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WordPress Themes are in big demand for several reasons.  Bloggers of all sorts prefer WordPress, the FREE of charge blogging platform, for their blogs.  There are a lot of businesses using these templates as well.

WordPress Template #15207 from

Businesses, both online and bricks and mortar, get many different benefits from using a WordPress Theme on their free blog – advertising, marketing, and SEO for a different business website.  Where is the best selection in WordPress Templates?  Where are the best prices?  Try Template Monster.

Using a WordPress Theme for blogging and business makes good sense – and with a designer theme you do not have to look like everybody else out there in the blogosphere.  These WordPress Templates are easy to customize – add your own logos, etc.  And since WordPress is a CMS based system you can add or change texts and pictures anytime 24/7 with ease.

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In marketing it is impossible to provide a one-size-fits-all plan for every business. Not every product service is for all impulse buyers worldwide. Every product has its specialty market with its own considerstions.

‘Presence’ as a concept of marketing is important for internet marketing as well. Online presence is of course sold and oversold by many marketing organizations trying to turn a profit. While competition is moving onto the internet this does not mean that presence alone will swing the market.

Knowledge of your market is still the most important single factor. To know to whom you are selling and why they buy is very important. Your job is to assist them from the earliest impulse to look at a product until the purchase is made. Of course if your product is better than the competition can offer that’s a big plus.

You cannot focus on just the click-through, because many of them are bogus. You have to have some rapport with the buyer. Certainly maintaining and heightening this rapport is an art form. The end goal is trust and loyalty. If you can achieve this with your visitors you will succeed.

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Research shows that people pay more attention to trusted sources of information than a commerical featuring a celebrity.  That is where social networking comes in.  The online friends of the social network communicate their opinions quickly and easily to visitors.  These visitors pay attention to the blogs and comments of their online friends.

Visitors, bloggers, social networks, search, and ecommerce are interwoven.  There is a pattern that shows online journeys begin with social networks or search, then go to visiting blogger friends, who direct them to their favorite places for good values. Bloggers tell their blogger friends about this which in turn brings more visitors.

It looks like market share of blog traffic is split roughly evenly by social networks and search.  Over 25 percent of blog visits originate from social networks or chat rooms. Search engines send about 22 percent of that traffic. More than five percent of visitors leaving blogs go to online stores or classified sites. This presents a lot of opportunity to reach people.

It’s one thing to analyze the numbers but the big thing to know is that visitors leave blogs and go to spend money at recommended websites.

So, you tell me how important social networking can be.

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Web Templates are becoming more and more functional, not to mention good-looking. As webpage templates become more specialized and more easily customized each month, their impact will go up geometrically on the webpages of the internet.

Google is not perfect, but they have made search more systemized, more even-handed. Google hasn’t gotten a lot of compliments from me lately, but in the world of search they are #1, and deservedly so. They also improve each month.

So in an article about the future of webpage templates why the congratulations to Google? Because they have a good system for SEO – and webpage templates of the future can actually help with that too. Web templates are becoming more and more search-friendly in their reminders and neat ways to add keywords and metatags. And web templates will get even better at this.

Web templates with CSS and CMS features will become as dominant as selecting the feature you want on your home telephune service or your cell phone. If these web templates become more customizable they will eventually replace a lot of the original design enterprises out there.

Designers will still have plenty of work. But design work of the future will be about making new templates and customizing those exisitng web templates that are sold.

How do I know this? Two big reason. Designers already use web templates and fragments of various other templates and code to create Flash, XML, and AJAX based components. And these code systems and templates will become even more adaptable while also becoming more standards compliant.

Just as mathematics has gone from pebbles to abacus to sliderule to calculator – so will webpage design. Customization, especially when it allows creativity and the autonomy of the website owner IS the future. Website owners will still need marketing and SEO information as well as creative advice in areas they do not feel qualified.

For the small business websites based on templates will be a snap. For international businesses that specialize in mail order business things will be very much simplified.

Soon you will choose from hundreds of thousands of interesting and highly functional web templates that are easily customized, uploaded and managed. You will have a high-quality website as easy as establishing your telephone service. And no additional costs after that except the hosting service fee of $6-15 per month.

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When you total up the costs of getting a high-impact, elegant-looking, smooth-sounding, fast-loading, easy-navigating Flash webpage template you may know why ready made web templates are a bargain.


Flash Template #14945 from

Here’s the deal – a designer has to put together a ton of original code, get gorgeous high-quality graphics (not cheap), ask you what website you like for looks (often made from a web template), get a selection of good soundtracks for you to choose from (not cheap).  Then the designer has to put in some hours to put it all together (not cheap), make further adjustments (not cheap).  Also, the designer must make a living (not cheap).  Yes, some designers save time and money by using a template, but you aren’t supposed to guess that.

Why not pick a good Flash web template and change the pics and heading.  You can customize the flash template if you need to do so (not expensive). The website can still be optimized for SEO too.  That makes Flash Web Templates, like the one above, a real bargain.

Start shopping here

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Every business has to have a webpage for today’s marketplace. A content management system (CMS) webpage is really the best for any business that wants to quickly change what is in their webpages without going to the webmaster. The best examples of these CMS systems for commerce are:

WordPress Web Templates are the most popular blogging themes around. These designs work for professional and business bloggers as well as for personal and family bloggers.

OsCommerce 2.2 Templates provide ready to go website shops. The OsCommerce Template is really a combination of osCommerce 2.2 as designed by combined with a unique design from a webtemplates seller like Template Monster. OsCommerce makes a fantastic solution for businesses who need to get on-line without spending a large suum money or investing a lot of time. It will take a few minutes to complete set-up and become operational. You will need a PHP editor like Dreamweaver and a graphics editor like Photoshop to work with this webpage template. Your server needs to support PHP web scripting language, use a MySQL database and run the Apache web server to run this osCommerce web site.

Zen Cart 1.2 Templates need the Zen Cart 1.2 software, a MySQL DUMP for the database, all PSD files to customize your graphics, and instructions on how to set up this super webpage theme for top level ecommerce.

C.R.E. Loaded 6.2 Templates contain all the necessary files for startup of your online store in a matter of a few minutes. You will get all the PSD files and fonts needed to customize the graphics. It usually takes a few of minutes to install a new CRE Loaded 6.2 Webpage Template.

PHP-Nuke Templates are designer skins for websites created for PHP-Nuke. Web designs for PHP-Nuke are easily changed with a PHP Nuke web templates. You may change the design of your website within minutes with this web template. PHP-Nuke is a Content Management System (CMS) based on the PHP scripting language. The main advantage of PHP-Nuke is its flexibility and the simplicity of its use and configuration.

phpBB Templates is a powerful, scalable, and very customizable Open Source bulletin board package. phpBB has a user-friendly interface, simple and straightforward administration panel, and helpful FAQ. Based on the PHP server language you can choose to use MySQL, MS-SQL, PostgreSQL or Access/ODBC database servers. phpBB is ideal free community solution for all web sites. phpBB is freeware and can be downloaded from

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Remember the days when marketing was done by putting an ad either in a newspaper or a radio ad? Today any business that wants to sell something needs a website. Websites give you the most value per dollar in any in any marketing program. Especially if you use CMS, CSS and a customizable webpage template in your design.

After determining where your market is and you know exactly what you offer your market then do a complete search on the internet of your competition. When you have delineated which areas of the market you want to focus on then you can proceed with the website design. With a webpage template, CSS and CMS adding text and meta tags are a simple job.

Creating your domain name involves deciding on a short, catchy phrase that should contain the keyword(s) of your customer’s internet searches. You must be sure your URL isn’t already taken.  Design of the website can be done quickly and cheaply or it can take a long time and cost a fortune. The reasons for this are based on the size, complexity and look of the website. Cost and time is also involved in keeping your website in the SEO game. Choose a webpage template that is easy to customize for a unique look.

Promoting can be expensive too – adding your website address to business cards, stationery, any signs, billboards, auto or truck signs, radio, television, newspaper or magazine ads is the least expensive part of the promotion. Web templates will save money in the design process from the beginning You can also promote your new website by getting your ads and banners onto websites whose viewers are candidaties to become your customers. You may request a more permanent link to you website by link exchange or by some other agreement. Write an articel in your area of expertise for your market with a link to your website.

These are the basic ways to do Internet Marketing with your new website.

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There is a real wealth of old and not so old items for sale at stores and shops for Antiques Dealers Collectibles Bloggers Traders Business Website Limited Editions and Nostalgia Items Flea Market Bazaar Booth. WordPress Themes and Templates give you the best possible value for a beautiful online website presence that can boost your business sales or blogging contacts.

WordPress Theme #14540 from

This is just one example of a fine selection of WordPress Templates and Themes that are available. See a huge selection at Template Monster.

It doesn’t matter whether you have a chain of stores or just a booth at the local bazaar or flea market -WordPress Themes Templates will sell your location as well as your antiques, collectibles, limited editions and nostalgia items.  So  come on antique dealers, collectibles sellers, nostalgia bloggers, and limited editions shops!

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Another important aspect of your website that must be evaluated is navigation.  Getting the visitors to your website is only the beginning. They have to be able to quickly and easily find their way about your website.  This means you need a good and understandable website.

You have to arrange all links and buttons so they are easily found, read and understand. Do not over fill any of your pages. Too much choice leads to confusion.
The first page they land on must be interesting. It is usually the index page but not necessarily.  Do not try to put every choice onto the front page.

Ease of use must also be evaluated.  Your visitors should be able to quickly decide what and how to buy.
If they seek information – it should be presented
clearly and simply. If a visitor has to figure out a maze or find hidden or poorly designed buttons they will move on unless you have something so attractive and necessary that they will stay no matter what.

It is always a good idea to have a professional web designer look over your website and point out any obvious flaws. You can keep tweaking the website in a continuous attempt to improve it. There is always room for improvement.

If you can not do your own coding and graphics for your own site there are some good professional web designers out there that can make short work of your needs. So you don’t have to let coding stop you from getting your website online.

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Another major area of evaluation for your website is whether it is effective in SEO. The reason for Search Engine Optimisation is generation of traffic. The goal is to prepare the website to get to the top of the search results pages when people run a search that uses one of your key words or key phrases.  This is done to get traffic.

Without preparation by SEO optimisation people will be less apt to find your site. SEO involves using the correct keywords in the best way, and effectively arranging your contents and menus in the best way.

The most important part of all of SEO is link building. You must rank highly with the search engines by increasing the number of links to your website from quality websites which have similar content to the subject of your site.

Let’s look at content.  The content of your website should be based on the subject of your product. For example if your website is set up to sell computers then it should contain articles about computers and hardware, not horsebreeding articles. Unrelated subjects only confuse your visitors and weaken your website’s credibility as a sourct of products and information about computers.

Your content must be keyword rich but not overloaded so that it doesn’t look like spam. The content should be broken into readable paragraphs with good headers for each section. – – Part 3 tomorrow.

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