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Zen Cart Templates are professionally-developed web page designs. These templates perfectly fit Zen Cart eCommerce application. So Zen Cart Templates are acknowledged to be perfect designs for Zen Cart driven online stores.

Let’s speak about Zen Cart and its features. Zen Cart is a free, user-friendly, open source shopping cart software. Zen Cart was created by online merchants and for online merchants. Zen Cart can be installed and set-up by anyone with the most basic web site building and computer skills. So it’s a time and money saving solution.

Zen Cart is famous for its high professional support team and useful features such as easy installation, unlimited category depth, multiple sales and discounts, multiple shipping options, featured products and etc. One of the most important features of this shopping cart is XHTML template system. In other words you can use different templates to make your online store look unique and original.

Here comes good news for online merchants and web designers. Professionally developed Zen Cart Templates has been recently added to You can browse these Zen Cart Templates and choose the one for your online store.

All Zen Cart Templates offered at are fully compatible with Zen Cart application. These templates can be attractive designs for electronic online stores, jewelry online stores, lingerie online stores, furniture online stores, flower online stores and other online stores that are powered by Zen Cart. promises that its collection of Zen Cart Templates will be regularly updated. So it makes sense to revisit this site from time to time in order to be aware of the latest available Zen Cart Templates.


Just a short reminder of the most striking Christmas offers I’ve seen this year. I mean Christmas promos at Of course you can share other Christmas specials with me and my readers if you know any. Just comment this post and everyone will know about the most useful offers that take place this Christmas season.

I’ve already told you about Christmas promos at Hope you took your time to see them. If you are still hesitating I’ll remind you what this promo is all about.

Template Monster gives 15% discount for any Christmas Template you purchase from them;
Template Monster gives a free Christmas Icon Set with every order you place with their website;
Each Template Monster customer can get a free domain and free 1 year hosting from Template Monster Partner;

Every weekend Template Monster provides up to 50% discount for any template you buy from their website. Though, huge discounts are available on December weekends only.

Let these Christmas offers help you build websites spending minimum time and money!
Let Christmas bring a new inspiration to your holiday season!

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Free Christmas Banners

Christmas is so close! Still we have some days left. So you have time for final Christmas preparation. Your website or web blog should be ready for Christmas, isn’t it?

What can be better than an impressive Christmas banner? We’ve found a lot of Free Christmas banners and we are happy to share them with you dear readers. So hurry up. Browse Christmas banners that are available for free and add them to your web sites and blogs.

You know we’ve found various Christmas banners such as Christmas countdown banners, Christmas greeting banners and Christmas banners for special offers. Some banners are animated while the others are static.

If you just want your site visitors to see how long it will be until Christmas, you can use a Christmas countdown banner.

If you would like to wish Merry Christmas to everyone who comes across your website you can use Christmas greeting banner.

Some banners that are shown in our post may be used to create Christmas banners for special offers and discounts.

Luckily a lot of websites were generous with us and shared perfectly designed Christmas banners for free. Let’s be grateful to these sites and use their offers to please our site visitors.


Would you like to give your Joomla-powered site a unique look this year Christmas? Or may be you plan to start a new Christmas focused site? If so, Free Christmas Joomla Templates are exactly for you!
We did our best to find Free Christmas Joomla Templates that are available on the net. Our findings are included into this post.

Free Christmas Joomla Templates will add Christmas spirit to your website. Most designs that are represented below include such graphics as Christmas gifts, Santa Claus, elves, candles decorations, gifts presents, and others. Read on and view all of the beautiful Christmas Joomla Templates that may be downloaded for free.

Joomla24 offers a walloping collection of Free Joomla Templates for your web sites. The collection includes several Free Christmas Joomla Templates. This is one of Christmas designs that are available at Joomla24. is one more site to get a free Christmas Template for Joomla website.

Since I started writing this post, I’ve found another review on Free Christmas Joomla Templates. It has been made by I though I would provide a link to this review so you had a better choice of free Joomla templates.

We’ve just mentioned Christmas Joomla Templates that are available free of charge. Click here to see Premium Christmas Templates for Joomla-powered websites. These templates may be purchased in a case free templates don’t meet your needs.

Christmas Joomla Templates will save your time and money and all the hassle of building your own Christmas web site. With these Christmas designs you can build an outstanding Christmas and get impressive web site graphics without paying hundreds of dollars for a freelance graphics designer.

Be in a hurry! Christmas is so close! Give your website a unique look for this Christmas season.


The final countdown for the holiday season has begun. The spirit of joy and happiness is felt everywhere and the sound of jingle bell can be heard in the background. As Christmas is knocking at the door, it is time to get ready for this wonderful holiday.

Christmas comes just once a year! With that in mind you should decorate your website and make it look festively. So we’ve collected a lot of Christmas icons, Christmas fonts, Christmas banners and Christmas layouts that are available for free. Hope this stuff will help you create incredibly attractive holiday look for your web site, web blog or online store.

In the glitz, lights and glamour of the Holiday season is your website looking gloomy? If not, go on reading to find bright and colorful Christmas templates, Christmas banners, Christmas fonts and Christmas Photoshop brushes for your websites and online stores. Free Christmas graphics and other design elements represented in this post can be downloaded for free.

So here is free web design stuff for your holiday projects

Free Christmas Themes

Free Christmas Icons

Free Christmas Photoshop Brushes

Free Christmas Banners

Free Christmas Fonts

Christmas Tutorials and has also reviewed free Christmas stuff for web designers.

Seems our post includes useful stuff for Christmas web design and Christmas website redesign.
Dear web designers don’t hesitate to show your creativity! Let everyone see that your website is ready for Christmas celebration.


As always holiday season brings bonuses, discounts and even freebies. It makes holiday season a very good time for different kinds of purchases. Each company has its own way to show care for its customers. This blog is mostly visited by web designers so we all are interested in the tastiest web design offers. Template Monster comes to mind when I think about the most generous web design specials. This year the company shows extra care for its clients and friends.

As we’ve already mentioned Template Monster provides its customers with great bonuses: up to %50 discounts and free hosting with a free domain name included from Template Monster partner Up to 50% discounts and the other striking specials will be available on weekends only. This burst of holiday promos will last all holiday season long. Seems it’s a good reason to revisit Template Monster each weekend and see what these striking specials are all about. It was announced that free hosting offer isn’t just a holiday promo. So it’ll be available even when the holiday season is over.

“What are the other holiday specials from Template Monster?” you may ask. These are 15% discount for each Christmas Template and also Free Christmas Icon Set. Note these specials are active for this holiday season so you’d better hurry up.

This is the Free Christmas Icon Set that goes with each purchase you make at

Seems the upcoming weeks are perfect for building new websites and updating already existing ones. I doubt there can be better specials for web designers. If you know any you can tell about them in your comments.


Would you like to build a website, web blog or online store? But what if you were to be told that there is a way for you to save time and money building your website? Yes, there is a great solution. Let’s find everything out.

Most people know that web templates cost less than custom made designs. So you can browse a huge collection of web templates developed by famous designers and choose the design to your liking. Having purchased any template from a reliable templates provider you get a professional design at a fair price.

No doubt a web template is a time saving solution but you should know great news: from now on you can get a free hosting package and free domain. It’s really easy. All you have to do is purchase any web template from

Famous templates provider has signed up an agreement with Note is a group of web design companies that offers various solutions including web hosting.

Let’s see what this agreement is about. According to the above mentioned agreement each Template Monster customer can get a bunch of freebies.

The first freebie is a year of free hosting and free lifetime domain from Free hosting package includes unlimited disk space, unlimited data transfer, unlimited email accounts, unlimited MySQL databases, E-commerce features, and etc.

The second freebie is a year of free website uptime monitoring service offered by

And the third bonus is 25% discount for purchasing banners at

Seems this agreement will be appreciated by Template Monster customers because it gives incredibly useful bonuses. Having purchased any website design from you get a domain name and hosting for your website for free. Isn’t it cool to get these freebies?


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