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Free Blogger Icon Set has added a Free Blogger Icon Set to its database. It’s not difficult to guess that Free Blogger Icon Set was developed especially for bloggers. A post describing recent release of this Icon Set has been published at’s designers were trying to create a completely original icon set and their attempt was incredibly successful. The idea of putting the icons inside the bottles seems new and makes each icon look unusual.

This is the way Free Blogger Icon Set offered by looks like. Seems it can easily attract attention. So adding such an icon set for your personal blog will make it look unique and fresh.


Free Blogger Icon Set consists of 10 icons. Each Icon represents a certain social network or RSS such as,,,,,, RSS,, and The size of each icon varies from 80?80 to 64?64 and even 32?32.

Note only registered members of can download this Free Icon Set and use it for their personal or educational needs. The case is that it’s forbidden to use Free Blogger Icon Set for any commercial purposes. If you aren’t registered at yet you should learn how to download free products from this site.

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Rainbow in Web Design

Rainbow looks so wonderful, don’t you agree? Websites which are decorated with rainbows always look optimistic. It seems rainbow adds something warm and bright to web design. So it’s often used by web developers who strive to build positive and attractive web sites.

Each rainbow color separately and some of them mixed together make web sites eye-catching and colorful. Rainbow can be found in a great number of sites. Some sites use rainbow images or rainbow graphics the others use rainbow elements. Rainbow navigation menu is also a warmly accepted web design choice.

Looking at the websites displayed in this post it’s easy to notice that rainbow is a very popular element in web design. It’s often used while creating web sites and website template.

website with a rainbow


One of my previous posts was dedicated to yellow designs. Seems I’m not the only one who is interested to see which colors are the most popular in web design and which ones are not. has recently reviewed pink designs and blue designs.

According to Helen Walker from Design Interviews designers are afraid to use pink color because of strange stereotypes. These stereotypes can be summarized with one sentence: “Pink is for women and little girls”. Reviewing attractive pink designs is like an attempt to prove that pink color shouldn’t be limited to women websites only. Each pink website mentioned in the post looks rather original. Here are just some screenshots represented in the post.

Blue designs have been reviewed by because Pantone, Inc has announced 2008 to be the year of Blue Iris Color. I believe blue websites was much easier to find. Still blue designs fit the world wide web perfectly and 20 blue designs represented in the post confirm this statement.

If you are interested to see more blue and pink designs you can go to You can even comment appropriate posts if you know some blue or pink websites which haven’t been mentioned by the author.


Rich and diverse Web Templates World won’t be perfect till each business finds its design.

The variety of website templates represented online is really huge but still some companies fail to find suitable web templates for building their web sites.

Template Monster the largest provider website templates on the net strives to change this tendency. In a case you run an unusual business you have a great opportunity to build a website which will tell everyone about your company.

The process of getting a web design for your uncommon business is quite easy but some steps should be made. First of all you should decide what kind of web template you need. Then you should go to Template Monster Wish Box and fill in the appropriate form. As soon as you submit your inquiry Template Monster Team will consider your proposal. If your idea sounds reasonable professional web developers will design the website template you’ve requested. Please provide Template Monster Team with an active e-mail in order to get the notification successfully. Note you’ll get a notification as soon as the web template you offered would be released.

Template Monster strives to satisfy each customer and Wish Box helps it greatly. Wish Box is like the best way for uncommon businesses to get web templates they really need.

Being attentive to its customers Template Monster has already developed website templates for brewery, limo service, sexual health centre, flag shop, balloon company, surfing club, sushi bar, magician’s website, and etc.


Searching the web it’s easy to notice that blue, green, red, black and white colors are used more often than yellow one. Does it mean World Wide Web lacks yellow designs? In order to answer this question I’ve decided to collect as many yellow-dressed web sites as I can and here are the websites I’ve found.

Yellow is often associated with sun, its warmth and brightness. So why designers avoid using this color creating amazing web sites? Sunrise and sunshine always attract our attention. Just remember how many pictures and wallpapers of this kind can be found online. Why this tendency doesn’t relate to yellow designed websites?

Not only websites but also website templates lack yellow designs. To be fair designers use yellow elements but very seldom yellow is chosen to be a dominating color.

Most sites which can be found online represent an expansion of green, blue, red, black and white colors. And what is your opinion regarding this topic? Is yellow color popular in web design nowadays? Should web designers pick yellow while choosing the color scheme for a future website? All you suggestions are appreciated.

Website previews displayed in this post show how impressive yellow websites may be. Probably some of you will be inspired to choose yellow design for your site having seen this collection.

yellow website


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