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There has been something of a phenomenon in recent years that seems to be acceleratibg to meet demand. I wrote an article for Ezine about it – “Women Home Porn Stars Make New Million Dollar Business of Cottage Industry on Internet Websites”.

I did a little investigation and received some stats from . They told me that sales were good, these templates were popular because they only needed to change out photo files.

How did this happen? Maybe it’s just the natural course of events. Look at it: 1) Stay-at-home job 2) good income 3) less work 4) new technology 5) new culture 6) fame 7) public demand. How do these women (some guys too) decide to join in a burgeoning industry? – – Go figure.

What Happened to the Old Days?
Arthur Browning


Another good way to boost your image on search results is by way of Social Networking.  You can use social bookmark sites like Netvous and as a quick way to create a page that helps your rank and positive results.

Just create an account for yourself that will bookmark your positive press or anything that looks good about your website, like articles or videos. Be sure that you use your company name in each title of the articles – even if they aren’t the real titles.  Use your company name in the descriptions too. You are now providing an ethical and public list of good things for interested people.

These social bookmarking links won’t count for much weight with the search engines, but you do get to use your company name in the titles and descriptions of your bookmarks and photos. Add your name into all of the tags for any entries.  when you are first this bookmarking the most popular tags will begin to appear on pages 1-5 in search engines. These will be replaced eventuall by your good, indexed content directly on your business website.

Selective blogging can also help your reputation in search. won’t show the posting date, so your blog always looks fresh.  Again, use your companies names in titles and tags. Now submit your blog to blog directories like LSBlogs and BlogHub with links to your site.  And at Squidoo you can exchange lensroll links (Squidoo’s answer to blogroll) within the social community to benefit from networking. Squidoo lensmasters are usually happy to cross-promote.

Lord Mayor of Template Town,
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Yes, Uncle Arthur has been shopping. Jewelry! All kinds, but especially from your small business that would benefit from a web presence to amplify advertisinfg and public relations in the community.

Below is one of the 21 very hot varieties of Flash templates available at Template Monster JUST for Jewelry.


Flash Template #9257

These Flash Template websites are absolutely perfect for Jewelry Stores, Online Jewelry Sales in eCommerce, Artist Jewelry Makers of Art Jewelry, Antique or Modern Jewelry Dealers, Costume Fashion and Accessory Jewelers, Estate Jewelry Sales and Auctions, Gemologist Services – even for Custom Jewelry Sales by Appointment, when no bricks and mortar store is desirable. Lots and lots of CRE Loaded templates (and not necessarily for Jewelry) are also available.
All of these sites have gorgeous layouts, Flash navigation, and beautiful “buy me” soundtracks. – – Know what I’m thinking? Go for it!!

From the Template of Gems,
Arthur Browning


Even if you cannot clean “bad” press completely out of the web, you can at least load the first 10-20 search engine entries with “good” press.

There are several ways to do this. A good way is to raise your profile. Generally, as you raise your profile with higher ranked “good” press reports on a search, you push the more negative and ambiguous reports out of sight.

There are websites – like – that will allow you to post your company’s profile. An annual fee might be required. It’s not easy to find these sites, but you may find some opportunities by searching your competitors’ names and discovering where they are listed. (You like the way I think?)

Articles can help a lot too. You get three benefits from any article that you write. Not only will articles build rank for your company name, they will also build backlinks to your site. And the article positions you as an expert in your field. You can use your company name in the resource box at the end of an article along with a link back to your site.

Using your company name in the body of the article body gives you a better chance of a good ranking. You can research potential sites to submit your article to by searching for one of your industry keywords plus “articles” in a search engine like this. Also check the Rank of the Article site – the higher the better – there are lots of 3s, 4s, and a few 5s to choose

Check out some more winning ways to deal with Negative Press in Parts 1,3, and 4.

Don’t Be Trippin’,
Arthur Browning


What do searchers for your company or brand name see on the search results? Maybe something that would be misleading or derogatory about your website or business? Maybe consumer review sites, blogs and forums or competitors have made it difficult for you. They might be disgruntled customers or competitors who have some hostility to deal with.

If you’re in a situation where negative publicity is right in the search results, you need to know about ways to rectify your search engine presence. Even though you can’t make negative results disappear from the search engine indexes entirely, you can certainly deal with most of the problems if you will practice the following strategies.

Old Fashioned Networking. Contact the webmasters of the various websites in question. Politely request the removal of negative comments. They often cooperate, especially if you explain the problems at the root of the negative claim. But, remember that even if they remove the listing, the cached pages may remain on the search engine indexes for some time. But users who click through the search engine results will land on a page with the comments removed.

Also, check out some of the sites that already have something good to say about you. Send them a note of appreciation and offer them a link back from your website.

Check out some more winning ways to deal with Negative Press in Parts 2,3, and 4.

Such a Nice Boy,
Arthur Browning


Religious groups are social by nature and a WordPress Blog with a beautiful WordPress Theme is a great way to optimize a church’s communications, calendar, inspirational and spiritual announcements, scriptures and prayers.

With a WordPress Theme the church can list regular as well as special services. Classes, Sunday School and Prayer Meetings can be announced easily, and less expensively than paper bulletins, especially if mailed.

WordPress Theme #13822 from

Some churches have two or three WordPress Theme blogs. Youth Ministry, Outreach Projects, Revival Schedules, Masses and Special Masses. Give your church a WordPress Theme.

From the Template Pulpit,
Arthur Browning


Call for Web Designers – Email for Interview

Web Templates Blog is planning to begin a new sister blog, Design Interviews. The new blog will be dedicated to interviewing webpage designers with interesting portfolios and usable web development savvy.

If you are a web designer please contact me by comment to this blog post and send me a link to your webpage. I am always on the lookout for good designs.

Stay tuned for the URL of the new site and further announcements as I progress in the completion of the website.

From that Wild, Wacky, Wonderful World of the Web,
Arthur Browning


Considering that most small business websites are not particularly complex there are reasons that webpage templates are the easiest and least expensive solution to website design.

If a business does not have national or international scope the SEO becomes less relevant. So you don’t need major emphasis on keywords, tags, html, and links. Which means you would do much better coupling your webpresence with telephone directory and signage than SEO expertise.

If a business has more static content than constantly changing services, merchandise, or information then content management doesn’t need a webmaster. Content Managment Systems can be handled by the small business personnel or owner. CMS systems can be found in webpage templates or such platforms as WordPress Themes on the free host at WordPress.

Many businesses don’t want to pay a designer to compose an original webpage. This might be especially true if the business would benefit from Flash elements, good art and photowork, fonts and logos, possibly a great soundtrack and motion – which can be prohibitively expensive, and usually needs continued management by a webmaster. In this case a business can choose from hundreds of already designed webpage templates that may need only a few alterations if at all.

Also, considering many designers of original pages charge dearly for their services, it is probably a better idea to use a template. Most designers adopt a look or style of layout and specialization from which they have essentially made their own templates, which are then individualized to a particular customer’s wishes.

So, for the local and regional business that can manage their own content and make their own periodic changes by CMS – a template is usually the best answer. Especially if they can find a template that looks and sounds great. This means the owner only needs to replace the photos and texts examples in the template.

Touched by a Template,
Arthur Browning


The Asian cultures have many things to offer. Asian products, services and foods are all in demand locally and internationally. Small businesses can use a webpage – even if they have a small corner restaurant or carryout.

Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Viet Namese, Fillipino – are just a few of the cutltures of Asia. Korean, Siberian and many other groups have businesses that need a web presence – whether for furniture or massage. Herbalists and Accupuncturist clinics are just a few of available services from Asia.


Flash Template #13744

A webpage template like this one can provide a trans-Asian look and is especially good for local businesses offering products or services from more than one of the Asian cultures or nations. No relation to Zen Cart templates 🙂
From the Template Dynasty,
Arthur Browning


I looked at an interesting portfolio a couple of weeks ago. Great layouts, tightly concise design, fast-loading, great color – in short a fine style of designing. The website is owned by Matt Marquardt of Breakthrough Webdesign.
I interviewed Matt: “got into web design through some friends that were trying it out back in the ’90s. It looked like a promising field/career and seemed like a lot of fun so I decided to give it a try. . .The very first site I designed, if you can call it a web site, was a very basic page or two in my first HTML class. It just had a few links, pictures and a little JavaScript.”

Where do you get your art for your webpages? “I have a fairly vast library of clip art and other photos at my disposal for my web pages. I will purchase art from various sources and then use it over and over again with modifications so that it looks different on each site.”

What kind of developments do you foresee in webdesign? “The next big development in web page design will likely be the continued evolution to multi-media in web pages. We will see ever more audio, video and animation in web pages as browsers, personal computers and Internet connection speed for the average user improve.”

“I have worked with web page templates but only when I was employed at my former job. In my business, I never use templates, as I find them as much work as a custom site. . .I was given templates built by former employees at my old job to work with. I find templates to be non-satisfying to customers, as they usually want their own look and unique web site instead of a templated look.”

“I like Flash technology and welcome it. Now that the Flash plug-ins are fairly widespread and easy to obtain, and the tools to build Flash animations are easy to work with, I welcome it. . . Flash advantages would be that it can take a plain web site to a new level of personalization for the customer and impriove the visitor’s experience. Flash disadvantages would be possible slow-down of page loading time, lack of plug-ins for visitors, and, if the Flash isn’t designed or implemented properly, a poor experience for visitors.”

“My sources of inspiration are my customers…just making them successful while at the same time growing my business and reputation is all the motivation I need.”

“My favorite web site designs that I did not design would be:,, and other sleek news sites like those.”

” My toughest project was web site project. It involved nearly 20 city departments with unique log-ins that allowed them to manage their own parts of the web site, like add/remove pages, update pages, change navigation link order, and other tools.”

“My interests in web page design would mainly be in keeping up with the industry and staying up to date in the latest trends not only in the design of a web site but in achieving search engine rankings that bring visitors to the sites. My dislikes in web page design would be simply the amount of attention to detail that is sometimes required in certain
projects. It can be mind-bending!”

Thankyou Matt for you viewpoints and layouts.

The Template Prophet,
Arthur Browning


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