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Women are not only the major consumers of interior design, they are at least half of the suppliers as well. Internet Marketing of a small business for interior design can only benefit from a good website.

Flash Templates mean that women in a small interior design business don’t have to settle for a static “business card” website. They can easily afford to make a major impression on visitors to their Flash template website for local or regional internet marketing.


“Fashion Furniture or Interior Design” Flash Template #12567 by

There is a lot of selection available for Flash templates for interior designers. They have sparkling graphics and excellent soundtracks. There is plenty of space for the designer’s own photos and portfolio. Internet marketing with these Flash templates makes a real impression.

Furniture ZenCart templates (and not necessarily the ones connected only with furniture) can also easily be found.


Arthur Browning


Women’s Week is a great opportunity for me to talk about Internet Marketing via WordPress Themes for FOOD.  (Oh, here it comes!  He’s stereotyping women as interested in food!)  Afterall, women do prepare most of the food that gets eaten in this world.  And we see a lot of good cooks, many of which are women, running recipe blogs nowadays.

WordPress Themes make it easy for any “Foody”, male or female, to exchange information on the fantastic possibilities for food and drink in today’s world.


“Recipes Blog”  WordPress Theme #11959

Today Internet Marketing can lead the way to expanded knowledge about:  1) available foods  2) newer and other-ethnic ways to prepare food  3) nutritional values or liabilities of foods  4)  future hybrids of all foodstuffs being developed.

1)  Foods are being shipped from all parts of the world in more and more numerous varieties.  This allows not only more  choices but a geometric number of new combinations.  People want to share their experiences, ideas and experiements with these foods.  So, WordPress Themes make the low cost, convenient way to do this in an attractive way.

2)  Microwave, convection, and numerous newly developed ways of prepping and cooking foods can now be coupled with numerous ethnic-originated cooking methods.  Again increasing not only choices, but offering many more combinations.

3)  Information about standard, popular and newer foods is constantly being discovered, retested, and made available to the public.  Nutritional information is also cross-factored with newer information on disease and health maintenance; big reasons for Internet Marketing.

4)  How many new hybrids, possibly new food species will be developed each year?  Science media offers pictures every  month of the results of work in not only our food industry, but also of China and Japan.  The EU is also pursuing many  possibilities for improving and popularizing hybrid foodstuffs.  Women and men will want to talk about these foods, which can be done widely with a WordPress Theme for blogging.

So, Ladies, next time you are wondering if Emu meat can be briefly pressure cooked or microwaved, before incorporating it into an Indian dish that calls for something more tradtional – and you want to use the newly developed high protein Mango instead of the older versions in that same dish – check the NET.  Your Foodies, girls and some guys, would love to communicate about it.  It’s all about WordPress Themes for Internet marketing.

Congratulations to my ST. LOUIS CARDINALS!

Arthur Browning


While we are in Women’s Week here at Web Templates Blog I feel a need to express a thankyou to the female designers and website owners who have kept the web a kinder, gentler place to go.  Women don’t have a monopoly on design esthetics but they are less prone than males to minimalistic or dark motifs.  That doesn’t mean those motifs don’t have a place, but in many given design-choice situations women – often using webpage templates and Flash templates – come up with interesting, inviting, and comfortable designs.

Sure women tend to be sentimental or focused on nesting-related aspects of design, but everyone was a child, everyone needs a soft place to get rested and re-energized.  So, I am thanking the ladies for being the excellent girls-next-door, Moms, sisters, girlfriends and significant others of the design world.

The Flash Template below is just one example of femaleness in design -it can’t do justice to that entire topic but it is a  good example to refer to in Flash Templates.


“Landscape Design”  Flash Templates #12457 by TemplateMonster

The designer of this Flash Template is “Di” – she does a lot of good work.  The artwork, photos, Flash effects, and music  soundtrack make for a really fine web experience.  I would love to get landscaping/gardening design from any outfit  with  a webpage like this.

The Elvis of Templates,

Arthur Browning


Womens’ Week is a lot of fun. So, the “Question of the Week”: Do Girls Just Wanna Have Fun? I can’t print some of the answers I have received. (Maybe later, not now, don’t go there.). AND – Yes, Bob we will have a Men’s Week later.

By the way it’s almost Halloween, is anybody going to a masquerade? My favorites are the Witches and the Slave Women. I am tired of the Female Boxers, Mermaids, and Rock Stars (nothing personal Cher). Last year I went as a can of Cheez Whiz. No question – the funniest time I ever had at a party that was legal.

You can’t imagine what the women want to know or do with a can of Cheez Whiz. I thought it was interesting, not particularly provocative before I got to the party. But I was voted “Most Likely to Create a New Species” at that party. And soon it got out of hand. It wasn’t all me either, the ladies were responsible for some of the hilarity and dirty dancing.

This WordPress Theme okay?  WordPress Theme #12464


How’s the WordPress Theme?  WordPress Theme #12431

Well, I guess you’ve had your fun. I need to rest up for tomorrow.

Just Like You Heard,
Arthur Browning


Yes, Women’s Week continues to bring ideas for the women of the interent. Today is a good day for WordPress Themes for the woman. (No, guys – no Action Figures, no Football, no Beer!)


WordPress Theme #12355 by TemplateMonster


WordPress Themes #11872 by TemplateMonster

You don’t have to be a designer to appreciate the look of these WordPress Themes.

My Sensitive Side,

Arthur Browning


Why have a Women’s Week?  Several reasons.  Women are getting bigger on the Interent every year.  Websites take them into account for more and more reasons, not just commerce.

And more and more women are putting their own businesses on the web.  The Beauty business is just a small facet of women’s websites.  These Flash Templates can improve any beauty business.


Flash Template 12082 by TemplateMonster


Flash Template 11673 by TemplateMonster

Oprah Knows,
Arthur Browning


WordPress Themes are available all over the web. (See category “WordPress Themes” here if you want to find where they are available). Now that Widgets can be supported this makes the WordPress Platform and Themes more versatile, more effective.

As WordPress continues to gain popularity they will be seen in more and more diverse personal and business applications. I expect to see more three and four column templates made available. More space for links and banners will also be made avaialable, perhaps right, left and bottom.

Even Non-profit, church and charitable organization blogs will need increased flexibility and space for banners. Providing a banner in reciprocation for charitable support – or for fund-raising – is a logical and needed feature.

Small businesses will need expanded templates as well. Available templates that were at one time very adequate for a small business startup will be replaced and/or updated with newer WordPress Themes as they become available.

In anticipation of the needs of bloggers and small organization needs I would recommend that you make a list of desired structures, functions, and looks that you want to see made available in the future. Then pass your list around to other WordPress Theme users, designers, and Send it to too, they will respond.

That kind of proactive effort makes WordPress stronger, as well as all the blogs using WordPress Themes.

Mystical Moments,
Arthur Browning


Of all the ways to promote your website one of the best is to use search engines. People looking for products and information use search engines. For your website to benefit from a search it must be seen easily and quickly in the results of the search.

Some Search Engines offer a service called “paid inclusion.” This means the search engine will include you into their index for an annual fee. All Search Engine have spiders that index any page eventually. The big factor for Internet Marketing here is: when will your page be indexed? (The road is long, life is short, – whatever.)

Search Engines with Paid URL Inclusion services have spiders that are dedicated to index particular pages that have been contracted. This means you get indexed immediately. (I used one of these with Dogpile and MSNBC Search Engines and I was definitely satisfied with the results.)

The biggest factor to consider, again is the annual fee. The fee is necessary to keep your pages in the search engine’s index. If you use paid inclusion your page will be removed from their index for awhile when you discontinue your service. Not to reappear until it is indexed by the regular free spiders.

The advantages are immediate inclusion and regular reindexing. This can save you months of waiting. The spider for paid inclusion usually indexes your pages in a day or two. And, if your page has no inbound links, the regular spider will never locate your page.

Paid inclusion spiders will visit pages regularly, sometimes even daily. The advantage here is that as you update your pages to improve the ranking with search engines the paid URL Inclusion spider will show those results within days.(Now that’s what I call Internet Marketing)

About Cost, it varies, (and I believe it is somewhat negotiable). Three years ago I paid $69 for a small site but it got good results on three Search Engines. I suggest negotiating, maybe try one package. If you like it get some more.

The disadvantage here is limited Internet Marketing presence because the big Search Engines – like Google, Yahoo, and AOL do not offer paid URL inclusion. That means that the search engines that you choose to pay an inclusion fee will amount to a small fraction of all the traffic in your market. (In my case inclusion was much better than the pay per click costs I was paying.)

If your content changes on a daily or weekly basis, or if you sell expensive products for select visitors then paid inclusion can be a good bet for your Internet Marketing.

The Big Kahuna,
Arthur Browning


There are some undeniable benefits to well designed Flash Intros, Flash Webpages and Flash Templates. Heavy emphasis is needed here on the words well designed. Without strong esthetics and excellent code a Flash experience can be very bad, and cost you visitors.

The current wisdom on Flash applications for webpages and templates is that Flash should be used only if it fulfills a real need and purpose – and does so without any extenuating problems. Deciding when and how to use Flash are the big issues here. A Flash designer can often accomplish this goal, but it takes real skill in design and esthetics, as well as dedication to your particular project. This can be very expensive.

Besides esthetic eloquence and consummate coding there are some very practical necessities to be realized in the best Flash webpage:

EASE AND SPEED OF LOADING THROUGHOUT THE WEBPAGE – Few visitors will suffer waiting for your wonderful technology to load, even if it’s marvelous, especially if it’s the second time they have visited and your Flash effects were not that marvelous. It becomes more of a burden than it’s worth.

ALLOWING THE VISITOR SOME CONTROL – You have to provide a “Skip Intro” button or you will lose many visitors, especially if they don’t have broadband, or it’s a slow internet day,etc. Surfers have been conditioned not to “waste” time on faulty websites.

EASE OF NAVIGATION – Do not obscure your webpage’s navigation with problems like “finding the link” or “chasing the link”, or other poorly devised Flash effects.

PROVIDE STATIC HTML LINKS – This will prevent the problems listed above. This allows visitors to see and use the link to leave the Flash sequence. It also allows search engine bots to index your pages.

DISPLAY A LOADING BAR TO SHOW PROGRESS OF THE FLASH LOAD – This prevents visitor discouragement at waiting and let’s the visitor decide when to skip the flash intro. These loading indicators can follow the theme of the page (e.g. A wine glass being filled for a restaurant webpage).

USE THE TECHNOLOGY THAT LEAST REQUIRES ADDITIONAL DOWNLOADS AND PLUGINS FOR THE VISITOR – Most people, especially non-geeks, do not trust or have the patience for extra downloads or time consuming plug-in information boxes.

MUTE BUTTON FOR MUSIC AND SOUND EFFECTS – Many people prefer their own music or silence to your music or sound effects. And they don’t want the frustration of having to decide when and how to turn it off. A well displayed “Sound OFF” or “MUTE” button solves the problem.”

ADD KEYWORDS TO META TAGS AND AS PLAIN TEXT – Don’t depend on just the keywords in the HTML comments, make sure the spiders see your keywords.

Getting a well designed Flash website can be expensive – so while you are shopping around don’t forget Flash Webpage Templates. These are already designed Flash webpages that only need to be modified to your personalized preferences. Flash Templates already incorporate theme-based graphics, navigation system, motion effects, music and sound effects. If you find a good Flash Template it could save your hundreds to thousands of dollars on your design.

Flash Templates are often used by designers to save time and money on a projects. In fact there are a few Flash Templates offered for FREE. One good example of a free Flash Template by TemplateMonster that you can demo is found at Template Monster. Buying a Flash Template is also a possibility and the prices are much better than a fully original design. Make sure that whatever Flash Template you use it is fully validated in it’s code and links.

Flash Templates can be modified easily to fit your website, so they are a good value if you can find one that suits your market and company image. Flash Templates that enhance your image must follow all the above rules as well as having attractive pictures, movements and music.

The Flash Prince of WebWorld,
Arthur Browning


WordPress Themes, MySpace Backgrounds, Blogskins are in demand. Blogging is getting bigger and better everyday. Some people naturally have that first infatuation with blogging, they shop for a new WordPress Theme, swap blogroll links, play with their blog twice a day, etc.

Then there are some people that get hooked – way past getting a new WordPress Theme or checking their blog twice per day. These people enter the “Twilight Zone of Blog Addiction” – yes it happens to 1 in 5 bloggers (okay, okay, maybe 1 in 10 or 20). Here at the Blog Help Support Group we have identified 12 key factors that will enable(?) you to identify a Blogging Addict (So, could this be you? – Just be honest with yourself now.)

1) When you free associate just to get content in your blog writing.

2) You agonize over which blog skin or WordPress Theme you should change to.

3) You sign up for Stat Counter and SiteMeter just to make sure you can monitor your visitora^ˆ™s every move, and check the counters against one another.

4) You ask a friend to post a comment just so you won’t be virgin.

5) You get very careful about swapping links – even though you know you will do it anyway.

6) Your blog acquaintances seem like real “friends” even though the only peak experience you’ve shared is a happy face.

7) You feel a responsibility to post a comment on any blog you read.

8) Your bookmarked blogs are arranged into lots of folders.

9) You wonder if feed readers dilute the blogging experience.

10) You get frustrated if your role-model blogs don’t post everyday.

11) Blogging begins to dominate your dreams.

12) You get your first carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms and feel sagely philosophic about it.

I took off #13 – “calloused fingertips” – because you might have a number of other habits that could cause this – iPod fondling, TV remote syndrome, plastic vibrator hyperoscillation, etc.

Director, Blog Help Support Group,
Arthur Browning


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