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Lawyer, attorney and paralegal legal counsels all need good representation on the internet with a web page or website. Whether for a large law practice group or a small office for independant legal practitioners. The advertising, marketing, and public relations impact is a necessity today.


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The law profession is very competitive. Attorneys need to display their services. Paralegal and lawyer offices in law firms can communicate all of their legal services, fees, hours, specialties, etc. Professional legal counsels in large or small law practices benefit immensely from this kind of webpage template website. You can see many more legal webpage templates at

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Hey, web standards make good business sense. Today we will cover a few more of the reasons that this is true.

Site Future Compatibility? Web standardized languages such as XHTML and CSS were designed to work forever. They will be supported for an unlimited period of time. Designing a site according to the web standards will ensure that the website structure will not need to be redone in the near future and this reduces the amount of work needed for the site and expenses to the site owner.

Increased Download Speed? When you use XHTML for content and structure, and CSS for styling and formatting, the page size is reduced from designs with a tables style layout. Because users enjoy fast-loading websites, they will be more apt to become clients of a web standards compliant website.

Browser Compatibility? A standards compliant site will be displayed correctly in every standards compliant browser. Adjusting the site to suit a less helpful browser, like Internet Explorer, is much easier with CSS than with tables. This saves enormous amounts of time for a web designer.

Easier Site Maintenance? It is much easier to edit a website When the content and styling are separated with XHTML and CSS because they are located in different files. If you want to adjust the look of the main page heading you just need to change a line or two in a style sheet to change the appearance of all the headings on the entire website. Editing content is also easier because no styling and formatting is in the way, so it’s easy to spot the content in clean and semantically correct code markup.

Broader Target Audience? Web standards are used by PDAs, phones and other devices. So a site that adheres to web standards will be displayed correctly with little if any editing to be displayed correctly on a platform other than a computer.

What’s the Solution? Redesign with web standards and visitors in mind. Get the help of an in-house web designer or a professional.

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Web standards should be remebered when designing a website when it comes to finding an extra edge to improve business. How does adherence to to web standards help a business website? Let’s review.

What are the Standards? On the Web, the main standards are the languages used when creating websites. The most widespread ones are HTML, XHTML and CSS. HTML or XHTML are used to create the backbone of websites – the structure. The difference between HTML and XHTML is that XHTML was formed from XML and is forward compatible. CSS, in turn, is used to style, format and position the structure and content.

What is Web Standards Compliance? Web standards compliance is using web languages correctly. This involves using HTML tags properly and the way they were and are intended to be used. For instance, one of the most common offenses against the web standards is using table tags for layout, while the correct usage is to use them only for tabular data (information to be put in tables).

Benefits of Standards Compliance? Creating quality, standards compliant code has a number of benefits: 1) website forward compatibility 2) increased site download speed 3) browser compatibility 4) easier site maintenance 5) broader target audience

How Can This Help Business? Any entrepreneur is asking right now, “Where is the money here?” Probably every benefit can either increase revenues or save expenses. We will look at them in detail in Adhering to Web Standards to Improve Business – Part 2, tomorrow.

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Did you ever wonder why some marketing tactics work for some businesses but not others?  Here are some more necessary steps to make good internet marketing.

Determine the problems your customer has and the solutions you offer.  Yes, everyone has problems. Marketing is most simply seen as the act of bringing your solutions to the people who need it most and will pay for it.  Once you know everything about your customer, you already know the solutions he or she is seeking.

Find out what the emotional triggers are that will set your sales in motion.  Buying is a complex and emotional decision. The reasons that your customer is making a purchase are not always apparent. While you may be selling housewares – your customers may be buying comfort, status, decor, individuality, value, or romance.  When you find out why your customers are buying you will be on your way to marketing success.

Create a marketing strategy that results in breakthrough performance for your efforts.  You must use the information gathered in the first three steps to create a precise marketing strategy for your business or product.

Following these four steps is the foundation for creating a precise marketing strategy that will break through to your best clients and customers.

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Did you ever wonder why some marketing tactics work for some businesses but not others? The reason most marketing tactics fail is because they are not part of an overall marketing strategy. Comprehensive marketing strategy helps you to select the tactics will work for your business and keep the sales flowing in.

When you want sales you will try anything – whether it helps or not without a strategy and goals. Your marketing strategy should help you to decide whether you should try a particular tactic.

You need to choose which venues to focus your efforts. Not ever venue works for every business tactic. When your marketing strategy combines the best tactics you will see a winning trend begin to form.

Research is a necessity – in order to plan a comprehensive strategy. The more you know, the better your marketing strategy will be. Make sure you know your customer – age, income, education, marital status, religious preferences, comfort level with technology, where they live, where they work, what they drive. You almost cannot know enough about your customers.

Know your competitors – who are they? Why do some customers choose them? You may discover your competition is not another business after all. Consider the car wash business that discovered their biggest competitor was their own customer. Instead of focusing on war with the other car wash facilities, the chain began focusing their marketing efforts on educating their customers to the benefits of bringing their car in, instead of washing their cars at home. Sales increased significantly once this chain realized where to point their marketing strategy.

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Security is a very important niche for small businesses. Security has become more electronic and more automated for public, private and business sectors. Having a web presence is essential for any business today.

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Any Security Surveillance Systems Services Police Equipment Safety Lock Key Gun Electronic Business can use a website with a low cost approach of a webpage template. There is a large selection of all kinds of website templates for Security Surveillance Systems Services Police Equipment Safety Lock Key Gun Electronic Businesses at this section of TemplateMonster collection.

I have a question for inventors – Where can I get a crime bomb? You know, a little can that when triggered by the victim makes a popping sound, flashes lights on and off, sprays indelible ink on everything at the crime scene, also sprays an unwashashable scent for dogs to follow, takes 100 high speed photos that are transmitted to a police department, has a siren for shock and warning, plus it also sprays an ultraviolet sensitive invisible ink on everthing. I would add crazy glue to the mix but that might hurt the victim. No, it should not be sold to women who drive while using cell phones.

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The best ways to get incoming links from established and higher ranked websites are listed below.  This is the best way to achieve link popularity.

1) Create quality written content about your products and services and your industry generally – that other websites want to link to just because it is a quality website – not because you have asked them to link to your website.

2) Focus on article marketing. Write a few articles every week and submit them to article directories.  Also ask other webmasters to post your articles on their websites. Keep in mind to change the text in your resource box of the new articles from time to time to have different anchor texts for your website link.

3) Participate in forums and add your website link in your signature. Change and update your signature from time to time.

4) Exchange links with websites who deal with your topics, and be picky about the pages they place your website link. The links pages should not include more than 20 to 30 external links and should not be just a link page.  The page title and also other links it carries should be related to your website theme. Having a reciprocal link from “Links” or “Miscellaneous” will not be any help and may even be a problem.

5) Submit your website to popular web directories with different anchor texts on each of them.

6) Do not focus on just one method and forget about the others. A website that is limited to reciprocal OR one way, doesn’t seem normal to Google. A normal website has a combination of reciprocal and one way links.

Sounds rational doesn’t it?  It will take some planning and work, but you can do it!

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Link popularity is one of the most important factors that effect your website’s rank on search engine result pages (SERPs). All the main search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN consider this the most important factor. They say that when a website is important, other websites will link to it to offer resources for their readers.

This means an important website that has a higher number of incoming links should be ranked higher than its other competitioprs that have lower number of back links. Webmasters know that having a high ranking website means link popularity. Most websites have no quality content, only product and service advertising, so they get few if any links because they have no valuable content.

A website’s ranking should not be limited to the number of incoming links, because it is very easy for webmasters to build thousands of back links to their websites through link exchanging and link farms. Quality links bring higher rank.

Links should be from good and popular websites and from pages that have very low number of external links. Usually when a website’s incoming links are all targeted to the home page and carry the same keyword and all have the same description and are from links pages and are reciprocal, it means they are created solely for page rank.

So what should you do? Tune in tomorrow for more LINK Popularity – Part 2.

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Writing search engine friendly content is good. You need to be found by search engines. If Google can spider your website the so can MSN and Yahoo.

You also want a search engine promotion thread that you can use. You can use social marketing and book marking sites to spread the word about your site. Along with this benefit you can also:

1) Add useful content to your site
2) Get traffic to your site instantly
3) Get into Google, Yahoo and MSN Free if you are not there already – and
possibly within a week
4) Acquire one way non-reciprocal links – through social bookmarking
5) Get Google Pagerank – via links from other sites to your webpage
6) Do it all ethically without spamming
7) Do it in about one hour – yourself
8) Eventually appear in Google SERPS

This advice is suitable for any business but it all rests on you finding relevant sites to your niche.

Once you’ve found the niche-related websites you can leave a message announcing that you would like to write a brief article about niche-related website owners on your website, or you could just announce you would consider a link exchange with niche-related websites.

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Do small business healthcare providers need a website?  Abolutely!!!  It is the most attractive and cost-effective way to advertise, inform, give statement of policy, list services, after hours instructions, etc.  Look at this Flash example below – movement, music, attractive – but easily customizable just for you.


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Telephone, signs, cards and brochures are all have their place.  But a website does so much more.  And with a low cost webpage template any business website is a bargain. This is just one example of many you can find at Template Monster’s beautifully designed collection.

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