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New Template Product

Template Monster Press Room issued a release (click here to read about CRE Loaded Templates) regarding their new Template product called CRE Loaded Template (follow the link to view the theme). This Webpage Template variation was designed to more fully accomodate osCommerce. In response to the requests of buyers and designers Web Monster put “CRE Loaded” into template form, which makes a specialized and highly functional webpage very affordable. Now, that’s what I’m talking about. Template Monster also provided the Webpage design for

Arthur Browning

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Template Shopping and Value

Shopping for the best Webpage Template can be a pleasure, and nowadays the problem may be how many websites do you want to visit to make your selection. The variety in layout and capabilities is important, just as important as price and customer support.

Once I got into shopping mode I decided the easiest way to classify the different sellers was to divide them into two groups. The first group having the greatest range of quality templates.

  1. Template Monster offers 4,614 Webpage Templates, 1,989 Flash Templates and numerous other products at excellent prices.
  2. Boxed Art offers 1300+ Webpage and Flash Templates, membership or exclusive purchase required, some redundancy in design style.
  3. Design Load offers 500+ Webpage and Flash Templates, classy skins, prices not well displayed, membership for info.
  4. Template Rover offers 3418 Webpage Templates and Flash Templates, reasonably priced, usually warmly social or foodie themes.

The second group have a smaller range of products, fewer templates to choose from, some of them started not long ago and are new to the industry.

  1. Design Galaxy offers 88 Webpage Templates including some Flash, they look good, prices vary.
  2. Template Kingdom shows 744 Webpage Templates but many of them are marked “sold”, reasonable prices, good looks.
  3. Templatica offers 13 Webpage Templates, rather bland themes, but they offer a low price.
  4. Template Dogma offers 293 low priced Webpage Templates, some patchy designs, some good.
  5. Larry Templates offers 200 Webpage Templates, each sold exclusively as an original at something over $200, many look good.

So!! Show me the Values! you Template shoppers.

Arthur Browning


While I was hunting for FREE! WordPress themes I found three other websites that caught my fancy. WordPress offers 444 different blogpage templates at no charge at Good designs with an array of colors and features are available. “Banana Smoothie” really is a very smooth template. is a major template designer and they offer five very original WordPress templates for free. My favorite of their five is the “Lonely Lemon” theme. Click here to watch live demo.

Another excellent website is . This site published 135 new WordPress themes in a competition. Prize winners are named in several categories, but all 135 blog templates may be downloaded there. My favorite in the competition is titled “Chocolate Candy”; I’m already gaining weight.

There are other sites for the finding and you may enjoy discovering them, but I’m sure there is no reason that anybody has to have a boring blogpage.

Arthur Browning


Free Webpage Templates? – Why not, not everyone needs or wants an exclusive, copyrighted skin. Of course there is a risk that a FREE template will be seen everywhere on the net. I decided to cruise the search engines looking for a FREE WordPress Theme.

There seems to be plenty of variety out there, enough to suit me, but what about the truly discerning individualist who wants just the right blog presence. After lots of looking I ran into several lists of FREE Webpage Templates and some of them had the WordPress Themes that I wanted. My favorite list has 960 WordPress Templates and is found at Emily Robbins’ Blog.

Emily has done some admirable work here. A lot of bang for the buck – or rather free. I went through many of her listings and found interesting WordPress themes throughout, some by new designers. I need to add that some of the WordPress Themes were difficult to view or download. This list is updated with some regularity and generally I found a lot of choice and quality. In conclusion I hope that all your WordPress Themes searches will be happy ones.

Arthur Browning.

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New Owner

Webpage Templates have met the needs of many websites. But let it be said that not all webpage templates were created as equals. Because of variations in creative presentation, technical limitations and pricing some templates are a better value than others. When a webpage template is the answer for creation of a website it is important to know what variety the market has to offer. Web Templates Blog has provided some observation and meaningful comment about available template page products. These observations and comments have been of interest to me and of value to my other web concerns.

Because of this I decided to buy and operate Web Templates Blog myself. I would like to amplify the information available on webpage templates by printing article entries written by me as well as webpage template users at large. I welcome submission of brief articles pertaining to Webpage Templates by anyone with either general knowledge or a specific experience with template use, design, purchase, or customization. I also welcome comments to any of these articles, and I will publish those that are helpful.

All the best,
Arthur Browning.

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