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What can social bookmarking get you? 1) One-way backlinks 2) Free web traffic.

Let’s do the Research!

Before you begin submitting your website to the social bookmarking sites, there is some preliminary work that you need to do. You must research popular tags within your target market. Like optimizing for the search engines, the keywords that you choose to tag can make a dramatic difference in the amount of traffic you receive. Technorati is one of the best places to do tag (keyword) research to determine what tags you should use with your content.

1) Just go to Technorati.com, click on the “more top tags” button and then do a search for your keyword (tag). Technorati will then give you a list of related tags (keywords) that you can use to categorize your web page.

2) Now check out ClipMarks. Clipmarks allows you to search the most popular tags in addition to related tags. Simply type your keyword into the search box and you will be given a list of related terms that are being searched.

3) The third place to do this deed is at Yahoo’s My Web 2.0. On the bottom-left hand side of the page you will see a list of the most popular tags. At the bottom of this list you can click on “view more” to see an expanded list. I like to sort the list by popularity , and now you can search through hundreds of the top keyword tags.

Don’t be a slacker – you’re gonna need this research for tomorrow’s installment of Social Bookmarking.

Keepin’ ‘Em Honest,
Arthur Browning


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