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Everybody wants Google! They want those SERPs to show their website HIGH on the list. Well, Google is available and has very open eyes to anyone who writes the right kind of invitation. – – Are you, uh, writing the right kind of invitation? Uncle Arthur better explain here.

Google wants you to make it easy for them to see what your website and content have in common with any particular search, and the words in that search. So, you must be sensitive to this and make the right efforts to show them.  Here’s five good ways to get your webpages HIGH on Google’s SERPs:

1) Design your website, or redesign if necessary, so that spiders can easily and quickly find the important parts of your site and content. Your code lets spiders set priorities for your content. Example: If the navigation is read before the content then a spider gives navigation the priority. You ideally want your important content to be written first in the code, before less important parts of any page.


2) Optimize all of your content. In short this means three things – formatting of your content, keyword density, the webpages’ relevance. Keyword density is essentially the number of times the keywords are used on your page relative to the total number of words on the page. You need to maintain 3-5% keyword density – use keywords 3-5 times per hundred words. Formatting your content means getting your content into header tags, using bold and italics in anchor text to increase the weight this text carries. Overall site relevancy, means that if your entire site is about the keywords you use then it’s easier to get rank for those keywords.

3) Link Baiting is essentially the ways to get incoming links for your website. A blog that is updates with links to your relevant content is a very good method. You can also offer tools, quizzes, contests, jokes or quotes, stories or cartoons – any way to get someone else to link to your website. Links can be built to your internal pages, not just your homepage to increase your overall website strength as well as individual page rank. Link baiting is an ongoing process to keep your rankings high or get them higher.

4) Link Building, usually of reciprocal links, occasionally one way incoming links, still helps. There is good discussion as to how much it helps now and in the future. Using different techniques is the key to balance and steady benefit from different types of links. Three popular and generally effective methods are: directory submissions, submitting articles, and submitting to search engines. Link exchanges are also effective, especially if the content of the two websites is similar. Leaving messages and comments at forums and blogs with your link in the message or signature box is another good way.

5) Social Media is a way to leave links and be seen as associated with like websites which increases your relevancy as well as establishes your website as a part of a personalizing trend that is growing as developed and planned by Google. As the Google algorithm evolves toward individual searcher-centered relevance the similar websites and similar searchers will form a trend of personalized search – with you included in those closest to your content.

See, that wasn’t so hard after all. Uncle Arthur wants to encourage you to do your best with these five good ways to
get your Google.

The Big Lebovsky!
Arthur Browning


Ready for some interesting graphics?  I recently visited the website of Michelle Seixas at has a good portfolio with some interesting style in their  graphic work.  NOZ is located in Brazil, but they have recently had several projects in Angola.


How did you get into web design?  “I met webdesign like the most…at home, just like a hobby, but since the beginning I knew that it was what I wanted to do. So I studied to have knowledge and experience to work with it.”

Do you remember the very first site you designed?  “Thank God I don’t remember it!!! Probably was something very ugly and poor, cause it was long time ago…”


Do you submit your design works to showcase sites for reviews? How much does other people’s opinion matter to you? Has anybody ever told you anything negative about your website? How do you deal with criticism?  “I think its very important to have other opinions, cause people have different point of view of the same thing, and its good to know what other professionals sees in our work. The negative point in showcase sites is the guy who goes there only to detract other people jobs, but we need to be patient with them, when people don’t have talent to grow up, they try to put people down on their level.”

Have you ever worked with website templates?  “I’ve never work with them, but I’m not against this kind of work. We have thousands of great templates over the web, but me and my partners believe that the best solutions are the custom ones, where everything are based on a study about the client, his customers and objectives.”

What do you think about Flash technology?  “Everything used properly gives us great results. All we need to do is make a study about the better solution for our problems, and in many cases Flash demonstrate a good performance allied to possibilities that only it has. We’ve migrated to AS3 and I can say there’s a lot of great things we can do with it and lot more are coming.”


What are the advantages and disadvantages of using Flash?  “As I was saying, Flash have interactivity, design, and a lot of animation things we can use, giving to the user a great experience. On the other hand, we have to deal with little bandwidth, primarily here in Brazil and Angola, where the majority ursers have an 300kbps connection.”

What does “clean interface” mean to you?  “The one wich we can easily find what we are searching for, or that’s enough pleasant to make us navigate even that we aren’t searching for something.”

What language do you use for coding? Why?  “Some cases I use ActionScript 3.0, but when I’m developing without Flash, I work with PHP ally to MySQL and JavaScript. They have a good integration and enables secure resources.”

What are your sources of inspiration?  “All kind of art, since a music to a painting…Image banks are a great source too.”


What is it you most like and dislike about being a web designer?  “I love webdesign. I always wanted to make this hobby my professional activity, cause there’s nothing more rewarding than work with something that makes you happy, but we live on a country where the webdesign isn’t evolved enough, people aren’t investing properly, so we have to compete with kids that think webdesign is only to know how to make a funny effect in Photoshop, and write some tags on Dreamweaver, cause they have a ‘better’ price.”


What advice would you give to beginning web designers?  “Do not give up! Study a LOT. Do things the better way you can, and always search for the best solutions. And remember that a good site, is not only a cute design, it needs to make sense and have a purpose.”

Thank you Michelle for the interesting viewpoints on web design.  We wish you inspiration with graphics and continued success in webdesign.

Ever Upward,
Arthur Browning


You don’t need a newspaper to tell you that any small business or club website can benefit from a Dog, Pet or Canine blog based on a WordPress Theme. Breeders who show, veterinarians who offer services, sellers of products, trainers for obedience school or clinic Office with grooming and kennel boarding can get the word out better.


WordPress Theme # 16949 from

WordPress Themes for Dog Blogs can improve business at the clinic with an office newspaper that features grooming, kennel and boarding services. The pet and canine breeder’s clubs and associations need to show off veterinarian ads, new products and obedience trainer schools.

Check out this major collection of WordPress Themes for nearly any personal or business category here. Dog Blogs that show Grooming Kennels in Boarding Services can also show pet owners and professional or amateur Canine Breeders and local veterinarians the Products that Trainers and obedience School Business Clinic Office by your online newspaper.

When you do see the value of a WordPress Theme Blog for dog grooming services or kennel business you can contact all the local boarding businesses to advertise in your pets-related, canine show and breeder online magazine. Veterinarian specialty products can be offered there as well as trainer and obedience offices to make school and clinic newspaper headlines.

So, here is your engraved invitation to create an effective office newspaper for your veterinarian clinic from a WordPress Theme. This is one dog blog that grooming and kennel boarding service club members and associations won’t forget. Pets and Canine Breeders need to see the products you show to trainers in the obedience school business – – Throw ’em a bone!

Ruff! Ruff!
Arthur Browning


If you build up your links in the best ways you can turn your anchor texts into Search Engine bot candy.  And you certainly can’t ignore those bots – or spiders as I like to call them.  So let Uncle Arthur give you the bottom line.

Sure you have to put in some time and effort – so pay attention – to get the best payoff.  Anchor texts give the spiders what they want, so do it right and try not to disappoint – for your sake.  To know what you need to put into your texts, titles and tags you need to know your keywords and what your direct competition is doing in that very same work.

You can measure the opposition by running their URLs through Google link search, MSN site explorer or Yahoo! Site Explorer.  Make sure your semantics are good with complete agreement for the texts of your target pages.  Use the major search engines to research competitors links – especially Google.

TouchGraph has a browser-based utility that is written in Java that shows the relationships existing between sites as seen by Google. And TouchGraph can look for relationships based on keywords or URLs. (This is a must for all you visual learners, like Uncle Arthur – you’ll love it.)


Here is what the first image for Web Templates Blog looks like:


Greg Boser also has a tool called Tattler available, for seeing links from Yahoo’s Site Explorer into a spreadsheet format.  This utility I cannot speak for since he no longer has a demo that I could find on his site.  It may cost money to try it out now.

There are a lot of other articles on building links too – just search this site for “links.”  If you use all these tips then over time you will accumulate a lot of good links.  And then both you and the spiders will be happy.

Linking With a Future,
Arthur Browning


Furniture Design and Custom Cabinet contractors can make big money with installation of modular interiors for comfort. These unique remodel jobs of bath room, model kitchen, and living room furnishings for new homes often need original windows and doors for the interior design. Showing your work and wares on a Flash Template website is the creative and economical answer.


Flash Template #16896 from

Model interiors with comfort can be showcased in a unique website that is full of photo examples in a portfolio. To remodel sometimes original artisan created windows and doors can be used. Flash Templates make a website interesting – that makes sales. Design of furniture and custom installation cabinets for modular bath rooms or kitchens and living rooms for unique interiors.

Flash Template Designs allow a furniture or custom cabinet maker who is doing installation to show off both modular interior systems and unique remodel skills for comfortable living rooms, bath and kitchen interiors with new window and door treatments unique.

Comfort interiors with new furniture and cabinets allow custom installation services with modular bath rooms to show skills with each model kitchen or living room to make any interior a unique remodel job. Doors and windows too. Check out the amazing Flash Template collection here for beautiful design ideas.

Unique remodel jobs for interior comfort need a good Flash Template to present the beautiful images of completed jobs on design with furniture and custom designed cabinet, closets, windows and doors. Installation crews for modular baths, unique kitchens and living rooms for unique, model interiors can’t sell your business – that’s your job!

“I don’t care about your past!
I just want, our love to last!” – James Brown
Arthur Browning


Animation is a lot of fun and it’s come along way since animated gif images. Animation should become more and more prevalent on the web as goes on. I visited the website of Lim Liang Danny at The visit to the website is worth it for the music soundtrack alone. After I looked through I contacted Danny for an interview.


How did you get into web design? “It started off when I was studying my Multimedia Diploma in 2001. I learned to build a website from scratch using HTML. I’m interested in the way HTML works to bring visual out on a html page. From then I continue to develop website through various software such as Frontpage, Dreamweaver, Flash and 3D Studio Max – Swish.”

Do you remember the very first site you designed? “Ha! Ha! Well like most people did, I created a fansite for the game Final Fantasy 9. It was constructed using purely html codes with flash files.”


Describe how your work process usually flows, how do you like to start, what are the key points to consider, etc.? “I normally start with content design, the flow of information on the website, something like a mind map. Secondly, I will go into instructional design that is to make sure is user-friendly. Lastly, will be the interface design of the website.”


You are doing a lot of Digital Filmmaking and Web Design, are these both specializations for you? “After I got my diploma in Multimedia computing, my primary goal is to be an animator and then a web-designer. However, before I go into university, I happen to get a chance to work as freelance web designer and that is what really kicks off me in becoming a web designer. Sad to say, when I was in university, I decided to take a different path as a filmmaker and again treat web design as my hobby and alternative for earning some allowances through freelance work. Thus, my specialization is on
Digital Filmmaking and Web Design.”


Have you ever worked with website templates? “Nah . . .no room for creativity, however I do sometimes use them as a reference, especially for corporate web design.”

What do you think about Flash technology? “It is marvelous! Especially with the power of action script, one can really do wonders with it. There are more flexibility in terms of creativity in web designing.”


What are the advantages and disadvantages of using Flash? “With just Flash it might be hard to update the information. However with XML it solves most of the problems. Easy to upload.”

What does “clean interface” mean to you? “Neat, structured, tidy and a visually appealing website.”


Tell us about your use of colors in your designs. “I like the use of primary colors in my design and this is already a style in all my personal websites. The reason is because they are simply ‘Pure’. You can’t mix a primary color out from any other colors.”You’re a web designer and a creative person – describe the creative process and how you stimulate yourself? “I look around and observe everything that my eyes see. I find inspiration from the things and people around me.”

What advice would you give to beginning web designers? “Be open-minded, take initiative and be ready to learn from all aspects. Web Design is not only about the visual but also the experience of the user using it.”

Thank you Danny for the design viewpoints and your experiences.

Finding the Best Solutions,
Arthur Browning


Every good clinic, school or child development service business needs a website and blog.  Using the WordPress Theme for Care Preschool, Day or Evening, whether Special Education, Babysitting, Professional Pediatric, Behavioral Counselling, Health or Tutoring is a wise and helpful idea for clients and future patients and students.


WordPress Theme #16737 from
WordPress Themes make your blog for a school or any Child related Health Care Services a good idea. Preschools who offer Day or Evening Babysitting or Professional Pediatric clinics can benefit. Pediatric dentists or neurologists can offer their programs on the blog.  Behavioral Counselling or Tutoring for Education or Development with Special Education courses or Clinic hours or referrals can all be presented.

Child Professional Services and Care for Preschoolers in the Day and  Evening Special Programs sections have Education components in addition to Babysitting. From Professional Pediatrics  to Behavioral or Family Counselling for Health or Tutoring can influence Development in a Clinic setting. Blog your School with beautiful WordPress Themes.  You can see a huge collection of affordable, well-designed blog skins for WordPress here.

Babysitting, Tutoring, Preschool and Special Education organizations who are part of public, corporate or religious missions can use these easily customized WordPress Themes. Child Care Services at  Day or Evening Special Education classes as well as Professional Pediatrics can use these. Behavioral and Mental Health Counselling for Development in Clinics can Blog their project or school.

Health clinics and Tutoring of children can make healthy development easier with an informative blog.  A regular school child in kindergarten or needing of care by pediatric services needs the WordPress Theme look for their website.  Preschools Day and Evening for special education or just babysitting can give a professional face to their behavioral counselling programs.

Live the Future Now!
Arthur Browning


New websites need a little help to get noticed when they first go online. Here are a few tips to get you started. These tips address new readers, feeds and seo for starters. Use these and you will definitely get noticed.

Blogging can get you noticed in several ways. First of all it mentions your new website, it provides links to your new website, and it broadcasts your content full of keywords. As a blogger you should leave comments on other like content blogs with your new website’s name and links in the comments(!)

Press releases can be sent to any and all online news publications that can handle your content. It makes those publications aware that you are out there, and if they print your releases it lets all of their readers catch your new website.

Directory submission gets you listed into a directory for searchers, it puts links to your new website out there, and if it’s a good directory it can make immediate traffic for your well categorized content or products.

Article submission gets your ideas read, leaves links to your new website, lets people know of your expertise in your specific content area, and builds SEO.

Newsletters work great for people who want to relate to all of your new website’s occurrences and special events. This helps build readership, reader involvement and traffic.

Also – Biggie! Make sure you submit your website to search engines. Don’t do this until your website is complete and well search optimized with keywords, tags, titles, etc. Submit to the big three – Google, Yahoo! and MSN first. Then as time permits submit to other search engines especially if they are specialized or niche related searches.

While these are just a few of the ways to get your new website noticed, they are very effective ways. And these are possibly the most productive ways of getting noticed for the amount of time and effort that is involved in each of the ways in this phenomenal list.

Shortcut to Recognition,
Arthur Browning


Making an impression on the internet is important, but it’s not as easy as it was a few years ago.  If you need a Flash Template to begin an attention getting website, or to bring an old website up to today’s needs for your Restaurant, Cafe, Bistro, Bar, Fast Food Delicatessen, Buffet, Gourmet Carry Out, or Banquet facility.


Flash Template #16753 from

The example above is just one of the Flash Templates available for your Fast Food Delicatessen Buffet Gourmet Carry Out Banquet  Restaurant Cafe Bistro Bar – see a collection for all categories of businesses here.

To choose a Flash Template for a Fast Food Restaurant or Cafe.  Some Delicatessen’s offer a buffet, but a Bistro or Bar can use these themes too.  I know of one Gourmet Carry Out that also books banquets with a good website too.

Banquet or Delicatessen, your business will look a lot better on the web with a Flash Template.  Fast Food Restaurants can carry their menus and specials right on the webpage.  If a delicatessen cafe can compete a buffet bistro, then a gourmet bar can compete with a carry out.

If I ran a cafe I would not hesitate to use a Flash Template to jazz up my website for the bistro business.   Restaurants with Bars can advertise food – drink combo specials. Fast food stands with a carry out window can make customers hungry from their office computers. Delicatessens with a gourmet menu, banquet room or buffet would only profit from this low cost internet presence.

Cheeseburger, fries and a Coke!
Arthur Browning


Yes, I am an eye-candy freak. But, most surfers are. It can get to be a matter of style. Sometimes a designer’s style works really well in one way but not another. Because of that I pursue every variation of designers’ personal styles.

I was browsing here and there and saw the design site – of Fabien Gouby of France . I looked in and decided I should ask Fabien for an interview.


How did you get into web design? “When I was a kid I really liked drawing and was interested by beautiful pictures and cartoons. So I wanted to learn graphics and multimedia. But I am more interested by webdesign. Interactivity, animation and this opening on the world make it more alive than print.”

Do you remember the very first site you designed? “Yes ! It’s was the first version of my portfolio. I remember, the color combination was so bad. I followed a tutorial on a book. But that was the beginning for me. That allowed me to learn and to continue the web exploration.”


Where do you get your artwork for your webpages? “I try, as much as I can to shoot my own pictures and create my own illustrations. When I create a website I know exactly what type of pictures I need and I lose much time trying to find it on a web stock. I have got a good friend who is a photographer and he often helps me.”

What will be the next big development in webpage design? “The video on the web is developing very fast, and I think that 3D will push back the limits of the Web further.”


Have you ever worked with website templates? “At the beginning yes, but I didn’t really like that. Without templates, we can develop the graphic and the interactive part so the visual identity and the impact are better.”

What do you think about Flash technology? “Really great tool. With Flash we see the design and the graphic take a big part of the website. Flash allows the developers, graphic designers, video makers, music makers, and soon 3D designers to work together on a global website project.”


You’re a web designer and a creative person – describe the creative process and how you stimulate yourself? “I don’t do something special. I just try to stay connected and see a maximum of new designs, ideas and tendencies. You make your own interpretation and that develops your creativity.”

What are your sources of inspiration? “I love nature and I think it’s a good source of inspiration – the colors for example. The other graphics and websites are a good source too.”


What was the toughest project or customer situation you’ve encountered? “Each project is tough because I try to find something new and original each time.”

What is it you most like and dislike about being a web designer? “The web is changing every time and you have to adapt and learn every time. For me it’s really motivating and exciting but it’s hard to follow sometimes.”


Thank you Fabien for your ideas about web design. We wish you continued success and inspiration.

Stop Chasing Rainbows, Create Them!
Arthur Browning


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