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Lingerie store designs

Stunning lingerie store designs have been recently reviewed on the official blog of

What makes this overview so special? First of all it features really wonderful samples of lingerie online stores as well as lingerie eCommerce templates. Second this review is provided by TemplateMonster CEO David Braun and TemplateMonster artdirector Mariarti.

I bet these people know what they are speaking about as they take part in creating famous lingerie store eCommerce templates. So they are always aware of the latest design trends.

I’ve been really impressed by most designs I’ve seen in their post. So I recommend you to read it as well. The designs you’ll see in the post by David Braun and Mariarti look really original and incredibly inspiring. Some lingerie store designs look innocent and charming while the others look passionate and glamorous.

All designs that have been reviewed in the above mentioned post will be useful for lingerie store managers and web designers. David Braun and Mariarti promise to come up with new reviews. Meanwhile we can enjoy their review on the most outstanding lingerie store designs.


St Valentine’s Day is coming! It’s the holiday of love and creativity.

Valentine’s Day is a perfect occasion to express love for your beloved and dear ones. The best way to celebrate the day is to do something special.

What about creating love wallpapers? This idea came to my mind when I’ve read about wallpaper contest at

This wallpaper contest aims to celebrate the upcoming St. Valentine’s Day. The contest is called “LOVE will save the world!” Sounds very optimistic, isn’t it?
I suppose it’ll be really popular with those designers and illustrators who are in love ?

Artists are welcome to take part in this contest and create original wallpapers that will reflect the main idea of the contest. No doubt love means something special for everyone. Seems this contest will inspire creating various love wallpapers


– unlimited entries by same member;
– the wallpapers are supposed to reflect the main topic “Love will save the world!”;
– the logo of should be added to any wallpaper you submit for the contest;
– the wallpapers may be of any style (3D art, vectors, photos, pixmaps and etc);
– JPEG (.jpg) format ;
– four resolutions – 800 x 600, 1024 x 768, 1280 x 1024, 1600 x 1200;
– you must have created the wallpaper that you submit for the contest. Don’t steal someone else’s work.
– to participate in wallpaper contest you should have a free account with

– the winner will get a stunning prize – $150 in cash

The Wallpaper contest will run on from February 2 through February 14, 2008. The winner will be announced on February 16, 2009.

Good luck guys!

Note: By taking part in the contest you agree to its terms and conditions. One of them states that all wallpapers submitted for the contest will be available for free download from


There are thousands online shops on the net. As eCommerce becomes more and more the main stream you’re probably although thinking of building your own online store. So today we’ll speak about web designs for various online stores.

There are two ways to get a web design for you online store. The first one is to hire a professional web developer to do the whole work for you. In this case you should describe how your future online store should look like and wait till the designer creates the design you’ve been dreaming of. This way can be a good one, but it has several drawbacks: the designer can create something you don’t really like; also, professional web designers don’t come cheap.

Custom website design is always like buying a pig in a poke. Some people are really satisfied with the design they get for their money, the others (who aren’t so lucky) have to pay for redesign or just enjoy the design they get. Anyone hopes that web designer will create the design of his dream. Sometimes it happens so, but unfortunately not always. So you can either risk or choose the second way to get web design for your online store.

The second way is to buy a professionally developed eCommerce template from TemplateMonster. Each eCommerce template is a web design for an online store. You can browse through hundreds of eCommerce templates before you choose a design to your liking. It guarantees your online store will look the way you’ve been dreaming of. In fact, professionally designed eCommerce templates cost far less than custom designs. So using a well-developed eCommerce template is a tremendous time and money saver. It should be also mentioned that all eCommerce templates are created by professional web developers. So, whatever eCommerce template you choose you’ll get a professionally looking and easy-customizable design for your eCommerce website.

Don’t you agree that impressive online stores attract many people by their stunning look and by the way they present their products? Click here to check out the eCommerce templates that may applied for online clothes stores, online electronics stores, online jewelry stores, online flower stores, online furniture stores, online drug stores and other eCommerce websites.

The eCommerce templates we suggest you to browse are designed by the Template Monster Team.  Please keep in mind, Template Monster is a world famous website templates provider. This company has the largest collection of eCommerce templates that may be used for your online stores. In fact, the Template Monster collection is updated every day and you are welcome to explore it.


Famous website templates provider Template Monster expands its product assortment with HD Flash Intros. We are already used to TM’s top-quality designs for different websites, web blogs and online stores, but the new product is something completely different.

HD Flash Intro is a Flash Into that is originally designed in high resolution to enable high definition visual quality.

Usually Flash Intro is an effective flash presentation created to give customers an idea about your company or website. A flash intro is ideal for companies that want to quickly convey the essence of their products or services in a memorable way.

So Flash intros are great advertising tools. It means they should be of the highest quality to impress the largest number of potential clients.

This is where HD Flash Intros step in. When you use a HD Flash Intro instead of a ordinary Flash Intro things looked sharper, clearer, more vivid and have a greater depth and dimension.

HD Flash Intros launched by TemplateMonster can be easily played on the big screen and your users will enjoy high quality video presentation.

If you are interested to explore HD Flash Intros you can watch the video presentation of this newly added product here.

The whole collection of HD Flash Intros can be found at

Enhance your video presentations with HD Flash Intros and your users will truly appreciate it!


Can you believe this? Free Magento Themes can be downloaded from, the world’s leader in web templates development!

Most of you already know that Magento is a new but really powerful eCommerce application. These days it’s famous like the most flexible and SEO friendly online store platform. Magento enables you to build nice-looking and easy-manageable online stores. It brings perfect control over the outlook, content and management of Magento-powered online stores.

Being a valuable partner of Magento, Template Monster has recently launched professionally designed Magento Themes. Their price ranges from 165 USD to 210 USD. These Magento Themes are perfect solutions for Magento driven online stores. The explanation is really simple – all Magento Themes launched by Template Monster Team have been numerously tested and they meet all Magento requirements. At the same time these Magento Themes have stunning appearance.

So it’s really great that some of these Magento Themes can be downloaded for free! Please browse Free Magento Themes that can be used for your online store.

However there are some limitations / issues which potential users should consider:

  • No one can resell Free Magento Themes;
  • No one can claim he/she has designed Free Magento Themes himself/herself;
  • No one can include Free Magento Themes into his/her portfolio.

Luckily Free Magento Themes can be used for any online store you plan to build! So go ahead and share your experience of using free designs for Magento driven online stores!


Have you already heard of Free Drupal Themes that are available at Whatever your answer is you shouldn’t loose this opportunity to get a professionally developed design for free.

Template Monster offers 5 Drupal Themes that can be downloaded free of charge. These templates are wonderful designs for Drupal driven websites.

Here are the templates you can get for free. Most templates are clean two-column layouts that may be used with Drupal version 6.1 only. All themes vary in color schemes and content placement.

Having downloaded these Free Drupal Themes you can feel the quality of Template Monster designs. This company is famous as the best web templates provider. So it’s nice to try their designs for free, isn’t it?

Please note Free Drupal Themes created by Template Monster team may be used for personal websites and small business websites. Though, you aren’t allowed to resell Free Drupal Templates and claim you are the author of these templates. Also Free Drupal Themes can’t be included into your portfolio.

In any case each Free Drupal Template enables you to build a professionally-looking and easy-manageable website. Why would you refuse to get a free design for Drupal powered website?


What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of a web designer? As for me it’s talent, great web design skills, never-ending creativity, portfolio, original websites, extraordinary ideas, and etc. Web designers may or may not have advanced degrees. Many website designers are self-taught, starting on their own and learning design skills and design languages as they develop pages.

It’s not a secret that designers are considered to be extremely creative people. This post aims to review some of the most impressive web designer portfolios. Talented designers are always busy with someone else’s projects and we are going to see if the proverb “ever busy, ever bare” is a right one.

No doubt each web designer is like a trendsetter in the world of web design. So let’s see the way designers express themselves while they create their own websites. Do they follow any web design trends or they simply design the way they feel?

It’s time to browse websites made by web designers for web designers.

web designer portfolio


Creative web designers are always involved in different projects. Some time ago they had a chance to show their skills while taking part in the Nordic Art & Graphic Challenge 2008. This contest was running from September, 27 to November 22.

Designers from all over the world took part in the Nordic Art & Graphic Challenge 2008. Those who wanted to participate in this contest had to register over on the Addictive Hobby Forums and post their entries in the official contest thread. The main contest theme was Viking or Scandinavian mythology. So the participants were asked to illustrate the Scandinavian legends and myths about ancient heroes, gods, and the creation and destruction of the universe. Each participant could offer one work only but this work could be of any style. It was also mentioned that the artwork that took part in the contest should have been created within the last year and had to be wholly owned by the artist. The contest was judged by experienced and inspirational artists Philip Straub and Rob Chang.

Recently the winners of The Nordic Art & Graphic Challenge 2008 were announced.

The Nordic Art & Graphic Challenge 2008 offered a lot of useful prizes. It became possible thanks to the sponsors. The fist prize web template is offered by the main sponsor Those who took the second, third, fourth and fifth places will also get useful prizes such as graphics packs, texture packs, and etc.

This contest has shown that creativity should be awarded.


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