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Uncle Arthur has wandered the meanings of existence and encountered many strange entities.  Not all entities are friendly.  Many of these objects, phenomena and beliefs are hostile or deceptive to others.  Don’t be deceived, Superbloggers!!!

What can we do about it???  Let’s get realistic for just a moment.  We can do what we are able, from where we are, at this time and place.  We can make sure that our websites are user-friendly.

Think that’s too basic or childish?  Uncle Arthur insists that any user-friendly website on the net will save and encourage the wanderers that happen into your world.


How to Make Your Website User-Friendly:

1) Visitors must know which page they are viewing! – The best way to ensure your visitors don’t get lost on your website is if you title your pages. Superbloggers, make sure this title is the title in your navigation area too.

2) Visitor must be able to easily get to other pages using your navigational area! – Make sure that every main page in your website has a link from your navigation area with the exact titles as the titles on your pages.

3) Visitors must enjoy looking at your pages! – Your background color and text color must make a good combination.  Uncle Arthur knows you will need to take this into serious consideration. If your color scheme is unappealing, visitors will leave no matter how good your subject matter may be.

4) Visitors must be interested in your photos and graphics! – If your photos are too big or you have too many on a page the visitor will leave.  And big pcture files also have big download times.

5) Visitors do not want to put up with errors and page problems! – Who would?  Test for errors and user-friendliness on your pages. Have several other people look at your website in different browsers and different screen display resolutions.  Ask them about color and esthetics in your layout, fonts, graphics and logos.


Keeping your website user-friendly is one of the best things you can accomplish for your visitors. Taking the time to ensure usability is nothing compared to how many visitors you will lose if you have a not-so-friendly website. Ensuring readability, fast downloading, and performing multiple tests will get you started in the right direction of designing user-friendly websites.

Get It Right – Keep It Right!
Uncle Arthur “Wanderer” Browning


The solution was a no brainer for anyone on the outside looking in. Using good business sense to get this country on it’s feet again – That’s the crux of the matter. Uncle Arthur is ready to share this recently used approach to solving the “people problems” of our nation – but with a creative twist. Uncle Arthur may call it “NO LEGISLATION LEFT BEHIND” or “REAL GOVERNMENT FOR A REAL NATION” or any other catchy phrase to feed the media.


There are lots of “good” corporate citizens out there willing to run our government – many of them have been trying to do it for years. But, now with Uncle Arthur’s new plan, the USA won’t have to pay off the expensive middlemen (politicians) to get this country on the move again toward greatness. The saddest part of our past has been that these middlemen (elected officials) seldom deliver any value added to the edicts of our sleek corporate masters.


Now Uncle Arthur feels it’s time to stop mincing words. Aren’t you sick of voting for the strutting, windbag primadonnas who want to give an impression of importance when they really only spoon feed you the previously made decisions from the theatre of “Government.”

Government-coated candy pills delivered from the Mount of Powerful Committees – a story line that just isn’t necessary anymore. When was the last time you voted for a policy instead of a politician. What? Did you just say – “What is a POLICY?????” Uncle Arthur is ashamed of you. We better define what a policy is right now.

A “policy” is what the people in Washington talk about, but don’t want to write down unless it’s 1) written to sound good but skirts all deep issues 2) can’t be porked out any further 3) good for “favorite” corporations 4) and is simple enough for an idiot (citizen) to believe in with all their heart.


To get people to replace our “elected” middlemen we can use cross-promotion tactics – an easy, inexpensive method for generating more traffic and more revenue for business and government that is closer to a real democracy than our current corporatocracy.

A simple example of good cross-promotion is swapping business cards with another business in your locale. The idea is to find a related but non-competing operation, give them a stack of your cards to hand out and take a stack of their cards in exchange.


On websites and website templates you can exchange Thank You Page Ads or confirmation pages that prospects see after they make a purchase or register for a free mailing list are great places to post promotions. The people who see these pages are action takers, making them the ultimate target for a good advertisement to participate in policy making. You can place an ad for your cross-promotion partner on one or more of your thank you pages and have them do the same for you.

Unannounced Member Bonus – If you and your promotional partner run membership programs, you could place unannounced bonuses within one another’s secure member areas of youir websites. For instance, when members login to your site they could find a “free gift” from your partner, and be required to register at your partner’s Website to receive access to their free gift; of course you would place a similar promotion in your promotion partner’s member area. And you can get the participants’ opinions on alternative energy policies, who to declare war on next, or why we should have a basic nationwide health insurance for citizens.


You can include an email in your automated message series promoting your partner’s committee and they could reciprocate with an email for you. You could even promote as affiliates for one another so you both earn commissions in the process.

Cover Page Promotions are a good idea if you and your partner both produce digital information products such as e-books and special reports. You just swap promotions on the first page of your PDF products. This would provide both of you with quality exposure as your ads would be seen by the people who purchase and actually participate in public policy making as well. These people can not only express informed opinion, they are action takers – not payola seekers.


These are just four examples of how we can use cross promotion tactics on the web to liberate our government and society from self-serving middlemen (congress and elected officials) who stare pork and PACs in the eye everyday and just can’t say no. Tell ’em Uncle Arthur sent ya.

Save the Country!!!!!
Uncle Arthur “Save the Country” Browning


Energy Policy has to do with politics and the economy, and now that we have seen another rerun of the corporately devised “energy crisis”. A good website for your Alternatives to Fossil Fuels and Recyclable Materials website or political action committee needs a Flash Template to Preserve Animals, Nature, Ecology by using Clean and Renewable energy.


WordPress Theme #18064 from

The internet is the beginning of the new wave of technology. People on the net tend to be younger, they need to know what is at stake – the money, the years, the wars, the deaths, the corruption, the degradation of our environment, the  loss of species, a post-industrial lifestyle in an era that should transcend old corporate controls.

You can use this Flash Template for Nature and the Ecology to get Clean Renewable Energy Policy into Politics. What Economy doesn’t benefit from Alternative Fossil Recyclables to Preserve Animals.

Keep the Ecology Clean with business on a Flash Template for Nature. Renewables for Energy Policy and Politics Economy Alternative Recyclable Preserve. Before all our Animals are Fossils.

You need this kind of WordPress Theme. Check here for more beautiful designs. Clean Renewable Energy Policy in Politics and the Economy – low cost new technology.

WordPress Theme Nature Ecology Clean Renewable Energy Policy Politics Economy Alternative Fossil Recyclable Preserve Animal

Save Our Planet!!
Arthur Browning


The Architecture business has been some what competitive and small contractors and draftsmen often have to generate their own blueprints. Builders into Renovation and Remodeling can establish a stronger presence in their local area when they have a Blog Online, especially if it’s an attractive website with a Flash Template.


Flash Template #18130 from

Flash Templates offer energy and beauty in the presentation of you Architecture Draftsman business. Contractors, even small builders with their own blueprints can customize in any renovation or remodeling project. You just need to get that Online Website operational.

A beautiful plan needs a good blueprint whether for builder into remodeling or renovation. You can pick up business and grow your reputation with an online Flash Template for Architecture and Contractor Small Business. Every Draftsman knows the value of good visual presentation.

See the best available collection here – Flash Templates. Build your architecture contractor small business big as a draftsman and blueprint maker. Be the Builder of the future for Renovation and Remodelling with an Online Website.

The Blueprint for your business just got stronger. Builders can specialize in new structures or renovation and remodelling depending on how well they deliver a Flash Template Architecture Contractor Online Website for draftsmen.

Are cities a relic of past cultures, no longer necessary with technological connectedness?
Arthur “Structures for Life” Browning


No it’s not about the money! The oil companies would have killed Uncle Arthur if there were oil on Mars. My plan is simple. Colonize Mars before some other Earth-based organization turns it into a strip-mine, toxic dump, or CIA drug production zone. Why? Because Uncle Arthur wants his Superbloggers to have a good example of leadership. Also we can use Mars as a base to create the Google Indexing Society.


How can this be done???? It’s not so hard, really. We just leave Congress out of the planning so it doesn’t get sold out to Exxon, Shell or a pharmaceutical firm. We will colonize it in the name of “Web Template Blog.” Once the colony is fully functioning we will work with Google for a better Indexed world of the web.

First Step: We will launch a small missile from the back of a high altitude transport jet (much less espensive than using NASA’s archaic straight up against gravity launches – dramatic but stupid). This Mars-bound missile will carry a mix of biosludge and amino acids with a dash of stem cells and genome pieces of numerous species – to get life on Mars jump started and More Earth-like.

Second Step: Using Uncle Arthur’s patented “Flector Technology” TM* – we will use the electronic “wave glove” to project directly to the Mars landing site a series of small electric impulses to get that “life cocktail” going up there.

Third Step: We will follow in two years with some colonists – a group composed of techies, androids with special functions and people who want to escape New Orleans.

Fourth Step: After renewable agriculture and industry are underway we will build the new WTB Indexing Center. This will be the cornerstone of a civilization dedicated to a Google-friendly society.

Fifth Step: Interview JaY Leno for the “Tonight Show – Mars” – with special Guest Appearances by “Bobby D,” “Mister New York” himself Robert DeNiro – and – Bill “Techie 1” Gates.


In the meantime, superbloggers, do not forget the Principles of the Unified Index Field Theory:

PageRank – The higher your PageRank the more you will be indexed because the spider does a deeper crawl.

Links – Especially deep links from a high PageRank sites are powerful in algorithm factoring.

Internal Links – Links to your important pages from your homepage and on content pages link to your other relevant content pages.

Sitemap – A well laid out Sitemap can get all your pages indexed.

Speed – Page load time affects how many pages get indexed.

Verify – Be sure content is original.

When everything is functional and we are the envy of Earth we will allow some tourism (see below the photo of a Mars theme Park design to use the forces generated by obese Earth children on a rollercoaster to power our civilization without fossil fuel).


When Tomorrow looks like yesterday . . .
Uncle Arthur “Mars Man” Browning


My fellow Americans I want your vote to make SEO a “kinder, gentler” place to show your webpage. Uncle Arthur “Get’s it!!” Uncle Arthur knows the web needs a “thousand points of light,” and “the vision thing.” Uncle Arthur already knows “It’s the economy, Stupid.”


SEO can be done with “family values” in mind, to “bring real change,” “not just the same old gridlock,” we’ve seen on “both sides of the aisle,” from “Washington insiders.” Uncle Arthur is ready to lead this nation into the 21st century and to meet all the challenges of an SEO future.

“When I am President, you will be able to say no more scandals, no more cut and run, no more stay the course, no more benchmarks, no more deep dish pizza billboards in Baghdad.”

Fourscore and seven years ago there was no internet, only telephone, but now. . . these are the days of our lives, like sand through Shawn Hannity or Rush Limbaugh’s hourglass.”

Here is Uncle Arthur’s program for SEO policy. And if you can’t offer a better policy for this nation then shut up! No child left behind, with the highest pharmaceutical prices on the planet, forever!!!!


1) Research your Keywords – Ask what keywords someone might type in when searching for products you sell. After a  brainstorming session write down all you were able to think of. Now take two keywords from your list that you feel potential customers will use most frequently. Try to make your keywords the ones most related to your business.

2) Site Text – Your website text is made of wording on your web page. Text content is king. Search engines love unique content and your keywords should be placed in the best locations in your content. Make sure that your copy reads well around them as it needs to make sense. Keywords should be placed in headings, top of pages, in bold or italics, used as link text for other pages of your site and in your title tag.

3) Link Building – One good way of thinking about links is that for every link from a website that leads to yours is a “vote” for your site. Every quality link you receive can improve your search rankings. The quality of inbound links is more vital than quantity.

Over time you should watch and record your search engine rankings by doing a Google search for your chosen keywords  to see where you rank. You can also monitor where your visitors are coming from by watching your hosting reports.

I am pleased as punch to present this environmentally green program for SEO. When there is a chicken in every pot and we have a microwave in every restroom, then and only then shall we rest. Well, don’t let the souless communistic regime keep you awake nights anymore, listen to Uncle Arthur – because he is politically correct and “he gets it right,” the first time, not 16 years later.


I do not believe that the American citizens and the American economy are like a fat cashcow, to be milked, and milked and plundered under threat of slaughter by the corporate interests in Washington. Nor do I think the underhanded corporate practices of thrifts, credit card banks and mortgage credit entities should go unnoticed, as they essentially rape our citizens of their earnings. NO DOLLAR LEFT BEHIND!!!

When’s the last time you got to vote for a policy instead of a politician?
Arthur “Hanging Chad” Browning


Every artist working today needs to showcase their portfolio of work in a an Online Gallery Store to Sell their Paintings, Sculpture, Prints, Collages, Ceramics and Drawings. A WordPress Theme Art Blog Website provides an elegant design to do so.


WordPress Theme #17882 from

A Website acting as an online gallery makes for a better Artist Portfolio than lugging a case full of work door to door at galleries and stores. A FREE WordPress website can be dressed up with a Theme that has an elegant design. Your art blog can sell work from this online showcase for painting – sculpture – print – collage – ceramic – drawing.

Drawing from the Elegant Designs of this huge collection of WordPress Themes you can build the best possible art blog for your artist portfolio website as an online gallery store to sell your work. Showcase every Painting Sculpture Print Collage Ceramic Drawing.

Click here to use one of these WordPress Themes to create the Art Blog that any Artist Portfolio needs to act as a Website and Online Gallery Store. Just Sell Work and Showcase Painting Sculpture Print Collage Ceramic Drawing in this Elegant Design.

Paintings, Sculpture, Prints, Collage, Ceramics and Drawings never looked better than they will here in your WordPress Theme Art Blog Artist Portfolio Websites. Make an online gallery store to sell your work from a great showcase.

Artists Of the Web!!!!
Arthur “Pablo” Browning


Where can I start? This is not an easy story for Uncle Arthur. I do not buy porn. I hardly ever measure my penis. So why me? I have come to realize it’s not just me, it’s the dark dread of Spam World!!!!! The Spam World that play’s on our human weaknesses and fears to sell it’s products!!!!!

I thought that Spam World was trying to make me crazy with a barrage of porn and penis size email ads. But now I know they do it to everyone (don’t they?).


Even women get these ads. And it’s not just porn and penis size. If a girl constantly has to think about her feminine odors and phermones and hair color and dating questions she might feel that she’s only thought of as a sexual animal right? Well porn and penis size makes me feel bad too.

What can we do about it? Well, Uncle Arthur now believes that the world is slowly being divided into two large camps. Those camps are divided by spam into “those who believe they are sexual animals” and “those who are fighting that belief with every waking and dreaming moment.”

It is important to stand up to Spam World, don’t give in!!!Say it, Say it!!! I AM NOT A SEXUAL ANIMAL! I DON’T WANT PORN! MY PENIS IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!!!!!

Uncle Arthur guarantees that if you shout these self affirming messages every day (2-3 times on awakening and going to sleep, maybe after meals or TV) you will begin to build a real resistance to the dark dreads of Spam World.

I had to explain this many times recently to my Super Bloggers who sent in the examples of what they had been receiving in their email night and day from Spam World. Here’s just one small fraction of their messages:

“In company girls may state, that man’s passion and ability matters much more, than the size of his love stick.  But we all know, that privately, they confess to the opposite! The truth is that large pen!s is more potent and arousing!”

“Vixens avow, that too skinny and short male sticks in no way are able to please them! They just don’t stimulate the vaginal nerve endings effectively! By good luck, due to MegaDik additional inches can easily be obtained now!”

“Don’t let your average-sized dic’k spoil your romance! Let your pen!s grow to a perfect size, and make women crave for it! Give that a try now and watch her obedient to your new male power in her eyes.”

“Show that you’re a real man deserving a real phallus! Big Phallus is a symbol of masculine power! No woman would refuse from getting laid by a full-size dic’k.”

“Turn your small knob into a huge meat stick! Thin and not so long pen!ses absolutely can’t give satisfaction! They just don’t touch all sensitive spots inside female pussy sufficiently! Only real men deserve success in this world!”

“The advantages of having a big pen!s are innumerable! Are you out of luck? Only real men have all the luck! Grow to be a fortunate fellow with a huge stick! Don’t doubt, she will be happy to find a massive love stick in your pants!”


Some of these websites even give penis growth newspapers, forums, chat, etc. Uncle Arthur asks you now – Is this what we want for our culture – a Spam World culture?

Don’t allow yourself to be turned into a sexual animal!!
Arthur “None of Your Business” Browning


How did Victoria’s Secret get so popular. The same way any good online fashion designer portfolio or intimate apparel shop for ecommerce can turn a lingerie boutique that sells erotic boudoir garments can make a store catalogue into a major business – with a Flash Template website.
Flash Template


#17996 from

Catalogues for Intimate Apparel are all over the web, they all want to show their shop for Ecommerce. A Flash Template showing Erotic Boudoir Garments and Lingerie in an online Boutique Fashion Designer Portfolio makes a very competitive store.

Erotic apparel never looked better in ecommerce. Just upload your Fashion Designer Portfolio to your Flash Template Lingerie Boutique Online store and see a catalogue of Intimate Shop Boudoir Garments with real business possibilities.

The best and most comprehensive collection of Flash Templates can be seen here. Your store lingerie needs a boutique  online to push the fashion designer portfolios in an ecommerce catalogue for intimate apparel. Your customers can shop for erotic boudoir garments 24/7.

Ecommerce is the name of the future. Your online website can make a real statement with a Flash Template. Lingerie boutique fashion can give a designer portfolio a store catalogue nationwide. The intimate apparel shop can sell erotic boudoir garments to your customers.

Something very provocative please,
Arthur “Fashion Guru” Browning


Uncle Arthur sometimes has to take up the hard subjects with you. Today is one of those times. We must understand time travel to more fully grasp the power of links – especially for legal linking to other articles and feeds. Let us begin with a statement of the problem at hand.


The Associated Press is only one company that has made a lawsuit for copyright infringement. The practice that they feel is illegal is one that many websites and blogs use each day – showing a fragment or a headline from an article and adding a link to the full article. This is a reminder of earlier days when article aggregators feeds were legally tested for linking. And search engines do this everyday.

Now bear with me – because change creates tension in any situation in which it is occurring. Some traditional news agencies feel infringed upon by internet articles aggregation feeds. Is this worry based in logical or legal reasoning? Change occurs over time – and links are a direct spatial reference to other spatial occurrences.

Time travel is not only possible, it is essential to daily life. Time travel is not what you see in sci-fi movies. In actuality there are many forms of time travel – into the past, future and parallel variations of every different time continua. Time is an infinitely elastic mode, not to be confused with space, and infinitely elastic state.

Questions arise, like: Is it legal to use headlines of articles without permission from copyright holders?

Is it legal to publish lead-ins, taglines or short phrases from articles without permission from copyright holders?

Is it legal to create a business that sorts publications and sends referrals to articles to others without permission from copyright holders?

Is it legal to make marketing statements about others’ articles like “hot news” when you create a link to an article?


When these questions are seen through the viewpoint of time travel continua the questions become much more understandable. Questions like “when” and “if” take on the dimensions of “ever” or “never.” And then you must look at
the problem of “in which universe?” And the concern of with or without prescience (before) or postscience (after) the article is conceived or ends. If you agree that a copyright has no end then it could be said to be infinite – which is arguably nonmeasurable or is arguably nonexistent.

So let’s look at the real question – “Does a link hurt anybody or any copyright?” Answer me that and Uncle Arthur will support your findings every single time – whether you are right or wrong because you cannot conceivably be in the
same time and space at the same time ever again. You must change just as time and the universe change in a subconstant way.

Linking the Future,
Arthur “Time Traveler” Browning


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