to anyone having an account with


We are constantly looking for resources that may be useful to web designers. And today we are excited to introduce a brand new website that is dedicated to providing Free Joomla Templates, but that’s not all 🙂 serves several purposes. First of all, it provides Free Joomla Templates for the whole Joomla community. Secondly, it encourages Joomla designers to submit Free Joomla Templates. Thirdly, it offers Professional Joomla Templates at a fair price.

Let’s see who benefits from These are people who want to build Joomla sites, including web designers, web developers, bloggers, writers, photographers, layers, businessmen and others. Also these are Joomla designers who need extra exposure for Joomla Templates they’ve created. Basically, the whole Joomla community will get benefit from this project.

It’s up to you whether you want to submit your Free Joomla Template or download a Free Joomla Template, the one thing is for sure is your way to go.


Web templates provider TemplateMonster has signed a sponsorship agreement with AllStockMusic, a new resource for premium stock music.

Under the terms of the deal, TemplateMonster customers can now purchase stock music at a discount. But let’s be more specific about this offer. So you learn what you should do to purchase stock music at half price.

First of all you should purchase a Flash-related item at You are to decide if you need a Flash Template, Flash Intro, SWiSH Template or a Dynamic Flash Photo Gallery. As soon as you make the purchase you’ll get a special price for stock music.

Please remember the discount is valid for any music track, loop or jingle you find at However, the special price is available for 3 months only.

And now you can visit and make sure it offers an ultimate stock music library. More than likely this stock music library may be useful for your multimedia projects.


Recently, a complete resource for information on Rich Internet Applications, has launched a competition to find the best RIA of 2009. The 3 internet applications that receive the highest number of votes will be showcased at a special session at Adove MAX 2009.

Note: all applications that take part in the competition have been created/powered with Adobe tools and were either created, released, or updated this year.

We’ve checked out 10 semi finalists and it seems to us that FlashMoto Flash CMS is the most efficient tool when it comes to Flash. By voting for this Flash CMS you support easy Flash development.

Please click here if you want to cast your vote.

Keep in mind this is your only opportunity to vote for this year’s best Rich Internet Application. So, what are you waiting for?


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