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If you’ve been reading our blog for a while, then you remember our post about the Twitter Insanity Day at It was all about providing 50% discounts for TemplateMonster Twitter followers.

No doubt those who follow TemplateMonster on Twitter enjoyed the promo. However, a lot of people were late for it.

So the company decided to start another promo. It’s also about discounts. To make a long story short this week TemplateMonster will publish 6 promo codes. Each promo code provides a 50% discount on TemplateMonster products.

All discount codes will be published on TemplateMonsterTwitter page. To take advantage of the 50% discount you should be the first to find the code and what is most important use it! If you are not use the promo code you won’t get a discount. So be sure to revisit TemplateMonster Twitter page as often as you can.

Please remember the last promo code will be published on September 5th, 2009.


Do you need a Free Twitter template that could be used for almost any Twitter page? Feel free to download the Grunge Twitter Background! It is available at

I would say the Free Grunge Twitter Background is all in one solution because it can be used for a personal Twitter account, hobby Twitter account or a business Twitter account.

In fact the Free Twitter background has originated from a Grunge Website Template. If you want a website and a Twitter page to be designed in one style you can Download a Free Twitter Background and purchase a Grunge Website Template. In fact the Grunge website template is available at a discount. Please click here to learn how you can get a discount.


Lucky you are if you are following Template Monster on Twitter! It means you can grab a 50% discount on Web Templates, Flash Templates, Magento Themes, PowerPoint Templates, Flash Intros and other stuff that is offered by this company.

To get this discount you should go to the official TemplateMonster Twitter page and catch the discount code. But that’s not all. Also you should be the first to use this code when you checkout at

Today, on August 27, 2009, TemplateMonster will publish one discount code after the other. There will be 24 discounts in total.

Note, as soon as the discount code is published it is visible to many people who follow Template Monster on Twitter! No one knows when exactly a new discount code will be published. So the more often you visit TemplateMonster Twitter page today, the greater your chances to catch the discount code!

And please don’t forget that each discount code is active for one purchase only!

Good luck!

If you don’t follow TemplateMonster on Twitter but you need the 50 percent discount, then what are you waiting for? Join Twitter and start following TemplateMonster now. It’s simple and rewarding!


More than likely you know that hotel web templates are a good alternative to custom designs. Currently, many companies provide web templates but Template Monster is believed to be the top supplier of hotel web templates. In fact these days the company announced a 20% discount on hotel web templates.

Moreover, Template Monster Team now offers a Free Hotel Web Template. You can take this opportunity and bring your hotel business online.

To download the Free Hotel Web Template, please visit

So there are several options to choose from. The first is the Free Hotel Web Template and the second is the discount price on Premium Hotel Web Templates. Just decide what fits your business so that you’ll stick with it!


It’s always exciting to enter a new site and it’s even more exciting when the site you enter is not just a web page but a new world.

Are you ready to take an exciting journey into the world of 3D? If yes, then you should visit the official blog of Template Monster. There you’ll find many samples of Flash websites with 3D environment.

Each site deserves your attention as it’s a completely original world built with Flash and 3D technology. So, the more sites you visit, the more impressions you get.

Whether you are a web designer, Flash developer or a 3d artist you’ll definitely enjoy the review of Flash websites with 3D environment. Why? Just because it not only fascinates you with unique motion effects but also inspires you to create something … extraordinary. I wanted to say “something similar” but the word “similar” can’t be used to describe completely unique websites.


It’s incredible how many freebies are offered these days! Hope you still remember about the Free Business Website Template from TemplateMonsterand Free Hosting Website Template from TemplateMonster.

Below is a screenshot of another Website Template that is available completely free of charge!

If you like blogging and coffee inspires your writing skills, then Free Website Template is exactly for you! The Coffee Website Template is a great web design for personal sites and restaurant blogs. Also, the Coffee Website Template may help you bring your coffee business online.

Please visit to download the Free Website Template.


Keep in mind, Free Website Template is delivered with such pages as Homepage, About us page, Articles page, Contact us page and Site Map.

As I’ve already mentioned Coffee Website Template is given for free. The only requirement is that you have an account with, the company that actually developed this template. However, the registration is free and takes not more than several minutes.

Basically the Coffee Website Template is really FREE!


Website Templates provider Template Monster has extended its discount promotion.

Do you remember the 30% discount on Hosting Website Template from that has expired a while ago? It’s back now 🙂

The Template Monster Team couldn’t ignore its customers who were late for the discount and the discount is available again. So, more of you can take advantage of this offer.

However, this time one should enter a discount promo code to purchase a Hosting Website Template with the 30% discount. Please visit the Template Monster blog to grab this promo code right now.

Important! The discount promo code is active for 30 purchases only. Thus, only the first 30 of you can enjoy it!

Please don’t loose your last chance to save 30% when you buy Hosting Website Templates!

It’s a pity discounts are time-limited and not everlasting offers 🙂


Surely hosting business is impossible without a good website. That’s why many hosting companies spend lots of time, money and efforts to develop one-of-a-kind online presence.

Huge hosting companies can afford this but what should little hosting companies do? Custom web design solutions are not that cheap. Luckily a Free Hosting Website Template from TemplateMonster is available for their use.

This Hosting Template is a pre-made website design that enables one to build a hosting website.

For design the Free Hosting Web Template is equal to premium templates because it was created by professional web designers who work at

And if we speak of Template Monster, did you take advantage of the 30% on Hosting Website Templates? Not yet? Then you’d better hurry up as this offer expires today.


Today’s free Twitter background is much different from the one we’ve announced a week ago. If the previous background was perfect for travel tweets, this one is designed for hosting tweets.

I bet it’s not a secret that Twitter is often used to promote a certain company or business 🙂 and most hosting companies know it for sure.

So, the free Twitter background shown below will be useful for hosting providers and hosting resellers.

Please visit to download the FREE hosting background for your Twitter account.


Hi guys, in our previous post we’ve advised you to see the showcase of hosting websites. Who knows, maybe some hosting providers are now searching for new web designs to update their sites. If that’s the case, I suppose such hosting companies will be glad to take advantage of the 30% discount on the Hosting Website Templates at

The total number of the discounted Hosting Website Templates is more than 500 items. This seems like a big choice and what is the most important, each template is created with hosting business in mind. So it requires minimal customization. Even if you need some changes to the design, the customization won’t be difficult because Hosting Website Templates are delivered with all necessary source files.

Please remember the 30 percent discount is a limited-time offer available through August 13, 2009. So you have just a few days to decide which Hosting Website Template fits your business.


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