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Any Wine Blog can use this great WordPress Theme.  Shops, Bars, Restaurants, Cafes, Vintners, Tasters, Club, Writers, Vineyards, Cellars, Tours, Collections, Auctions, Wholesale and Retail Businesses all need the kind of online presence you get with a good blog.


WordPress Theme #16511 from

Writers and bloggers for Wine related business – retail,Wholesale or auction – for Cafes Vintners, Shops Bars Restaurants and Tasters Club  Vineyards Cellars Tours need a WordPress Theme blog to get the message out for their Collections and offerings.

Business for wine continues to improve and to become more sophisticated.  Even local Wholesale and Retail shops need a few ads written by Tasters Club Writers with articles about Vintners  Vineyards Cellars Tours Collections Auctions because this is what wine drinkers want to know.  You can make the most of your blog with an inexpensive WordPress Theme for Restaurants Bars Cafes.

To see a major collection of WordPress blogs themes at excellent prices just click here. Wine collections that come up for auction need to give advanced notice to customers of Vintners notres, Tasters Club Writers articles, Vineyards news, Cellars updates and Tours. Any retail business or wholesale shop can have online presence with a Blog using a WordPress Theme, and so can cafes bars restaurants.

Wine Blogs on WordPress Themes make Shops Bars Restaurants Cafes real market competitors by showing Vintners, Tasters and Club Writers articles on Vineyards, Cellars, Tours, Collections, Auctions.  Don’t neglect you wholesale or retail business marketing strategy.

So Much Nose, So Little Time,
Arthur Browning


Blogs are here to stay in one form or another. Getting your blog found in search engine results pages is important for getting new readers. There are lots of ways to do SEO, but Uncle Arthur has put some wild ideas of his own together about simplifying this process. These ideas are listed below in my easu to read list of 10 Great Ways to Optimize your blog.

1. Add a Tag Cloud and tag pages to your blog – search engines love this and so do readers.

2. Add a section for Related Posts. Readers love the convenience of seeing where they can get further content.

3. Use a Top Five Post List – your new and returning readers can even vote on them.


WordPress Blog Theme #16476 from

4. Establish a good number of Inbound Links – it gives search engines the clue that you are important.

5. Use Your Title tags – There are plugins to do this with WordPress.

6. Make Sure You Join Technorati – apply the Technorati tags.

7. Use your “sticky” posts at the top of the page to add keywords in an introduction for each category page. Adhesive plugin works for this.

8. Put “next” and “previous” buttons on your posts.

9. Use the Buzzlogic tool to find out who are the bloggers with the most influence – get to know them and try to get them to link to you.

10. Get your blog onto the blog rolls of other blogs – much better than pursuing comment and trackback links.

Well, I don’t know everything, but these should help you make your blog much more optimized. With these 10 Great Ways to Optimize Your Blog you should get a steady increase in traffic via SERPs.

Finding the Path to Utopia,
Arthur Browning


Small breweries have been popular for a long time. They continue to proliferate because they have been able to offer unique products. Each micro brewery in a restaurant, cafe, bar or ale saloon would do well to add a low cost Flash Template based website to their advertising.

Flash Template #16516 from

A Flash Template for Micro Beweries allows each Beer and Ale Bar to list their products and their menu in an interesting visual way. Small Saloons and Restaurants or Cafe’s With Microbreweries can sell beer with the lowest cost advertising imagined.

Microbreweries can offer specialized beer recipes from their small business restaurants, bars, cafes, and saloons. A website with a Flash template makes a great impression on old and new customers.

Flash Templates make the best websites for these Micro Beweries small businesses. All their specialty Beers and Ales can be sold in bars, cafe’s, saloons, restaurants or in bottles at package stores – all from the central microbreweries Flash Template for Micro Beweries, Beer Bars, Small Saloons, Restaurants and Cafe’s With Microbrewery. Here is a large collection of the best Flash Templates at a low cost.

Cafe’s and restaurants with microbreweries can offer ales and beer of their own unique and private stock recipes on a website with a Flash Template for Micro Beweries, Beer Bars, Small Saloons.

Always Drink Responsibly,
Arthur Browning


Directories and search engines afford good traffic and links. But which one of them is a better way to go for you? Search engines and directories can be important when you need traffic and links. But they are two different ways to accomplish your goals and they are different entities.

Directories are very numerous but Yahoo! is the most popular. Other very good directories include the Open Directory Project – Search engines are less numerous and Google is by far the most popular with well over 80% of all searches. Here are some others – Yahoo!, AltaVista, and MSN. What are the differences in these two traffic building systems?


1) Search engines are used much more than directories by visitors. The reason is that search engines are easy to find and easy to use. You just search the words you want. With directories you have to locate them, peruse each subject area as well as the possibly many subdivisions of each subject area.

2) Search engines will give you free listings, but many directories will charge a fee for your submission. Search engines have no charges because they list your site however they wish based on their own judgment.

3) Search engines use robots while the directories use people to read your website. This is a major difference. The search engines are updated monthly by the robots (called crawlers and spiders). Robots are programs that locate a webpage and record data about your website to their database. Directories have a human reader visit your website to see if it will be included in the listings.

4) Directories place websites into categories based on your content. Search engines use an algorithm to organize and rank webpages for display. The question you might have is – which makes the best system for referral of traffic? It would be best of course if you get the most traffic you can from both search engines and directories. It takes time and work to make submissions to both directories and search engines. Here is my suggested approach: Submit your website to the big three search engines – Google, Yahoo! and MSN. Next, look for some highly ranked directories in your content areas. Focus on getting a few free directories to begin, hopefully ranked at 4-6. is one of the best and is easy to apply to. You can now add your website to a few more directories with free directory submissions.

Earth, a disposable product?
Arthur Browning


WordPress is definitely one of the most popular bogging platforms around.  There are many reasons for this.  But there are four big reasons that WordPress could be considered the best blog system of all.  After we run through these reasons you may even agree with Uncle Arthur.

1)  Many Different WordPress Themes Available – There are literally thousands of different WordPress Themes to choose from.  this many choices gives your blog an individual and more exclusive look.  Some of these themes are free of charge.  The most exclusive and beautiful versions available can be bought for $40-65.  You can click here to see the best collection available – or on the example below.

WordPress Theme #16449 from

2)  Designed for Search Engine Optimization – With the WordPress platform SEO is built into the design, already programmed for keywords etc.  But also it provides a function for making your blog article URLs more searchable.  An example of this would be if your blog URL was, you can use URLs in this format,  . You can see that this enables a search engine to list your URL in their index, so that when people search “Article Title” or “about the Title” they find your separate article URLs, then go directly to your article.  Better traffic, and this SEO feature can be activated with minimal effort – most people using WordPress don’t even activate this feature.

3) Very Easy to Use – Everything about the WordPress platform and themes are visitor-friendly and owner-friendly. WordPress’ control panel user interface is elegantly built for maximum efficiency and function. Even brand new bloggers find wordPress designing easy to use – many people seem to use it intuitively.

4) The very best options and Plug-ins – WordPress programmers and enthusiasts are everywhere.  hey are constantly designing and improving many add on features.  Many of these options are free.  Some of these plugins are nominally priced.  But the big thing here is that they allow flexibility, higher and more specialized functions, customizing possiblities to the max.  If you can’t try out or afford all the plugins don’t worry – just ask around the huge WordPress blog community for pointers and opinions.  Although many plugins do the same thing, some of them even do many things, all in one add on.  And WordPress is loaded with tutorials.

I like WordPress, no question – this blog is WordPress, but don’t just take Uncle Arthur’s Word – ask around.

Let the Sun Shine In! You Got To Feel It!
Arthur Browning


Engaged and married couples are using websites to let everyone in on the  Marriage and Engagement or Honeymoon photos Online Collection to keep a Nostalgia record for Family, the Couple about the Ceremony, Reception, Party on a Flash Template Wedding Bridal Album.

Flash Template #16462 from

You can record the Ceremony and Reception Party with a Photo Collection Album on a beautifully designed flash template made especially for weddings – bridal marriage engagement honeymoon – all online and nostalgia for the family and the couple. When reception, ceremony, party, honeymoon are over then you still have the wedding engagement online album collection of photos on your flash template to see the bridal event and marriage for nostalgia for the family of the couple ceremony.

Any photo collection for nostalgia family and couple about the ceremony in an album of the marriage engagement and honeymoon on an online presentation of the reception party with flash template of the wedding or bridal.  A huge collection of high quality Flash Templates can be seen here.

Remember to get marriage engagement honeymoon couple ceremony for your flash template wedding bridal to create an album online for your photos collection – nostalgia for the whole family even the reception party.

Tears of Happiness,
Arthur Browning


I know it seems like a long time to wait but here it is! The last of the seven steps to Super Blogger status. You can now read through each step whenever you wish to review information for your Super Blogging life.

WordPress Theme #16401 from

Today we will talk about two more very important parts of the blogger’s world – 1) Forums 2) Miscellaneous. (Super Bloggers don’t ask why all the time – they do what they’re told until they’re Super Bloggers!) Read carefully and absorb these details to use in your Super Blogging.

Forums are important to read for any aspiring Super Blogger. (Reading the threads of these topics will also keep you off the streets at night.) Read the threads to be sure you have the news in your field for your blog. Problogger – is the No.1 site about blogging, Daily Blog Tips – Focuses on blog promotion, monetization and optimization, Blog Herald – a good source of blogging related news, John Chow – a guy who makes money with his blog’s monetization, Digital Point – Sub-forum related to blogging with other areas on SEO and Optimization, Namepros – Buy, sell and discuss domain names, Sitepoint – Web design tutorials and a buzzing community and marketplace, Earners Forum – Full of online earners and blogging money makers, DoshDosh – A blog about making money online through affiliate marketing and advertising and social media, QuickOnlineTips – Technology news, blogging tips, useful computer software and web services, Lorelle on WordPress – The WordPress Blogger!

Now about Miscellaneous. This is a list of websites that can help you in different ways. These are tools that wouldn’t fit into any of the other categories. Paypal – The best way to send and receive money online, Nochex – UK Based online payment company, Escrow – Third party which protects buyer and seller in larger transactions, WorldPay – Offers a range of e-payment and e-commerce solutions, CreativeCommons – You need to protect your articles, Ezine Articles – Article submission website for PR and authority, ArticlePR – Article submission tools, PRWeb – Press Release Distribution for
small business, Six Figure Blogging – Blogging course made by Problogger Darren Rowse himself and Andy Wibbels, SEO Book – Aaron Wall’s famous Search Engine Optimization book, Blog Mastermind – Yaro Starak’s blog mentoring program, Flickr – Online photo management and sharing application, Blog Profits Blueprint – Free ebook in PDF format about making money with blogs from Yaro Starak.

Okay Super Bloggers and Bloggettes, that wraps it up! Rest and prepare yourselves to operate as full-fledged Super Bloggers!!!! ( Part 1 )

Only when reality is stretched can it grow,
Arthur Browning


SEO is a great way to make money, but how much is it really worth?  Some SEO service companies charge big bucks to get you fully SEOd.  But there are some companies out there that should not be hired because of their business practices.  How do you know which ones those are?  Well, here’s some ways to know if they are the WRONG company to do business with.

If a company claims your website is being held up in “search engine indexing”  this is a bad sign that they are trying to blame their own problems onto the search engine.  They should have mentioned time factors in search engine submissions and provided you with alternatives for the intial days of building traffic.

If a company guarantees to get your webpage a certain number of first page rankings within a certain time – this is a ploy that can be misunderstood by SEO clients, especially if they are new.  It’s easy to get some of your pages to appear on a major search engine’s first page if they use a paid ad or an obscure search keyword.  Does it generate traffic and sales?

If a company tells you that your website is the problem for the poor search results and sales then they are almost certain to offer an expensive and usually not needed website “search optimization” – trying to pad your contract.

If a company is also selling expensive “search engine submission services” then they are appealing to the uninformed customers who don’t realize that 95% of search goes through the big 3 Search Engines – Google, MSN, and Yahoo! Which takes 10 minutes to submit a website.

If a company recommends a complete rebuilding of a website for every customer – very bad sign. Few websites need this complete service – supposedly to make your website more “search-friendly.”  Most websites can improved with a few adjustments for relatively little expense – so price comparison is where it’s at.

Some SEO companies are doing a very fine job for a reasonable price. Companies who take the time to explain SEO to you and tell you the total cost are usually good companies.  But, buyer beware – shop around ask for a list of websites of customers that they have helped – maybe contact the owners of those webistes.

Solar and Wind to Make Electricity and Hydrogen – Not Petroleum!
Arthur Browning


By now you can sense the new power of being a Super Blogger surging through you! This is because you are nearly complete. Today we take another step toward the full creation of a new Super Blogger – YOU!!!

WordPress Theme #16286 from

Two very important lessons for the discerning disciple of the way of the Super Blogger is found in 1) Social Media and 2) Advertising (Monetizing). Today we will list the best resources for use on your quest. You can investigate the helpful information available in all these mentioned websites.

Social Media must be used to fully market your blog to the largest audience possible. Spend time networking and submit some interesting articles to let more readers find your blog. Digg – has stories that once submitted receive votes, possibly to the front page, – for social bookmarks to add bookmarks to your list and categorize them, StumbleUpon – a channel surf the internet with the StumbleUpon toolbar, Reddit – a user-generated news links that promote stories to the front page, MyBlogLog – gives free site stats and a widget to find out who’s been visiting your site, LinkedIn – an online network of millions of experienced professional bloggers, Facebook – is one of the fastest growing social networking sites on the net, Myspace – a free social network with blogging capabilities for attracting friends, Squidoo – to set up your own sub-site and spread the word about your blog, Ning – to create your own social networks.

Monetization and Advertising is good for many reasons (besides supplementing your allowance). Google Adsense and Adwords – a contextual advertising solution through Pay-Per-Click, Adbrite – webmasters buy and sell text ads based on their site’s topic area, Yahoo Publishers Network – advertising with PPC, Text Link Ads – sell static HTML links on your blog sidebar and posts for monthly fees,  Kontera – an text advertising by Cost-Per-Click, Chitika – CPC Revenue for displaying related products, BlogAds – image and text ads per month fees, Amazon Associates – link to Amazon products for a
commission, Commission Junction – online advertising and internet marketing company with affiliate programs, ReviewMe – when you review products or websites you receive a flat-fee, Feedvertising – sell links in your RSS Feed for set price per month.

So is your imagination on overload yet? (Or are you brain dead?) Super Bloggers will conceive of the possiblities. Part 7 will be the upcoming and final episode of Uncle Arthur’s Super Bloggers! Nothing can last forever – at least in the third dimension. ( Part 1 or 7 )

Reality – an imitation of a virtual world,
Arthur Browning


All businesses that are concerned with nature or the ecology need a Flash Template to show off their products, materials, sales and services for natural recycled waste and manufacturing biodegradeable or clean energy clubs and organizations.

Flash Template #5022 from

Waste used for Green Manufacturing in a Sales and Services environment need Flash Template Business online to promote Natural Ecology with Recyclable, Biodegradables.  Organizations for Nature to provide Clean Energy can forma a Club with Recycled Materials and Products colection.

Clean Energy Clubs also use Recycled Manufacturing and Sales on their own website with a Flash Template to give their Business a Natural look.  Ecology minded groups can employ Recyclable or Biodegradable materials in their own Organization for Nature Products of Waste and Green Services.

You can choose from a huge collection of Flash Templates, assembled for all Businesses here.  Natural and Ecology minded Recyclable and Biodegradable Organizations are concerned with Nature and Clean Energy. Clubs for Recycled Materials can offer Products from Waste by Green Manufacturing methods, and promote their Sales Services.

Manufacturing for Sales and Services to offer Clean Energy Products by any Organization provides Nature by Flash Template Business.  Natural Ecology is stimulated when Recyclable and Biodegradable Clubs make  Recycled Materials a Waste Green environment.

Sometimes I feel Super Natural,
Arthur Browning


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