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Halloween is coming. Don’t you feel its scaring spirit? Aren’t you afraid of ugly witches and evil ghosts? In a case my words don’t make you tremble with fear your web design nature is rather brave and you are ready for Halloween celebration. This is a chance to show your creativity!

Why don’t you customize your website so it looks Halloween Style? In a case you like this idea we’ll show you the right way. This post includes plenty of useful links. These links lead to different web design websites which offer Halloween specials such as Halloween web templates, Halloween fonts, Halloween icons, Halloween wallpapers, Halloween illustrations, Halloween banners and etc. Most Halloween web design stuff can be downloaded for free. Some designs such as professionally designed Halloween web templates are offered at reduced prices for a limited time.

So let’s review Halloween Offers for Web Designers:

DesignFloat offers you a splendid collection of free Halloween Fonts, Halloween Icons, Halloween Photoshop Brushes, Halloween Templates and a pumpkin tutorial.

Download a cool Halloween Flash banner with a scary spooky soundtrack here.

Halloween Icon Set from Template Monster.

Reduced price for Halloween Web Templates from Template Monster. You can purchase Halloween Templates with 15% discount since October 9th to October 31st.

If you are looking for impressive Halloween Clipart Images you can visit or

Halloween Illustration from

There are lots of Halloween Wallpapers at! offers a lot of Halloween screensavers and wallpapers as well. Seems these wallpapers and screensavers will be great Halloween costumes for your desktops.

If you want to create a fascinating Halloween Wallpaper by yourself you can read a nice tutorial. It’ll teach you how to Design a Halloween Pumpkin Wallpaper in Photoshop. has also several Halloween designs to share with you .These are Horror Photoshop Brushes and Halloween Wallpaper Tutorial.

Free Halloween fonts can be found at and

It’s also useful to visit This website represents a list of more than 100 Free Halloween Design Resources.

Hope you’ll download a lot of free Halloween fonts, icons, wallpapers, illustrations and templates having read our post. So have a great Halloween and let your website and your desktop feel Halloween Spirit as well.


Looking for free web designs is a time taking process. Much more likely at the end of your search you’ll be rewarded but everyone likes easy triumph. Don’t you agree that it’s always better to know the places where you can find freebies for sure instead of spending your time looking for such places?

Today we’d like to list various websites which often give web design stuff for free. Some of these websites offer web design freebies developed by their own designers while the others present freebies developed by different web design companies.

Visiting websites and web blogs which offer freebies to their readers can be very useful. Each time you visit such sites you can get a prize for your visit.

So we review websites and online blogs which include a regularly updated Freebies section. I would call these sites hospitable websites and blogs because they are ready to reward every visitor. So everyone who looks through the above mentioned sites can download free wallpapers, free illustrations, free fonts, free icon sets, free Photoshop brushes, and other useful things and of course find some useful web design tips.

These are the web sites which love their readers and offer freebies as often as just possible. At the same time they attract more site visitors.

It’s really generous of these sites to provide web masters with web design freebies. If you feel like you need to subscribe to the websites listed at this post you can follow your wish. In this way you’ll be the first to know about new freebees and you’ll never miss any special offer announced at these websites and online blogs.

Know more websites which regularly offer free web design stuff? Leave their names in the comments to this post.


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