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It seems like everybody is on the internet all the time nowadays. Website owners are often plagued with visitors – yes, that’s right visitors. Some of these lost souls even revisit.

If you have problems with unwanted traffic here are some kickass ways to send a message – Keep Off The Website!!!!  I work on my website all the time now, and I can guarantee I have very few visitors. Oh yeah, so now you want to know how I accomplished it? It wasn’t easy at first. I struggled with the whole “Why me?” thing – felt like every geek with a problem was bugging me. But I paid my dues and got knowledge the hard way. I earned it. I have experimented with ways to keep visitors off of my site for a long time and this is what I found out – it is possible, you just have to get serious with what you have learned.

I should sell this list of tried and true methods but I do not want people bugging me on my site about it – so here’s the list of guaranteed ways to keep traffic down and deflect the vast majority of visits.

1) Be Tough – The best way to do this is to disable your “Back” and “Return” Buttons – Sounds stupid? You gotta be hard. Let them feel really helpless and isolated.

2) Hit ‘Em Where They Live – To do this just put pop-ups all over your site, everywhere – large pop-ups that block everthing. Add some fake “Exit” or “Close” buttons so they realize they are screwed.

3) Keep ‘Em Worried – Just make sure any visitors will have to wait to get the needed extra software updates to view anything on your site – Shockwave, Flash,Deja Vu, etc.

4) Frustrate ‘Em At Every Turn – Try using dead links – and take it another step – let each link bring up another link before they finally getting to the last link, dead.

5) Ruin Their Day – Yes, you just make registration necessary to visit your site – and leave the form inoperable, but keep it so they have to fill out the very long form before they find out it is inoperable. Get my drift – Ha! Ha! Ha!

6) Bring Them Down Hard – Do ths by slowing down the load time for each pages. Use and undependable ISP if you can find one. Put a lot of crap on every page audio, video, Flash, MIDI.

7) Waste Their Time – No problem, put boring content and illegible texts everywhere – this makes visitors and search
robots completely disinterested.

8) Tell Them To Get Lost – Here’s a nasty trick, use bad navigation – make it difficult to read, hard to use, send them all the way around the bend (I knew you’d like this one – Tee! Hee!).

9) Hideout – Sure, you just hide your contact information or keep it hard to read and understand.

10) Bait Them – No problem, just display an inoperable site search tool prominently.

If you can’t keep visitors off of your site with these tips then I would probably close the site down.

Happiness – Not Always About You,
Arthur “Badboy” Browning


Webpage design and web development is a new field but one that is becoming full of new do-it-yourselfers who want to save money. It is also welcoming new professional designers by the thousands every month. All of these designers can benefit from the experiences and viewpoints of active professional web designers.

Small businesses are in a rush to get cost-effective internet advertising. This means a new website. Small businesses don’t need the big, expensive, cutting edge technology websites – some of which don’t even have all the bugs worked out of them yet.

Small businesses need an attractive and informative page to excite visitors and customers to do business. This kind of page should be simple, fast-loading and very easy to navigate because many small business customers are not particularly web savvy and have no interest in website design per se.

Customers of small business need good information in a user-friendly webpage atmosphere – which is not expensive when using a web template. The web templates available today are incredible values. Check out one of the largest online collections around, all killer values.

New designers and do-it-yourself amateurs can get great ideas from the interviews on this website (just click on the web designer interview category at right). Another place to visit for great info is Design Interviews – full of good answers from designers that have already dealt with the problems you may encounter.

Also, if you know someone who has a good web template based website let us know about it. Or if you know a good designer who would like to interview let us know about it. Use the comment box below, no problem.

Severing All Ties With Reality – Daily,
Arthur Browning


Travel businesses or clubs need a blog – a website with a wordpress theme.  It makes the travel offerings more interesting.


WordPress Theme #12249 from

Travel businesses or travel clubs – even personal travel journal blogs, benefit from a good-looking well-designed WordPress Theme on their websites.  It is the best way to share the cultural and recreational parts of travel with images online.  You can see the entire collection of WordPress Themes for every purpose at Template Monster exclusive collection – all priced modestly considering their ver professional look and function.

Travel, especially niche tours or newer destinations need some explaining and what better way to explain that with an
attractive WordPress Theme website.  So whether you go to Paris, France or Branson, Missouri, put your trip into a great
presentation online – with a WordPress Theme blog.

Keeping Promises That I Don’t Even Remember,
Arthur Browning


Designing a website for personal or business use can take time and money. That website, regardless of price or effort, can be critical to the success of an individual or of a company. Web templates make an economical solution to this problem by providing a design with a professional appearance for a bargain price.

Once you decide to avoid the high-priced original design (usually a customized copy of a different website anyway) you can focus on selecting a beautiful inexpensive webpage template. There are several things to consider when selecting a web template. The most important is the purpose of the website. The ability of the amateur designer is the next most important consideration.

There are many reasons to design a website. Individuals may create a website to showcase family pictures, small business owners might create a site to begin an online marketing campaign. Most web templates sellers offer supports for any design purpose. It is important to find the appropriate design that suits the needs of the designer. A website devoted to family updates will not need the same features as an online catalog.

While web templates are intended to simplify the process of creating a new website, there is still a prerequisite of computer and internet knowledge required. Some templates also require some knowledge of programming or coding to obtain the maximum results. By careful selection of a template, the user will be able to find one that fits his specific knowledge.

If a web design template is being used to create a business website, it is important to decide what image the website will project. Bright colors and Flash animation might be perfect for one business while subdued colors with subtle designs could be crucial to the success of another. The large variety of templates available online easily facilitates this decision.

If a website requires constant updating to reflect changes or new information, a web template should be chosen to accommodate this need. Quality web template updates are simple to update and upload.

One crucial aspect of website success is the ability for viewers to easily navigate the website. When selecting a web template, follow all basic design principals to aid usability by searchers and potential customers. Areas to consider include:

Background and foreground colors
Size and location of links
Monitor display principals
Depth or number of pages

Give a Man a Fish Not A Stem Cell,
Arthur Browning


Every neighborhood florist who supplies flowers, floral designs from their shop by delivery of bouquets, plants, bonsai, bromeliads, cactus, arrangements or supply from their store needs a webpage that is economically made with a template.

Flash Templates #15171 from

Webpage templates keep costs down for florist and flowers delivery while keeping profits up for floral design shops who specialize in arrangements, bouquets or any plants like bonsai, bromeliads or cactus.

If you are ready to create a new webpage website or remodel your old website then you need to look at this amazingly varied selection of webpage templates at Template Monster that is dedicated to the flower industry.

Florists shops who use flowers to create floral designs in arrangements need to show off their wares.  If you supply or deliver bouquets and plants like bonsai, bromeliads or cactus can more deliveries of flowers when viewers can call or email an order for girlfriend or a funeral quickly and easily with an attractive display to choose from.

Don’t wait for your competitors who supply floral products from their shops to top your sales in flower bouquets.  Delivery of plants for housewarmings and anniversaries is a good idea when you can choose a cactus, bromeliad, bonsai or bouquest that is ideal for the occasion, right from your store.

Flowering Anew With Each Dawn,
Arthur Browning


The title for your article is the single best way to enhance your SEO for that article. The best title will pique the interest the human reader and lead the search engines directly to your keywords. Here is a list of benefits you get with a good article title for SEO.

Use no HTML in the title. No online magazines or directories would accept HTML.

Get immediate recognition for your subject and keywords that the article is about. Your article title is crucial to getting immediate attention of readers. But the title must be anything but boring.

Select the keywords that are proven to be used by searchers. Research not only for your webpage keywords but for your biggest competitors’ keywords.

Don’t use punctuation in the title – it doesn’t get acceptance by readers. If it’s necessary to meaning okay but the exclamation point or a question mark are most usable.

Keywords must be used as early as possible in your title. The reason is ease of recognition for humans and search spiders.

Use upper and lower case letters. Using all caps is difficult to read quickly.

Don’t use quotes in a title. One or two words maximum only for special terms, and editors dislike it.

Do not use your own name in the title – unless your name is the keyword – or you write about yourself under a pen name – or your name has some special meaning already known to your readers. It will be in the author box anyway.

Try to use numbers in the beginning of the title. Numbers can make the reader believe there is rationality and credibility in the article. Odd numbers seem to get better attention as well as numbers ten or one hundred.

The title has to catch the reader’s attention. If it also contains your keywords then it should be a success.

Kick the Carbon Habit,
Arthur Browning



Looking over an email from Web Pro News I received I read the following headline, “Google Says You Are In Charge.” Yes, Google is vastly dominant in search and some people have some worries about it. I for one have made some analytical and not always positive comments about Google.

That Google is so dominant makes it almost a monopoly. Is Google’s near-monopoly bad. Most people will judge Google’s performance by the SERPs. If the search engine report pages don’t meet their expectations then those people will have “bad” things to say about Google.

SERPs for SEO are read at least two ways: 1) by the searcher who wants results that are specific to his/her particular interests 2) by the website owner, designer, or webmaster that looks for some “good” high rank in the keyword search results form Google.

Speaking from a mini-research project that I conducted over the last few weeks I would say Google does roughly 85-90% of all searches done on the internet. Yahoo! pulled into second at about 4-8% and MSN got about 2-4% of search business, with all other searches by all other engines at about 3-5%.

So if you think Google is a near-monopoly – you are correct. If this worries you it is most likely because your expectations have not been met recently. Very understandable, and I was not so happy several months ago myself.

Recently however, in a few comparisons that I have conducted in the Big 3 search engines for SEO algorithm styles – I prefer Google. I do not prefer them to be categorically far superior to the other 2 of the Big 3, but I do prefer them in some searches.

Google has a general goal of personalizing its services to the individual, which is a rightfully good way to guarantee more user satisfaction and continued dominance as it could be applied to search. The idea is that Google wants to learn your search preferences. This personalization could be very good or not so good.

No matter how well you are known you need a break even from your most devoted and intuitive lover. And sometimes that super attentive lover might catch your drift before you get to have a new thought. Anticipting your next move, sometimes wrongly. Something new to worry about and some more grist for the Google mill.

“. . . along with its land-grab of DoubleClick’s data mined consumer information, are really just an illusion. Editor’s Note: Google believes its web history policies protect their users and enhance their lives through making search more effective. Even with control of your Google history, are you comfortable with the way they can make search more personally relevant to you? Discuss it with us at WebProNews. . . ” Thank you Web Pro News, my sentiments exactly.

But I must say, so far Google is doing a B+ job in my eyes. I will say that all the drop-downs and pop-ups that other overly attentive websites want me to see have frosted me severely. Like the little Snap utility that blocks your view of text to show you a mini-view of the website your cursor got near. In the way and sucking at my bandwidth – that lover was too attentive!!!

What about Google’s high-handed approach that constantly guides you into the limited choices of more of their various other offerings –,,,, etc., etc., etc. Granted they have some excellent enterprises with some excellent services but they are sometimes rigidly unresponsive to user desire for variation, user questions, user security, and user support in most of these enterprises.

“Personalized search is the key to freedom when it comes to using Google. The company’s Peter Fleischer, global policy counsel, said the search giant’s policy’s put the user in charge of what they share with the company. His op-ed piece appeared in the Financial Times, where Fleischer discussed the function of personalized search, and the challenges in finding a middle ground with its services.”

“He discussed the concept of context as it applies to how people search. Fleischer cited the example of searching for Paris; one searcher may searching for a romantic European getaway, while another could be looking for love life gossip about a certain hotel fortune heiress.”

“The more personalization people permit Google to have, the greater relevance their search results will have for those users. That’s where the quandary takes place, according to him: The question is how do we deal with this challenge? Stop all progress on personalized search or give people a choice? We believe that the responsible way to handle this privacy issue is to ask users if they want to opt in to the service.”

“That is why Google requires people to open an account and turn on their personalized search functionality. Though people can turn personalized search off and on as desired, the option to do so is what has been questioned: Why should Google keep data for any reason?”

“Fleischer said there is so much information coming online each day, ‘more targeted and personal results can really add to people’s quality of life’.”

Okay Big Google, okay! Just, please don’t love us to death.

Just Another Love Object,
Arthur Browning


Why does a garage need a webpage?  Glad you asked.  I want to talk about Flash Webpage Templates for Auto Race Sales Body Mechanic Repair Restoration BusinessElectrical Garage Supply Customized Paint Parts Accessories Car Truck Custom Shop Specialty Supply.
Flash Template #15204 from Template Monster

If you have a shop or supply for auto sales or body repair for customization – body and paint or mechanic and electrical you will have some real competition from the local and possibly regional businesses doing accessories and restoration parts and custom repair.  Paint and body business race shops cater to custom work and sales.  So they sell customization accessories for cars and trucks in auto supply shops and Garage supply sales online.

That is why you need a website – with a Flash template to make sure that your Electrical Supply RACE Customized Paint Parts Accessories Car Truck Business Custom Shop Specialty Supply Auto Sales Body Mechanic Repair Restoration gets an edge over the guys who have a Flash template website too.

See all the wide selection of Flash webpage templates with Body Mechanic Repair Restoration Accessories Car Truck Custom Shop Specialty Business RACE Supply Auto Sales Electrical Supply Customized Paint Parts at Template Monster collection.

Flash Webpage Templates Auto Sales Body Mechanic Repair Restoration Electrical Supply Customized Paint Parts Accessories Car Truck Race Garage Custom Shop Specialty Supply one stop shopping is made easy – and you merely custom your Flash webpage template to suit your area of auto business.

5.4 in the Quarter Mile,
Arthur Browning


Search Engines are the major source of free traffic. To create an ally in the search engines to bring traffic to your website you will have to make the necessary adjustments to keep the search engines listing your webpages high in the SERPs.

Getting free traffic from the various search engines becomes a very competitive endeavor in amny of the commerical areas of the internet. there are several ways to make the search engines your ally, I will list a few important ones here.

The best and fastest results come from making your webpages more readable to the search engine spiders. The most imporatnat way to make your pages readable is to make sure that titles, key words, metatags and descriptions are accurate for every page.

In the most competitive keyword areas this kind of optimization will only be a beginning. You will need to add content. Search engines rate regularly added texts with your keywords as a major plus.

You can see in some less competitive keyword searches that a website does well if they have 1) a keyword rich URL and 2) a lot of reciprocal links. Some of these sites even have bad tags and lack keywords elsewhere in the webpage.

This necessary content must be related to your keywords and ought to be internally linked to other pages for information. Writing a blog with these links and keywords can also support your website. Many search engines like keyword rich articles that link to your various subpages in your website. And you can add your links in the signature or resource area at the bottom of these articles.

Some websites owners write product reviews or testimonials for content and keywords. Adding a few articles under the heading of Tips is another way to offer something to the search engines.

Say No to Petroleum – Push Solar and Wind NOW!
Arthur Browning


There is no question every business is helped by a website. Very few small businesses can say that they are fully established, have all the business that they can handle and don’t want to raise prices or expand. If an owner says this they are short-sighted in their thinking.

Websites can turn visitors into customers, inform existing customers, increase loyalty and enthusiasm. What is the price of this kind of website? A website can be very expensive or very inexpensive – yet do the same job.

One great way to have an attractive, highly effective website is to use a Flash template. Flash web templates have designers dedicated to good looks with motion and soundtrack. Flash Web Templates look expensive – but the great thing is that they cost $50 – $90, and are easily customized if yu want a truly unique look.

Flash technology is notorious for its impact on visitors and download time is not an issue with the best designed Flash templates. How can you spend a dollar wisely? No more wisely than with a Flash template based website. The Flash experience is what makes Flash so very popular on the internet today.

Why is a Flash templates are such a good deal? The designer of Flash webpage templates has to put together all of the original code, the best photos and graphics available, add a great soundtrack with music and sound effects – all in an attractive package that keeps visitors and customers happy and coming back for more.

Sure, a lot of designers save time and money – they use a Flash web template – so why shouldn’t you use one too. All you need to do is find the best premade Flash template for your website. Look at this large and varied collection of inexpensive Flash templates for ideas at Template Monster.

When you find the best Flash template for your website just change the titles and headings, replace any photos with yours. This is the solution for a low cost wepage with a high dollar appearance. The economical Flash Webpage Template Solution.

Mr. Flashy-Flash,
Arthur Browning


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