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Ecommerce has made unbelievable inroads into several markets. Price comparison shoppers love the ability to surf the price comparison websites that show prices for a particular item from six or seven major bricks and mortar chains or other online retailers.

Ecommerce shop owners must do everything possible to increase and maintain business while controlling overhead to compete is this toughening field. The absolute lowest price does not always make the sale however, even though many shoppers have price as one of their two or three top criteria in shopping.

Perhaps the most underrated single thing you can do for your ecommerce business is to grow your customer loyalty. Loyal customers return because they know you have good pricing – but you have many other desirable features. These features are not just FREE shipping or BONUS gifts of a sample of new face cream.


The most important features are listed below – remember them the next time you are shopping online or returning to your favorite seller to make a purchase.

1 – Customer Service – When your customers need help or have questions they want email and telephone support, and it better be good, fast, courteous and to the point from the very beginning. Haphazard support in customer service has cost the very biggest websites in various industries as much as 50% of their return business, which could be estimated to be 50-80% of their potential volume.

2 – Involve Visitors – Shoppers want to belong to the best outfit possible, they can quickly become loyal to you if they feel good about you. Does your website make them feel good, in control, enjoying their visit, knowing they are doing good business with a good company? Your website must be attractive, interesting, even inspiring or fun or mysterious to get visitors to continue to involve themselves with you.


3 – Excellent Branding – Customers should automatically feel all the good things they know about you every time they read your emails, see your website, get letters or bills, pass on a great deal to a friend, etc. When they feel this way about your logo and designs and colors you create very good loyalty with your imagery and signage for your products and services.

4 – Know Your Market – To fully understand your own market means you can determine what they want and how they want to know about it. Learn everything about your buyers – demographics, favorite products and features, etc.

5 – Know Your Competitors – To really know your competitors you must understand their strengths and weaknesses. You must see their strategies in order to surpass them in one or all areas of your ecommerce business.

6 – After Sale – Your buyers want to understand that they are important to your business – that you realize how much they help your business. You must express this to them without boring them. Ask for their suggestions and complaints and requests. After a sale, it is the natural time to ask, but you can’t be demanding or bothersome to them to get results.


So, protect your customers. Once you have won them, make sure you keep them. It is the most cost effective way to continue making sales. And a good return customer is the best word of mouth advertising you can get. If you accomplish the above guidelines you will have a very competitive market strategy for getting and keeping ecommerce customer loyalty.

Big 12 Championship Prediction: Missouri 38 – Oklahoma 21
Uncle Arthur Is Here For You,
Arthur Browning


Flash Templates can make website the most attractive – better than your competition. Eyeglasses Shops that sell Imported Designer Frames in a Boutique with an Optician or Opthalmologist or Optometrist prescription can improve Clinic Contact and sell more Lenses.  The Service available in your Store is a Business option for Local Vision Correction or Sunglasses sales.


Flash Template #17385 from

So get and edge on the competition with the kind of website that everybody wants to visit.  Stores in Business with Local Vision Correction services can showcase Sunglasses.  An Optometrist can help his sales of Imported Designer Frames in a Shop Boutique that is advertised with a Flash Template.  Eyeglasses and Contact Prescription Lens help Opticians and Opthalmologists from the Clinic to improve profits.

Frame Boutiques can even add a clinic for Optician Opthalmologist Optometrist service creating a Store Business for  Local Vision Correction and sunglasses sales.  Use this Flash Template – just change the photos and title to suit your store and your Eyeglasses Shop can advertise Imported Designer Frames in a Boutique to sell Contact Prescription Lenses.

See the really big collection of bargain priced Flash Templates here.  Every Eyeglasses Shop can show off the Imported Designer Frames in their Boutique.  All Optician Opthalmologist and Optometrist Clinics can use this version for Contact Prescription Lens Service even if they don’t want a Store or Business for Local Vision Correction Sunglasses.

Sunglasses and Contact Prescription Lens business make a Frame Boutique service a logical choice.  The Flash Template gives an online presence to the Eyeglasses Shop.  Waht better way to sell Imported Designer products or advertise an Optician Opthalmologist Optometrist Clinic Service.  So give your Store  a boost of Local Vision Correction business.

See What I mean?
Arthur Browning


Google was possibly penalizing some of the link directories for awhile, pushing them way down in the SERPs. The penalties did not appear to be related to algorithm – possibly human selection. This certainly concerned Uncle Arthur, did it concern you?

Well some people thought that the link directories were going to catch #%@&, but they didn’t afterall. So everybody had their own theory – since Google had nothing to say about it. Uncle Arthur heard about one theory that goes like this: Google was evaluating paid links.

Based on some of the sayings by Google’s Matt Cutts we might surmise that unreviewed or poorly screened directories might be seen as mere link lists – given less credence or authority than well organized directories with quality sites of good content.

Uncle Arthur has another question about the “quality” of the websites in a directory. Websites that are loaded with spam are considered lower quality, apparently. So directories that accept these spam farms also get lower marks, apparently.

When directories request a fee is it spent upgrading the content of the directory by taking better websites – or is just a gimme the money website. Uncle Arthur heard that these gimme sites could be getting poor marks by Google too.

Even though only a fraction of the directories were penalized, they seem to have leanings to the above mentioned low mark situations. If so that means Google is getting pickier about spam related directories.


At SEOMoz an article titled “What Makes a Good Web Directory, and Why Google Penalized Dozens of Bad Ones” was written by Rand Fishkin. In that article Rand suggests Google could be marking down some of the directories that violate its guidelines. The more obvious example would be the Banner Ads for paid links from Your Directory on SEO Sites. It’s Spam about Spam time.

So like many people Uncle Arthur must wait until Google tells us what they are doing or what they want. But it looks like paid links might get downgraded to some extent for the near future, especially the Spam brokers.

Survivor of the Perfect Spam Storm,
Arthur Browning


Artists need an online presence in today’s art market.  It helps for a lot of reasons.  Having a blog can act as an online business card or it can support your main portfolio website for news or just for SEO and traffic. A WordPress Theme is the low cost and effective approach for every Painter to show Paintings, every Sculptor to show Sculptures or for a Print or Ceramic Studio website.


WordPress Theme #17252 from

A Website Portfolio in a WordPress Theme Art Blog makes every Artist more visible.  Whether Painter or Sculptor – the Painting and Sculpture, needs to be shown.  Prints and Ceramics also need traffic and SEO for each Studio.

SEO based Traffic can help get an artist noticed by the huge number of internet buyers today.  Studio news and photos can be posted, new Ceramics can be exhibited.  Print work can be showcased as well.  Any Painter can list the newest paintings, and Sculptors can do many views of each Sculpture.  It’s no wonder that so many artists want a website portfolio with a WordPress Theme Blog for art.

Ceramic, Painting, Print and Sculpture retailers and wholesalers use a blog to support their Website in SEO for traffic.  The art in a ortfolio guarantees a fine showcase  for every artist, whether painter or sculptor.  See the largest collection of exclusive WordPress Themes here.

Art Blogs are all over the web now, so you need the fine look of a WordPress Theme to make visitors intrigued and want to revisit.  A Website Portfolio can then get traffic from SEO.  Artists, Painter with Painting, Sculptor with Sculpture, Prints and Ceramics get their Studios known.

Eye Candy is My Business,
Arthur Browning


Happy Thanksgiving to all you turkey lovers. May this be a great kickoff to your holiday season. LET THE SHOPPING BEGIN and the meaning of Christmas not escape you.


When making the choice for your Domain Name you may see the possiblity to use your major keyword(s). But is it already used in various forms? Does the URL wording need to contain something specific to your business? Maybe a combination of keywords that can’t be placed together well?

Hyphens have been used with interesting variations – and interesting results as far as SEO is concerned. The best domain name needs to have relevancy in it’s keywords but free of name trademark problems with other websites. It should also be shorter and easier to remeber if possible. Ideally seven characters or less is what you want.

Let’s say you just created a business that you want to name, but you see that name is taken. Should you use a hyphen, as such: or should you make major name changes?

Well, your best choice is to take a name with no hyphen in it. But there are some exceptions to this situation. Here are some situations when a hyphen could be a good choice. Domain URLs with a hyphen can be a good idea if you need particular words in your domain but all domains without hyphens are bought.

Another good reason to use a hyphen is if your words appear difficult to read without a hyphen. The domain is harder to read than . Not a perfect name but it makes an example that a URL or domain should be as readable as possible.

Some people suggest using hyphens to help search engines to see your keywords better, especially good if the primary goal is SEO. But search engines can adjust to different reading and ranking styles, so it’s not a concrete rule.

Also, you should realize that some people will not remember to type the hyphen when they look for your website.

Arthur Hyphen Mr. Cool,
Arthur Browning


In today’s Restaurant scene you need a website for your customers and potential customers.  What an impression a Flash Template can make, motion music, great graphics, and easy to customize.  Dinner Party Clubs, Cafe, Bistro, need a Menu for the Wine Bar and Kitchen if Exotic Cuisine is a Specialty at your Local Romantic Dining Room that has Banquet Service and Catering.


Flash Template #17310 from

Banquet facilities with catering Service also use Flash Templates to get their Restaurant or Cafe noticed and respected. A Bistro can serve wine that is shown on your Menu.  The Bar and Kitchen offer Exotic specialty Cuisine in a Local Romantic Dining Room.  So where would you want to have your Dinner Party, at the Club?

Every Restaurant owner is in competition with every Cafe and Bistro.  Show off the Menu for your Dinner Party.  The Club with a Wine Bar and a Kitchen can use an Exotic Flash Template to showcase any cuisine Specialty.  Local people need a Romantic Dining spot.  Make your room well-known for Banquet Service and popular Catering.

See a huge Flash Template collection here.  Local Restaurants and Romantic Cafes make their Bistro Menu extra attractive this way.  Wine Bars can show off their new Kitchen preparing Exotic Cuisine in Specialty Dinners. Party Clubs are more Romantic when the Dining experience is in a Room seen on the internet.  Any catering service can compete with a Banquet facility then.

Your party room can make a big impact with a Catering Service.  The kitchen of a specialty bistro that serves dinner with an exotic menu and wine list makes a romantic room look even better. So jazz up your Restaurant or Cafe’s image for a club or bar with cuisine in your Local Dining Room Banquet with a flashy Flash Template

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!
Arthur Browning


I have heard the buzz on the internet – it’s not really very funny either! “Uncle Arthur is the Missing Link.”(?) That’s insulting and, well, just not true. I admit I have had some problems with links. But now I am here to put these rumors to rest. I have never been the missing link!!!! You can quote me on that.


When I work in SEO I “keep it simple stupid” – so should you. That doesn’t mean you are a missing link, does it? Well, does it? So I will tell you how Uncle Arthur handles SEO right now – let’s kick it!

SEO has been a big deal for a long time. We have all heard of the adjustments search engines make. The question of how inportant are links are is a biggie!

When webmasters compare notes on the effects of these adjustments they realize some changes are temporary – Are one-way incoming links better than reciprocal links? Well for now we can see that reciprocal links are still important for SEO. The link farms of past years are not as well rewarded but good reciprocal links from good websites with some authority and similar content are still weighed in well by the major search engines.

The comparison of notes shows that 1) a one-way link was a little better than a reciprocal link 2) the greater the authority the linking website has the more it helps 3) if the searched keyword is found in the URL of the linking website that makes the link a little stronger in the SERP also. All of these sound good to me. How does it sound to you – all you little missing links?

Also two other notes 1) a large number of links is only slightly better than a moderate number 2) age of the websites linking to you was also slightly helpful.

So to summarize for all you Missing Links – you should get your links from authoritative sites, with the keyword in the URL, one way or exchange to reciprocate, and get links on a regular basis so they add up.

Border War Prediction: Missouri 37 – Kansas 20

The Linkmeister,
Uncle Arthur Browning


Move that body! Move that body! Yes fans, it will be New Year’s before you know it. You gonna’ wait until you feel like a slob to start working out???? Uncle Arthur is here to tell you it’s time time TO GET IT ON!!!! Bust a Sweat!!!!! You can’t Touch This!!!

If you have a small business or club or a private school or class you need to let the group know what’s going on with a blog designed with a WordPress Theme. Your Jazzercise, Aerobics, Health, Yoga, Nutrition, Exercise, Training and Weight control website for Personal Trainer or a Massage, Aromatherapy, Bodybuilding, Strength Training people need to see your message.


WordPress Theme #14018 from

WordPress Themes for a Personal Trainer who offers Massage and Aromatherapy to keep a Bodybuilding and Strength Training business competitive is almost a necessity nowadays. An Exercise Training Club that likes Jazzercise or Aerobics for a Class approach to Health Yoga in a School setting also needs a Nutrition Blog for the Group to read in Private about their Weight Loss Plan.

Club Group Aromatherapy Classes can use a WordPress Theme to sell Jazzercise and Aerobics services in a Health business. Yoga Schools can make Nutrition and Exercise Training a great side business too.

Blog about your Private Weight or Personal Trainer that offers any kind of Massage for Bodybuilding to Strength Training.  See a comprehensive collection of unique WordPress Themes here. Strength Training Classes can publicize their Jazzercise and nutrition offerings with any aerobics regime for the Health of students enrolled in Yoga School Exercise Training Clubs.

Let the whole Group Blog for your Business. Private Weight problems can be discussed with a Personal Trainer along with the new Massage and Aromatherapy services to Bodybuilding.

Schools that use a WordPress Theme blog get more students dedicated to Jazzercise for Aerobics Class in a great music environment with aromatherapy. Health and nutrition in Yoga and Exercise Training Clubs get a Group dynamic when they have a Blog for the Business.

So remember that even a Private Weight trainer or Personal Massage and Bodybuilding guru can make Strength Training only one facet of a booming business. Tell ’em Uncle Arthur sent you.

I don’t need anabolic steroids to be my best –
Arthur “Big Boy” Browning


Energy Policy is mixed up with politics and the economy, especially now that we have seen another rerun of the corporately devised “energy crisis.” A good website for your Alternatives to Fossil Fuels and Recyclable Materials website or political action committee needs a Flash Template to Preserve Animals, Nature, Ecology by using Clean and Renewable energy.


Flash Template #15531 from

The internet is the beginning of the new wave of technology. Do not let the old wave, dominated by BIG OIL, run our future. People on the net tend to be younger, they need to know what is at stake – the money, the years, the wars, the deaths, the corruption, the degradation of our environment, the loss of species, a post-industrial lifestyle in an era that should transcend old corporate controls. You can use this Flash Template for Nature and the Ecology to get Clean Renewable Energy Policy into Politics. What Economy doesn’t benefit from Alternative Fossil Recyclables to Preserve Animals.

Keep the Ecology Clean with business on a Flash Template for Nature. Renewables for Energy Policy and Politics Economy
Alternative Recyclable Preserve. Before all our Animals are Fossils.

Uncle Arthur wants you to have the benefit of the doubt for our future – read these articles and remember to start using new technologies to break the bondage we are in with old technologies:

“Energy, Money the New World Order”
“World War III, Islamic Terror, Petroleum”
“Energy Crisis or Political Profiteering”
“Unlucky 13 Very Serious Energy Questions”
“Get Solar or Wind Generators”

I know you thought Uncle Arthur was a one-trick pony! Well, seems I’m a two-trick pony doesn’t it? Get Alternative Fossil Recyclable to Preserve Animals. Use a Flash Template like the one above for Nature, Ecology, Clean Renewable Energy Policy in Politics and the Economy. See the BIG collection for low cost new technology here.

Flash Template Nature Ecology Clean Renewable Energy Policy Politics Economy Alternative Fossil Recyclable Preserve Animal

Don’t Be Fuelish!!!
Arthur Browning


It’s one of my Flash days you know. I look for portfolios with Flash and find something interesting – next thing you know I am trying to get an interview. So, last week I visted the website of Andre’ Augusto at . After you have a look you’ll see why I interviewed Andre’.


How did you get into web design? “I love ‘Worms 2,’ an extrategic game and I play it a lot. I remember we needed to get in to a clan to be good and all clans need a site. So I start to create many stuffs to internet and always wishing the best design and ideas to owns that game. So that’s it, I start to create site for clans of games online.”

Do you remember the very first site you designed? “Yes I do. I remember very clean my first site. It has an URL of CJB.NET I remember all sites non professional use it in that season. It has my complete name and was very big like I made it between 1996 at 1997, it has many animated gif, pictures and few words. That was my first experience creation stuffs to internet.”

You are doing a lot of Flash, is this a specialization for you? “I believe that it was unexpected that it became to be a specializalization. Beginning the main reason for me to create flash projects was the full inspiration of the legend studio I remember that they did amazing stuff just with the Flash 5 – macromedia yet. I told to myself I just wish to create stuffs like that someday. It was my first target. Along the way I realize other sides of the creative world on internet, others styles and still amazing and it made me full in love by the job. I like so much to animate as I like to do interface design, usability and illustration.”

Have you ever worked with website templates? “I have one experience with templates. In 2006 when I was invited to develop an intranet to a Telecom Company. It was a partnership by marketing and creation with the IT. I made the templates and the IT department was supposed to program it.”

What website template providers have you tried? “I know from a long time ago, and I always like it and sometimes my ideas for animation comes from there. . . they are really professional and can be inspiration for many guys.”


What do you think about Flash Technology? “As I said, I always enjoy it and it was my main reason to work with creation. But today, the way I see it is different. I believe the popular fame of Flash maybe is his weak too. New guys is using it the wrong way, making website non sense of usability and user experience. I heard about who cares about the technology is the developer, not the user. Sometimes people use Flash a lot their needs. So I recommend the use only when it’s fully necessary to make available the message that you wan’t to say. In the other hand, there are many Flash Projects never see before and people like it, the news, bold, but behind this sucess is very much work, search, study, etc. Before you judge some project you need to ask yourself how long time people lose to do that, look for details, the art, branding, you can enjoy it and bring to your projects too.”

What are your sources of inspiration? “I like to visit portfolios, agencies and designers, I like to visit award, like FWA, DOPE, LOUNGE, etc. I like to keep all that arts that I enjoy. I like to keep graphic stuffs too, it always bring ideas for my projects. Watch TV, Movies, Music World Helps too.”

Thank you Andre’ for your take on design and particularly Flash.

Use the Abundance of Solar and Wind Energy,
Arthur Browning


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