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Every political blogger in the USA has favorite topics. But the Grandaddy of ’em all – the Mother of all political beefs – is the Gulf Wars – Parts I and II.  Know why?  Life and death, terrorism, weapons of mass destruction, Al Quaeda – at least that was what we were told.  Everything that gets people upset.


Uncle Arthur is as patriotic as most any American, but I am a little more like the patriot of “Fortunate Son,” that great Creedence Clearwater Revival song of the Viet Nam era.  And Uncle Arthur is here to tell you that there are some other possibly more important reasons for the Gulf Wars than just terrorism and WMD.

What in heaven’s name could those other reasons possibly be??????  I bet you can guess – all you wild-eyed Superbloggers.  Could it be the easiest way to get into a long drawn out, extremely expensive, policing action that has the perfect lose-lose scenario whereby the federal government can funnel billions of dollars into their defense contractors’ pockets.  George and George and Dick at the wheel, with Congressmen sucking their favorite military/industrial lobbyist and nobody the wiser. Tee Hee!

Why not waste the taxpayer’s money, right? We can just give it to every private corporation with a Defense contract in Iraq that’s paid to stimulate a “civil war” or a “jihadist” movement just bristling with militias that are armed with our weapons.  Then we tell the GIs to protect the Iraqis from themselves so we can get the oil with less problem.  Everybody loses except Halliburton and BIG OIL.   Oh! And if it gets close to a resolution or gets too violent then switch sides every year or two, just so the bullets keep whizzing.

Now before you start worrying about repaying our national debt because of the Gulf War, we must remember the other big reason we needed Gulf War I and II.  Yes – BIG OIL!!! Because we want to help BIG OIL refine everybody’s oil so they can profit from that dirty, fossil fuel. And then we can pay BIG MONEY to those warring jihadist totalitarian states for their oil, because we’re addicted to it, ’cause Washington says that’s okay for a few more decades.  So, we have to keep everything safe for getting the oil and shipping it out, using our soldiers lives to get the dirty job done.  Hearts and souls??

What about the environment????  Well, we’ve had solar, wind and other renewable and clean energies for many decades – but where’s the graft in that?  BIG OIL can’t make too much money  unless we’re addicted to oil with it’s skyrocketing prices, international wars, strategic risks and dead soldiers.  So Uncle Arthur says, QUIT FUNDING TERROR – get out of BIG OIL.

Over and Out,
Uncle Arthur “Black Jack”  Browning


Uncle Arthur is here with a Flash Template for politics.  It is an election year, a BIG election.  You need to get your agenda across  or push your candidate with a good website.


The major problems that we face have still not been solved in 50 years: 1) No national health care program 2) No enforcement of immigration laws 3) No limits on federal spending for the military-industrial complex 4) No renewable energy policy 5) No federal tax code reform 6) No protection from corporate corruption 7) No effective coalition policy on the Palestine issue 8) No reform of petroleum’s control of energy dependancy.


So why isn’t Congress effective?  Too much grease and payola from the big corporations.  Congress would rather play up steroids in sports and snub the poor with half-assed programs that screw the taxpayers and keep corporation executives wealthy and making payoffs to elected officials and their special interests.


Time for a REAL change,
Uncle Arthur Browning


Yes, it’s been a long time since Uncle Arthur showed you the love. But today is FREE Template Day, so love is everywhere. St. Valentine’s Day is a special event for lovers, and every merchant that feeds off of love like a parasite. So – the big question is what is it you prefer, love or money? Most people want both, so here’s your chance to jazz up your romance or your business – SEE THE FREE ICONSET and St. Valentine’s Day Bonus hereheartsflowers1.jpg
Love means many things to many people. But Uncle Arthur can’t explain the Birds and the Bees here today. Let’s just say that love is “sharing.” This sharing can mean a little or a lot. From the spiritual to the physical, from the material to the esoteric. “Share, Share !!! Yes, it’s Spring!!! Share, Share!!!!” Or you could say “Love, Love!!!!” Say it with joy and celebration, but be careful in public restrooms.


Because love means so many things to so many people Uncle Arthur must tell you some bad news too. There have been some not very funny jokes about love on the web. These are “LOVE” lines that Uncle Arthur has banned from all Superblogger materials – so don’t use these jokes. . . seriously!!!!

1) This feels so good, it feels so right, I just wish it wasn’t $50 a night.

2) You’re a woman of style, you’re a woman of class, especially when I’m spanking, your big, fat ass.

3) Before I met you, my heart was so famished, but now I’m fulfilled. . . SO MAKE ME A SAMICH!!!

4) I admire your strength, I admire your spunk, But the thing I like best, is getting you drunk.


We must all focus on the good things. Forget about the bad things. Remember that love is important to families, couples, groups, churches, nations and the world. Unexpressed love is hardly better than a lack of love. So express your love knowing that it is good, important and necessary.

The Love Specialist,
Uncle Arthur “Don’t stop!!!” Browning


I hope none of you Superbloggers forgets St. Valentine’s Day!!! “What the world needs now is love, sweet love, it’s the only thing that there’s just not enough of . . .” Yes, who could say it better?


Sometimes, as Lou Rawls used to say, “Love Is a Hurtin’ Thing.” And don’t forget what Johnny Lang says, “Lie to me and tell me everything is all right. Lie to me and tell me that you’ll stay here tonight. Tell me that you’ll never leave. Oh, and I’ll just try to make believe that everything, everything your telling me is true. Come on baby won’t you just lie to me, go ahead and lie to me.”

But as Michael Jackson says, “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough” like this – “Lovely Is The Feelin’ Now – Fever, Temperatures Risin’ Now – Power, Ah Power, Is The Force The Vow – That Makes It Happen It Asks No Questions Why – Ooooh – So Get Closer, Closer Now – To My Body Now Just Love Me ‘Til You Don’t Know How – Oooooh!”

And don’t forget what Madonna said in “Physical Attraction.” “You say that you need my love – And you’re wantin’ my body, I don’t mind – Baby all I’ve got is time – And I’m waiting to make you mine.” See what Uncle Arthur is trying to explain here. You need that special look for your WordPress Blog for St. Valentin’s Day.

And when Amy Winehouse says. “When you walk in the bar – And you dressed like a star, Rockin’ your F me pumps. – – – And the men notice you, With your Gucci bag crew, Can’t tell who he’s lookin’ to.” See the whole collection of WordPress Themes here.


And don’t forget the Beatles – “Close your eyes and I’ll kiss you Tomorrow I’ll miss you Remember I’ll always be true – And then while I’m away – I’ll write home every day – And I’ll send all my loving to you.”

Make Love Not War!
Uncle Arthur “Mr. Frisky” Browning


What can a website do? How much should it do? Uncle Arthur thinks a website should make a visitor want to remain on your website. Can a website entertain and communicate a message at the same time? See Uncle Arthur’s Top 10 Best Flash Website Templates.

Why not? If a website is designed with motion and sound it can become much more attractive – if it’s done in the right way. It can’t be boring to old customers. It can’t take too long to load. It must still be searchable for the traffic of potential new customers. So Uncle Arthur has the Top 10 Best Flash Website Templates that do their job in the very best way. They are displayed below, just click on the thumbnail to see the full websites sights and sounds.


18324-b.jpg 7238-b.jpg

8031-b.jpg 7853-b.jpg

18350-b.jpg 6625-b.jpg


That’s the Uncle Arthur’s Top 10 Best Flash Website Templates – Feel refreshed, creative, interested? Good because your visitors need that feeling too. Get your website project started today – the high-tech, low-cost way – with a quality Flash Template.

Super Value Shopper,
Uncle Arthur “Dropshopper” Browning


What’s in a name you ask? Uncle Arthur is here to explain that there is a lot in a name, especially in the world wide web. What you name your website has many meanings and effects. Now center yourself for these words of wisdom Superbloggers!!

Today Uncle Arthur brings you 5 Truths of the domain NAME. When you buy a domain name you can’t just say, “I want what I want dot com.” Buying a domain name takes thought and some planning – so read these 5 Truths:


1) Keep your domain name as simple as possible. Keep it easy to read, easy to say, easy to spell, easy to remember. The reasons for this truth are that a long and complex name has a much higher chance for misreading or misspelling.

2) Make the name as keyword relevant as possible. This makes it easy to remember and gives better search engine rankings too.

3) Buy each form of the name with plural or hyphenated variations if possible. This strategy lessens the loss of customers who might misspell your primary domain and it protects your name from the competitors who buy domain names similar to yours to forward to their website, and take your traffic.

4) If you intend to have a web site for commercial or business reasons register it with the .com extension. The .com extension has more appeal, it’s what most people will automatically enter when going by memory. So if the .com version of your domain is not available, choose a different domain name. You can also buy the other extension names for further protection.

5) If you already have brand recognition then use your name as the domain if possible. And you might buy a set of two domain names, one that includes your brand name and another that includes keywords. But be sure to have one as the primary to be submitted to search engines, and that the others are set up for forwarding only, not to be submitted to the search engines to avoid confusion.


These truths will get you maximal traffic from people and search engines – Uncle Arthur promises!

The Magic of the Name
Uncle Arthur “Merlin” Browning


Atlantis, the Island of Atlas, is the name of a legendary island first mentioned in Plato’s dialogues “Timaeus” and “Critias”.  Plato said Atlantis was “beyond the pillars of Heracles” and was a naval power that conquered many parts of Western Europe and Africa 9,000 years before the time of Solon, or approximately 9500 BC.


After a failed attempt to invade Athens, Atlantis sank into the ocean “in a single day and night of misfortune”.  The civilization of Atlantis left it’s mark on many ancient civilizations – Greece, Egypt, Crete, Phoenecia, Chaldea and others.

Atlantis has been credited with many incredible technologies that are not fully understood – amongst them a magnetic application of gravity to power ships, and clairvoyance.  Vestiges of Atlantis’ knowledge is found in many ancient civilizations.  One of the most startling discoveries was a pair of columns in ancient Egypt that could not be fully translated.  The Egyptian hieroglyphics named Atlantis and gave information about the lost continent, but the Atlantean glyphs remained uncipherable until I compared those markings with the account of an ancient seer’s scroll found in Ephesus some 3000 years ago.

The translation was a startling account of the future that contained a list of “10 ways to get search engines to pay attention to your website.”  Needless to say, I will wait for no authorization to give that list here to you now Superbloggers!


1 – May the sons of your sons always optimize for keyword content.

2 – Let each title tag be written with a unique title.

3 – Write quality content into every Meta tag.

4 – Content is ever the king and always the king.

5 – Be ye wise in writing image alt text.

6 – You will create a Robots.txt file as a map of your web site.

7 – You will create a Sitemap.xml file to tell engines of all sections and pages of your website.

8 – Let there be no duplicate content from one page unto another.

9 -  Create custom error pages that look like the rest of your site and keep search engine robots from reaching a dead end in your site and leaving.

10 – Make sure that your website is fully validated for well-formed HTML.


Although this was just one bit of the Atlantean technology in the glyphs, Uncle Arthur is proud to bring it to you first.

“When Content Was King”
Uncle Arthur “of the Ancients” Browning


What has LOVE got to do with it? That’s my question exactly. Uncle Arthur understands that for many people it’s all about the love. Where, when, how much???? Well, I decided to Launch the stock market of love. Yes, the Stock Market of Love (SML), why not? It’s a commodity and it should be traded in a safe and fair way.


WordPress Theme

# 18206 from

Sure, it can be more than a commodity, it can be spiritual too. But Uncle Arthur will save that for a different project. Let’s focus here. Love is essential to everyone, even people who deny it’s power or necessity – or even it’s existence! For these people, who need physical proof, landmarks, values, quantifiable and practical concepts, the SML is the answer.

You can get a WordPress Theme for St. Valentine’s Day to show Website Blog for your first Love Party Announcement. Trading at the Office or in a Small Business for Social Romance Clubs needs the Heart for a Lover’s Kiss. L’amour, toujours l’amour!!!

Your Office needs a WordPress Theme to make the Small Business Social Romance a Club for Lovers. St. Valentine’s Day is the best occasion to get your Website prepared to Blog a Love Party or Announcement of a special kiss to your Lover.

Romance Club Heart Lover looks better on a WordPress Theme. St. Valentine’s Day Website Blog Love Party Announcement Office Small Business Social Romance Club Heart Lover Kiss.

Check out the LOVEly collection of WordPress Themes for St. Valentine’s Day Website Blog Love Party Announcement Office Small Business Social Romance Club Heart Lover Kiss.


Uncle Arthur knows you can’t trade love on the stock market 24/7 – you need to take a break. So make sure you have your blog is up 24/7 for WordPress Theme St. Valentine’s Day Website Love Party Announcement Office Small Business Social Romance Club Heart Lover Kiss.

“Civilization is a process in the service of Eros, whose purpose is to combine single human individuals, and after that families, then races, peoples and nations, into one great unity, the unity of mankind. Why this has to happen, we do not know; the work of Eros is precisely this.â€? – Sigmund Freud

Happy Valentine’s Day!!
Uncle Arthur


Formula 1 or Gashog Fieldcar – You gotta’ have a website to sell those crates.  Today it’s a mechanical fact.  Website’s make your business visible.  Uncle Arthur is here to tell you – visibility is a must considering CarMAX, new card dealers and every other shade tree mechanic selling fixer-uppers has a website.  And, it’s for a good reason.  A Flash Template Automobile Sales Car Lot Small Business Blog Auto Pollution Free Website Used New Online will sell more cars.


Flash Template #18222 from

Sell cars to women???  Sure you do.  They might bring along a man to look the car over, or drive it, or haggle a little on price, but the girl is gonna’ buy what she wants.  Uncle Arthur can tell you, today’s women pick the car by how it looks, and 80% to 90% look on the web for deals and colors and options. Your car lot, small business blog auto sales needs a sleek Flash Template to get your automobile pollution free website for new and used cars online.

Flash Templates Website can make your Automobile Sales Car Lot blog Small a booming business for auto pollution free website either used or new online.

To peruse the amazing designs available in this huge collection of Flash Template winners just click here. Automobile blog Sales Car Lot Small Business Auto Pollution Free Website Used New Online.


Would you throw a beer can out of the window while a state trooper was following you on the highway?  NO!  At least Uncle arthur knows you have that much sense.  Now get a blog Flash Template Automobile Sales Car Lot Small Business Auto Pollution Free Website Used New Online, or get off the road!!

Free the Highways from Gashogs!
Arthur “Pass the Maserati” Browning


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