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One of the easiest and best ways to save money on many everyday items is by shopping seasonal sales. And of course, it’s necessary to know when and where to make the purchases.

This time, – one of the good resources for web designers – provides every registered user with a 50% discount on each 3D model. By the way, the registration is also free. So you can easily become’s member and buy the high quality 3D model at half-price.

Of course, this attractive opportunity won’t last forever. And every good thing has its own end. So, during the period of June 23rd until July 23rd all of’s 3D Models will become twice cheaper than they usually are and more affordable!

For more information, you may visit this page: 3D Models Sale at

For now, enjoy this original and impressive 3D models that may greatly enhance the quality of your design for web and print!

Humanoid 3D Robot.

Silvery Laptop 3D Model.

Mansion 3D Model.

3D Khaki Server.

Futuristic Airship 3D Model.

3D Model of an Orange Spider Robot.

Cartoon 3D Model of Aerosole Paint Cans.

3D Model of a Black Sports Car.

Stylish 3D Building with Rounded Corners.

Cartoon Cow 3D Model.


A new week has been started. And here is a new portion of free fresh wallpapers from I must admit that I love this resource, so I won’t keep this fact back. has a keen interest in robots and robotics. The resource provides the really original and impressive robot illustrations and 3D models. Some of them have become an excellent basis for fresh wallpapers.



What does romance mean to you? Right, the answers vary widely form person to person, but the only thing all people agree with is that to be romantic is to be creative and sincere. Romance can be practiced everyday. And this eye-catching wallpaper will help you to get into romantic mood 🙂


Relieve the monotony and have fun with!


Hello, my readers!

A couple of months ago I wrote a post about one useful resource –, that sells complete website templates, high-end vector illustrations, icon sets and high polygonal 3D models ( – new opportunities in the world of design!). But recently it has added one more product to its wide assortment – beautiful and elegant wallpapers. These wallpapers are based on the top-rated illustrations and 3D models, and they are absolutely free for registered members. Just take a look at some of them!


Here are some funny works 🙂 Oh, and this one is my favorite.

These wallpapers impress by originality and bright colors. They evoke cheerful and pleasant feelings and will definitely make everybody smile!

If you are fond of science fiction, unusual and futuristic things, these wallpapers are designed right for you.

The collection of wallpapers is regularly updated. And each week you will find three new impressive wallpapers.


As you know, I frequently surf through online forums and blogs in search of something interesting. And actually in this time it was not in vain. I’ve found a secret discount code from Template Monster. As I wrote in my previous post, the company celebrates its 6th birthday and offers everybody a 5% discount. But what I have found is a 10% discount, originally meant for SmashingMagazine audience.

I’m really glad to share it with all my readers and hope, it will be useful! So, don’t waste the time (and money, by the way) and follow the link to the secret page with a code:

Best of Luck!


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