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Magento is new professional shopping cart software offering unprecedented flexibility and control. Magento allows you to create your own eCommerce store, and it’s open source.

It’s great that such a powerful eCommerce solution is available free of charge. At the same time it’s a pity there are just a few Magento Templates that can be downloaded for free.

This article aims to show you the most recent Free Magento Templates. Let’s have a look at them.

Modern Blue Magento Template is based on the Modern Magento Theme that is available on the MagentoConnect site. Modern Blue Magento Template is free to download and it slightly differs from the Modern Theme. Web developers who have created Free Modern Blue Template state they “have added some subtle changes and amended some of the padding/margins to make better use of space”.



Web designer portfolio is a perfect way to showcase web designer works. It’s always of utmost importance. Poor web designer portfolios will hardly attract a lot of potential clients. I doubt either you or me will order design from a person whose portfolio doesn’t look professional enough; or in a case we are not keen on his/her previous creations.

For designer having a stunning portfolio is a chance to prove his talent and skills. Therefore most web designers show the greatest level of creativity when they design their portfolios. There are a lot of options for designers when it comes to portfolio websites. In one of our previous posts we’ve already shown some really impressive web designer websites. Today we’d like to list web designer portfolios that show their authors. Saying this we mean portfolios with the pictures of web designers.

Enjoy browsing incredibly attractive and inspiring web designer portfolios and meet famous web designers. If not in person, then in pictures. Probably some of these portfolios will give you bright ideas for your next projects.


12Feb, world’s leader in website templates niche,  has announced partnership with The partnership will offer 50% discount for professional clipart designs. To take advantage of this offer you should order any website template or other web design product on

Pro Clipart .com is a new website providing premium design products within a membership package. As soon as you sign up for a membership you may download different clip arts. Just as many of them as you need for your design projects. So membership gives you access to unlimited downloads.

Currently provides one of the biggest collections of clipart images. It offers such products as illustrations, 3D clip arts and icon sets. Each clip art you’ll find on is a pre-made image that may be used for web design projects.

Keep in mind that ProClipart continually updates its collection of clip art designs. So you are welcome to browse it and don’t forget to purchase these clip arts at a half price!

As it was previously mentioned Template Monster customers can purchase ProClipart products for $49 and save 50%. That seems like a great deal, because usually membership costs $99 per person.


Website templates for blogs aren’t difficult to find. However it becomes difficult to find really impressive ones. This is where professionally designed web blog templates step in.

This post is the showcase of the most attractive blog templates I’ve seen. All these templates are available on

Here you can find different themes for WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. These blog templates serve different purposes: they may be used for business web blogs, personal blogs, travel web blogs, music blogs, real estate blogs, car blogs and other blogs.

Please scroll down and choose a web template for any blog you have in mind.

Flower Blog Template

web blog template

4Feb has launched a new product. Would you like to learn about it?

The brand new product is called a Turnkey website. It’s all-in-one package for those of you who would like to start a small business website. Even if you already run a business website Turnkey Websites can be useful for you.

Let’s say you are a lawyer and you are always busy with your clients, business meetings and etc. Even if you don’t have time and skills to build your website you still need a welcoming online presence. Here comes TemplateMonster with its Turnkey Website solution.

Each Turnkey Website includes a bunch of web design tools and web design services that make website building and website maintenance really easy. For $49 per month you get

  • Free website address;
  • Unlimited web hosting;
  • Easy editing tools;
  • Fully licensed stock photos

With Turnkey Website tools building your website and managing it is all about drag drop and click. It’s as difficult as using Word or Excel application.

By purchasing Turnkey Website you get 3 hours of webmaster work for free. Seems it’s enough for keeping your website regularly updated.

Template Monster allows you to sign up for free 7 day trial. During this time you can practice using Turnkey Website and feel its advantages for your business. In fact this sign up doesn’t require billing info.

As for me Turnkey Websites are perfect solutions for wise businessmen. Especially for those who want to have a website and don’t want to use expensive software or learn web design.


Be sure to take advantage of TemplateMonster’s Valentine’s Day promotion. These days TemplateMonster offers 20% discount on Valentine’s Day Website Templates.

Speaking about Valentine’s Day website Templates we mean St. Valentine Flash templates, St. Valentine eCommerce templates, St. Valentine WordPress Themes, St. Valentine Magento Themes, St. Valentine Joomla Templates and etc.

TemplateMonster Valentine’s Day Promotion starts on February 3, 2009 and ends on February 16, 2009

This Valentine’s Day Special will be a great finding for web designrs, bloggers, online merchants and everyone who cares for original online presence.

Valentine’s Day is about showing someone how much you care. So why don’t you get a Valentine’s design and show your website visitors how much you care for them?

Online merchants should pay great attention to Valentine’s Day Promotion that is running on Online stores should offer a pleasant shopping experience that will make customers want to come back. If online store is dressed into a Valentine’s template it looks attractive and very festive indeed. At the same time Valentine’s Day design shows that online store receive regular updates.

Basically today is the fist day you can enjoy Valentine’s Day Promotion at a href=” ” target=”_blank”> There is some time left before St. Valentine’s Day comes. So you can choose < Valentine’s Day Website Template that will decorate your website, web blog or online store during the upcoming holiday season.


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