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Web 2.0 is a BIG Deal with some people – know why?!!! You should know why if you are a designer. Even if Web 2.0 isn’t your thing, it gets a lot of play with newbies and some of the old school too. Would Uncle Arthur steer you wrong?


Just have a look at the special quiz right here (hint: the funniest answers may not be correct). Get most of the correct answers and place the “Web 2.0 Master’s Degree” icon on your site. Hey! Do it like they do in Washington, get all the right answers first then take the test. Your scores will be posted on the website (so don’t act like a tard now).


This quiz shows your visitors that you have a full grasp of the concepts of Web 2.0 – not just your mouse. So take Uncle Arthur’s advice and have a good time – you techno-hedonists.

Quality is Job #1,
Arthur Browning


Okay blogophiles it’s time for more of Uncle Arthur’s unparalleled wisdom from a parallel universe – the Fourth Dimension. Calm down, don’t soil yourselves! Again, I will make everything easy to understand and more fun than a naturist picnic on the White House lawn.

Let’s be a little more serious now – we have some things to discuss here. Today we will learn about 1) Content Management Systems (CMS) and 2) communications systems – email accounts and instant messaging. Be quiet! Don’t act like know it alls, you rocket scientists and brain surgeons.


Content Management Systems make up the basis and platform for your blog – this means they are important. You should therefore choose carefully (feel the force . . . do you feel the force? Well, try anyway). Here are the best known blog CMS platforms: WordPress – The industry’s standard and most popular, free of charge, Blogger – fast blog design although FTP can make for a slow upload, Typepad – another blogging platform at $4.95/month, Joomla – CMS and Web Application Framework – free, Drupal – a multi feature content management/discussion engine for setup of a news-driven community or portal site, SquareSpace – a publishing platform for managing blogs, Movable Type – a weblog publishing system developed by California-based Six Apart Communication.

Communications Systems are important too, come on you know this. So again let’s go to that special inner space and feel the force. Prepare yourselves for making a decsion. Gmail – a free email service that includes over 2 GB of storage, Hotmail – a free web-based e-mail with 2GB e-mail storage, Yahoo Mail – a free web-based email with unlimited mail storage, Outlook – an email manager which can be used with MS Exchange Server for shared mailboxes, Windows Live Messenger – Instant messaging program, Yahoo Messenger – a free instant messaging with file sharing, Campfire – a real-time group chat for businesses, GoToMeeting – a web conferencing and online meetings service, Twitter – a social networking and microblogging service using instant messaging, SMS or a web interface, Skype – a free internet calling from PC to PC

Okay Super-Bloggers, that’s it for today. Take your time and make decisions that will help you to be a Super-Blogger. See you next week for more of Uncle Arthur’s Super-Blogger Tips ( Parts 1 or 3 ). Now let’s hurry up and see if we can still make it to the picnic.

Republican Senators must identify themselves as such,
Arthur Browning


Any artist in today’s market understands the value of a website presence online internet.  Flash Templates for an Artist’s Portfolio or  Gallery, even a Studio Blog, whether Painter, Sculptor, Photographer, or Print Maker can benefit from this kind of page.  Whatever style you use – Modern, Abstract, Realistic, Figural, your website can look like a moving magazine with soundtrack.

Flash Template #15813 from

Flash Templates for Artist Websites on the Internet make a great Portfolio Gallery to show the Studio or add a Blog.  Sculptors,  Painters, Photographers, and Print Makers can show off the product of their creative efforts in a modern website for abstract, realistic, or figural images magazine – you just change the images and the texts and you are operational!

Photographers and Print Makers are using these Flash Templates, just as Painters and Sculptors are, to create modern Website Internet Portfolio Gallery Studio Blogs – and the artist could be showing abstract, realistic, figural works just like an artist magazine. Here is an unbelievable collection of Flash Templates.

Create your online artist magazine with a Flash Template on your own Website to offer an internet portfolio and gallery.  You can always make a Studio Blog in one of the pages.  This is why modern abstract figural and realistic painters and sculptors can use their digital photos online just as photographers and print makers have.

Aching with the Birth Pangs of Creativity,
Arthur Browning


Search engines have become more and more sophisticated in sorting out who said what first. And this is ultimately good for the internet and writers of original content. Nobody has the bottom line on how the various search engines detect or grade plagiaristic content. But there is a real benefit to this service because protection from plagiarism allows some real incentive for new and original content on a website in the form of good SEO.


Websites with plagiaristic content are penalized to some extent, sometimes severely. Search engines discount plagiarized material which causes a drops in the websites SERPs – sometimes a ban from search engine results.

Websites that copy and paste content verbatim from one site to another usually suffer the largest penalties. Even small plagiaristic content additions can be seen by search engines as plagiarism. Search engines design rates content as one very important factor in a website’s success in SEO. Because websites worldwide are adding content daily there is certainly that plagiarism – both intentional and unintentional. Writers of content must use guidelines to stay out of trouble. Here are guidelines that I think can help you, but are certainly not foolproof, since I did not write the search engine algorithms myself:

1) Write completely unique and original material for each and every entry you make.

2) Whether you are the only writer or you have a content writing team – you should have your writer’s work checked for originality.

3) Whenever producing completely unique material is not feasible try these alternatives. (This can especially be the case for submitting content to multiple websites.): Make sure you write a very different variation from the original for each of the websites that you will submit to. You must rewrite and rephrase every line. You can use synonyms, but changing the phrase radically is more honest. If you vary the verb tense or sentence structure it will certainly help.

A good way to make sure that your content does not resemble other content is to visit one of the content-checker websites. One of these is named Article checker and is found at This is one more way to avoid penalty.

Baby, Everything is Alright! Uptight! Clean out of Sight!
Arthur Browning


Yes, it’s time to speak to you blogophiles. You can improve your bloglife right here – just by reading my ultrafun Super-Blogger Tips from the Fourth Dimension! Calm down, calm down! I have kept the language simple and direct so you can really, really enjoy!!!

Today’s discussion will concern two very important Super-Blogger Tip areas. 1) Domain Registrars 2) Hosting Providers. These are very important – so turn on your blog brain and listen up!

Here are some interesting Domain Registrars you can visit and check out their package offerings: MyDomain – $8.25 per year, 1&1 – $5.99 per year with free private domain registration, Namecheap – $8.88 per year with free WhoisGuard, GoDaddy – $8.95 per year. These registrars have been around for awhile and are dependable with solid business practices.


You can see all the many WordPress Themes available in this excellent collection of well-designed and good looking WordPress Themes here.

Now what about Hosting Services? Remember these are suggested for Super-Bloggers – they are not necessarily recommended for major ecommerce websites or other websites (although they have some of those capabilities). Hosting Services: Dreamhost – Excellent plans and good prices with loads of bandwidth and diskspace, Bluehost – affordable and
reliable web hosting solutions, Frozen Webhost – A small server – only $5/month and reliable, Media Temple – Excellent recommendations – grid and dedicated hosting, Rackspace – Managed – dedicated and scalable web hosting for businesses, Hostgator – Shared hosting at $6.95 per month.

What more could you want? Look at these companies and inquire if necessary. If you have a favorite company with a good record then let me know about it Super-Bloggers. Tune in again for more of Uncle Arthur’s Super-Bloggers Tips. Super-Blogger! Part 2

Just returned from the fourth dimension,
Arthur Browning


All Garden Supply Landscape Design Business Tree Service Irrigation Watering Systems Lawn Mowing Custom Care Plantings Plant Soil Shrub Flower Hedge need Flash Templates to create a better website.

Flash Template #15651 from

Irrigation or Watering Systems with Lawn Mowing & Custom Care for new Plantings in Plant Soil for Shrubs Flowers Hedges can use Flash Templates to create a website specifically for Garden Supply Landscape Design Businesses & Tree Services. Competition demands that your customers want to see what you provide, when your run specials, when you offer a new product, etc.

Shrubs with Flower or Hedge make Flash Templates for Garden Supply and Landscape Design a competitive Business in Tree Service and Irrigation Watering Systems services. Custom Lawn Mowing makes Care of old Plantings a secondary service or primary income with specialty Plant Soils. You can see the best selection of Flash Templates here.

Custom Care Plantings in special Plant Soils websites use Flash Templates of Garden Supply Landscape Design themes for online Business in Tree Service Irrigation Watering Systems to Lawn Mowing Shrub to Flower Hedge. Ohhhhh!!! You know what I mean. Customize it easily for your award-winning website!

Mister Greenjeans,
Arthur Browning


Blogs are worldwide and still growing, although I predicted that the number of blogs worldwide would grow and then level off in 2008.  Partly because it’s not the NEW thing.  NEWER things like YouTube and SecondLife will take up most of the new growth.  And there many newer NEW things coming down the Internet SuperHighway.

Blogs will still have a place however, and many are well established websites whose owners will keep on keeping on.  Many people dump their blogs after they discover the finer points of blogging, and many switch blog platforms – usually because of personal preferences.  The best known and most popular WordPress and Blogger have many interesting features that make them a natural choice for new and switching bloggers.

So – Who’s The Best? WordPress or Blogger?

WordPress and Blogger hosting are both offered to users free of charge.  However a complete version of WordPress needs different hosting services – which can cost $6-10 per month. Blogger wins that point!

Blogger hasn’t got all the different categories that WordPress offers. So it is more difficult to find particular content in a given area. WordPress wins that point!


Blogger lets you work in a WYSIWYG editor. And “preview” lets you look before publishing! WordPress is easy to write in but sometimes needs some basic, short HTML coding. Blogger wins that point!

WordPress can be done in a large number of different and free themes with a variety of 2-3-4 columns.  Blogger offers a limited number of free skins in the 3 column variety. So customization for personalization or business specialty styling takes a hit with Blogger.  WordPress wins that point!


There are some FTP connection problems on Blogger if you have a lot of content posted in a large number of articles.  The connection can drop off and it can take too long to upload info after you get an FTP connection.  WordPress wins that point!Wordpress has numerous plug-ins made available by WordPress and other developers, most of which are free of charge.  These plugins offer a lot of good variety in the bloggers experience. Blogger and WordPress have some strong points, and either of these two top blog platforms might be the best for you depending on your blogging preferences.

Blogging into the future!
Arthur Browning


Yes, I am here to help you become better in your website design and management. And remember – if you use a webpage template, you can easily customize it and optimize it for SEO without spending a lot of money.

Unclear Linking – You know what I mean – no hiding your links, like if they show only when the mouse passes over them, or they are the same color as the background. This a big reason Uncle Arthur loses his temper.

Too Many Ads – It’s really ugly, and more ads does not equate with more income. Pick the best, and trash the rest.

Stupid Fonts – Use regular fonts unless you are selling your new font designs. New or obscure fonts can put the reader right off of your page.

Flash Intros – If your Flash Intros are done wrong they are much more of a hazard and a liability than a help. For some well designed and inexpensive Flash Intro Templates look here.
Unlabelled Email Links – OOooooooooohhh!!! You know this drives me crazy. It’s a very bad idea to ever use a link that sends email without clearly showing it with the word “email”. If you just make clicking people’s names send email, you’ll annoy your visitors who just clicked there to find out more about the person.

Broken Links – Check all your links regularly to make sure that they all still work. There’s nothing worse than finding a site that looks useful, only to find that it hasn’t been updated in years and none of the links work any more. (Are you an idiot?)

No Marking for External Links – Make your external links a different color or font than internal links so that your visitors don’t leave your site without knowing that they will.

Wrong Size Text – Keep your text about the standard size. Making text too big or too small makes it hard for anyone to read or enjoy. (Don’t make your site look cheap and idiotic!)

Unclear Layout and Navigation – Yes, I am talking about your website – not somebody else’s! A lot of websites suffer from a big problem – where even the very simplest task takes eight steps to achieve. (Get a life!)

Plugin Overload – Keep media plugins to a maximum of one per page – that means that if you’ve got Flash, then you can’t have a media player, or if you’re using Java then you can’t have Flash. (Is your site for airheads?)

Well that’s enough for today.  You need to think these over and make any necessary changes, then we’ll talk again next week.

Use your brain for something besides shopping!
Arthur Browning


Just like any sport Golf has a lot of fans, players, and pros. If you have a Golf Club Team Pro Shop Course Caddy Shop Gift Store Equipment Small Business Tee Nine Eighteen Hole Back Front then you need a WordPress Theme blog to keep interest and business up.


WordPress Theme #16059 from

A good WordPress Theme for Golf Gift Store Equipment Small Business Tee Nine Eighteen Hole Back Front Club Team Pro Shop Course Caddy Shop makes great sense when you want members and customers to know exactly what’s new and interesting.

Golf Club Shops for Gift Store Equipment is a Small Business Tee Nine Eighteen for any Hole Back or Front Club Team Pro Shop Course Caddy – because WordPress Themes keep it current and profitable. You can see the big and beautiful collection of original WordPress Themes here. Don’t ignore the possibilities of this kind of internet presence for your concern.

WordPress Themes make any Golf Club Team a real Pro Shop for Course and Caddy with Shop Gift Store Equipment in a Small Business organization to Tee Nine or Eighteen Holes, Back or Front.

Tiger Sent Me,
Arthur Browning


Hey! If you want to know about what’s going on in the world of website design then you should have a look at the Design Interviews website blog.  Why you may query?  For good information and some fresh ideas on how to look at many of the facets of webpage design that designers face worldwide on a daily basis.


The reason I mention this on WTB is that if you are a designer with some pointers for the newbies – or a few good words for potential customers you should have your people get in touch with my people and we can do lunch – or just send me an email.  Also if you spot a site that has all the right stuff send me the URL (even if it’s yours).

By the way (BTW), if you use webpage templates or design webpage templates, then you are also my most favorite person in the whole world! – so send me an email.  We gotta’ talk.  Or if you have some dirt on President Pervez Musharraf (just kidding).

And remember, let your blogging reflect the real inner you,
Arthur Browning


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