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Cobweb on the web

World Wide Web is like an information spider web or information cobweb. It grabs different information and holds it inside. So being a net surfer we become involved in a huge information cobweb.

Ross Perot has mentioned, “Life is like a cobweb, not an organization chart.” World Wide Web seems to be disorganized as well: so many links, so many paths to follow. But it’s only the first impression. If you look deeper into this you’ll understand that World Wide Web is well organized. While the spider webs appear messy and disorganized, the World Wide Web is a place where everything can be easily found if you know the right words or keywords. Links between websites, blogs, online shops and photo galleries are invisible but they would look something similar to spider lines if we could see them.

Seems World Wide Web should treat its prototype cobweb respectfully and represent it on the net in the most remarkable way. Let’s see if this supposition is true.

If you try to find out the way cobweb is introduced online the first thing you’ll find is a picture of a natural cobweb. There are lots of cobweb images and cobweb wallpapers on the net. It means people like decorating their desktops with cobwebs. Frankly speaking each cobweb is a unique example of spider’s work and it always looks original and even mysterious in some way.

And now it’s time to browse websites which have some elements of cobweb in their design. Browsing these websites it’s easy to notice that cobweb images and cobweb graphics add some mystery to these designs.



Blogging is a great part of modern web. Most boggers are attentive to different web design sites and it seems it’s really rewarding.

A famous web designers’ resource has recently released a useful frebee. This time it’s a free set of “social” icons. Have a look at it. Note in a case you wish to download this Icon set you should visit Smashing Magazine.

One would say freebies are always warmly welcomed by the audience. Nevertheless this very icon set has started a contradictory discussion at Smashing Magazine. Readers were commenting this freebee stating it’s very similar to Free Bloggers Icon Set which has been recently released at Probably you remember that we’ve already mentioned this in one of our previous posts. Nevertheless this picture will remind you the way free icon set for bloggers represented by looks like.

Seems these icon sets have a lot in common. In fact the post describing this freebee at SM is very similar to the one at’s blog. Both posts describe why free icon sets were designed and give the details of design process. Though, it’s rather rough to say that one designer has stolen the idea from the other. Let’s say free icons represented at has inspired the designer whose icons are available for download at Smashing Magazine.

Whatever the truth is bloggers will benefit because they have a lot of social icons to choose from. So browse both icon sets, choose which icons are the best for you and download.


What can be better than purchasing professionally designed illustrations, web templates, 3d models and etc? Only getting this web design stuff for free, don’t you agree?

One more way for getting free designs has been recently opened at This company has started a great campaign. Every week a certain’s product will be announced a Free Product of the Week. So everyone who has an account at will be able to download this product for free all week long. As soon as the week is over this product will be for sale again. Though, there isn’t any reason to worry because a new product will become the Free Product of the week. This week you can get this stunning illustration for free.

The only one requirement for getting Product of the week is being a registered member at Note the registration process is fast and free. Please visit the presentation page of this campaign if you want to get detailed instructions on how you can download the free products offered by

This great news has been published at’s blog. So you can also read a post about the free products campaign there and make sure that professionally developed web design elements can be really given for free.


Flash is very popular technology in modern internet. A growing number of people build Flash websites which look extremely attractive. Having noticed that the most exciting websites have been built in Flash a lot of people are interested to know how they could create websites of this kind. There are several ways of starting Flash websites. The fist way is ordering custom Flash websites and the second is customizing Flash templates which have such astonishing features as animations and sounds. Of course you can order custom made Flash website but it costs much more than editing Flash template purchased from a famous templates provider.

It’s easy to notice that the most reliable resource for getting Flash Templates is While reading this post you can see several examples of Flash templates developed by TemplateMonster’s creative designers. This company is the best when it comes to professionally designed and functional Flash Templates. Top quality of these templates is guaranteed by TemplateMonster’s Flash Template quality control program.

Flash Template #1


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Cool Icons

A stunning collection of high quality Web Page Icons provided by creative designers can be found at This collection includes icons of different colors and themes. IconDemon offers you Web Icons for business sites as well as personal blogs and other online resources. Seems finding Web Icons for your project won’t take a lot of your time in a case you trust IconDemon. If you are looking for impressive Web Design Icons you’ll never regret visiting the above mentioned site.

The price for Web Page Icons offered at starts from 1 credit. Note 1 credit is approximately $1. So as soon as you visit the official site of IconDemon you’ll make sure that Cool Icons can be purchased at very low prices.


If you want to buy any icon from you should register a free account at this site. Having registered a personal account either at or at its partner’s site you’ll get access to a great number of Cool Icons and a great number of other web design tools. Note provides the widest range of astonishing web templates, Flash templates, illustrations, 3D models and other web design stuff. If you’ve already registered an account at you can use it in order to purchase Web Page Icons at Partnership between and is beneficial for everyone who needs web design products. Once registered customers can buy Web Design Icons, web templates, 3 D Models or any other web design products from two separate sites. Seems such cooperation suits customers’ convenience greatly.

Considering all above said definitely merits your attention. Web Icons represented at this site may be used for a great number of purposes. Either you plan to start a corporate website or personal photo gallery you’ll enjoy visiting


The first decision each of us make before building a website or online store is choosing the basement for our online project. One will prefer custom made design the other will choose website templates.

Website templates providers like TemplateMonster will always prove that choosing templates is the best way. Is it really so? What will web design company owner suggest you? I’ve found an interesting article written by such a web designer who runs a web design company. It’s not just an article. Everyone who reads this article gets a valuable prize. Go on reading and you’ll find out what kind of prize I’m speaking about.

So the owner of a web design company speaks about famous templates provider TemplateMonster, its products and services. He explains why he enjoys TemplateMonster and its templates.

Being the partner of TemplateMonster this web designer has a discount code which allows him buy any TemplateMonster’s product with 15% discount. Do you remember I’ve mentioned the prize? It’s time to know more about it. The author of the article shares his 15% discount code with every reader. You have nothing to loose but you can get this discount having read the article about TemplateMonster. Don’t you think it’s a nice benefit for reading an article?


Red & Black is like a magical combination of colors. It looks mysterious and eye-catching. Web design is also full of red & black ideas. This is the reason why so many red & black websites can be met all over the web.

black and red website


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